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Why You Guys Need to Stop Boycotting The 100

Time for a rant:
First off let me say I’m a clexa shipper, so I went through the same thing you guys did when Lexa died. But what I’m about to rant about is more serious than any fictional ship.
Okay, for all of you people who’re not watching The 100 anymore because you’re upset, that’s fine! It’s completely okay to stop watching a show you no longer like. But to you shits who’re actively trying to get The 100 cancelled and boycotting it, stop. Seriously, you guys may think that you’re doing the right thing and trying to stop queer bating but you’re destroying tons of innocent people’s livelihood. You’re trying to cancel a show that’s queer bated, which it bad, but that was a decision that was made by a few. You’re taking away the jobs of tons of people for instance, Eliza Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Henry Ian Custick, Richard Harmon, Paige Turco, Chris Larkin, Isaiah Washington, Zach McGowan, cinematographer, floor manager, graphics coordinator, stage manager, makeup artists, production manager, technical directors, stunt coordinators, video control operator, composer, colorist, editors, foley artist, costume designer, location manager, production and set designer, etc. Should I go on? And I know what you guys are saying, that they’ll be better off working on something that’s not the show, but not if the show gets cancelled! They’re way less likely to get hired (maybe even ever again) if the show gets cancelled, it looks bad for them. Name one successful actor from a failed tv show. Hmmm, don’t really know anyone do you? And then think about some minor workers on the set who might not even get a job ever again if The 100 gets cancelled. All because you guys had to have a fit and demand the show gets cancelled, stop being a baby and realize that people have jobs and aren’t as privileged to have everything handed to them, they work, and you’re taking away the work from them. It’s as simple as that. Yes, I get you’re upset about Lexa but please look at the bigger picture. So next time I hear someone trying to boycott The 100, you better be ready for me setting a fire in your ass.

When They Get Jealous (Gotham Heroes)

Fandom: Gotham

Prompt: “Gotham heroes preference of when they get jealous? Thx!” - Anon

Warning: N/A

A/N: Ahh, just a heads-up: I’m not too big of a fan of any of the heroes in Gotham. Cause the villains are where it’s at. ;)

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tbh the only piece of reboot media that hasn’t disappointed me is the power rangers movie. A true masterpiece. 

Why I am so disappointed of Homeland right now.

1. Looking at the fact that the most beautiful thing of the whole show is Quinn’s letter, which was written spontaneously by a supporting actor… well this says everything to me.

2. If they hated the lovestory SO BADLY, why did they even start to write it?? Nobody forced them… but letting all endings loose without ANY conclusion is just awful.
It’s really devastating for us fans to hope for YEARS and then we get such an ending? Very disrespectful.

3. Let’s face it… Homeland is after all just TV! We loved this show for it’s drama, thrill and tragedy, but the writers failed again. TV shows serve one main purpose which is ENTERTAINMENT! Do you feel entertained by it now? No? Me neither. I only grief and mourn about it and feel utterly betrayed. The ending of this season was a big F**k you for loyal fans.

4.Real life is tough sometimes (trust me, I know what I am talking about), that’s why we enjoy fiction right? We even enjoy fictional drama, but in contrast to real life there can be a payoff, a rewarding ending, a relief or even a precious message delivered. The finale left us here without nothing, really nothing… which shows the lack of quality of how the story and character build turned out now.

5. Hurt/Comfort is an extremely popular genre in the whole Fanfiction world in many fandoms. They are favoured for a reason: putting heroes through a lot of “Hurt” (physical pain, torture, difficult situations etc.) makes characters more human, they get easier to identify with. However, after all this pain, there will be REWARD for the hero and the reader/viewer in form of “Comfort”. That gives the character a Chance for growth and redemption. And of course it can be crucial for building a relationship between characters. In Homeland there is only Hurt/Hurt left. Season 6 was a pointless torture porn for Quinn. The end was awful, no reward, just nothing. Also all the other main characters are hollow tortured souls. I can’t find empathy for one of them anymore.

It never fails. No matter what television show I watch, one of five things happen:

- A prominent queer character is killed off, thus ending their existing relationship.
- A prominent queer character leaves the show, thus ending their existing relationship.
- A queer character breaks up with a girl then starts dating a person of the opposite sex for the remainder of the show.
- A queer character begins a relationship with another queer character and then their storyline is pushed to the back and rarely acknowledged.
- The show gives us undeniable chemistry between two supposedly “straight” women, but they never actually end up together.

I’m so fucking done with all of this. It’s ridiculous. Wentworth, The 100, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Person of Interest, Orange is the New Black, Rizzoli and Isles, and Once Upon a Time are all guilty of one or more of these.