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domestic sakuhina hcs that go along with this post [here] where after 700, sakura married hinata tagging @sakuinohina, @insertobscurereference, and @myboysolf because lately i’ve been seeing the in sh tag yearning for that good sakuhina shiz so here’s sakuhina domestic hcs for the soul (some of these might be taken from the alternate 700 post to over here because come on, who doesn’t love sakuhina <3)

  • hinata makes sure sakura takes care of herself because everyone knows that sakura has a tendency to overwork herself
    • she makes sakura a lunch before she leaves to go work at her hospital
    • occasionally visits sakura at work and makes her take breaks if needed
  • sakura and hinata worry a lot about sns a lot because they are pretty sure those idiots would die in 15 seconds otherwise
    • sakura literally goes over their groceries lists and wants to scream because naruto, sasuke, a grocery list doesn’t just have tomatoes and instant ramen on it
    • so sakura and hinata usually make large dinners and takes the rest over to the sns house
  • sakura knows how much hinata likes pressing flowers and gardening so sakura helps out with the small garden that they have
  • likewise, hinata knows how much sakura loves mind games like crossword puzzles, word searches, and sudoku graphs so she always buys sakura a bunch
  • when sakura and hinata first started dating, kiba and shino gave sakura the obligatory ‘if you break her heart, we break you speech’
    • likewise, when sakura and hinata tried kissing on a date, neji sent a kunai flying from the distance to land right between them. no kissing
  • hanabi is a little shit who likes to sakura about hinata’s failed love confessions. hinata gets really flustered and usually chases hanabi off before she can say anything else
  • sakura has always known hiashi since he was an important figurehead in konoha politics but the first time she met him up close, she was very intimidated since he talked in short sentences and with prying questions. luckily tho, at the end of the very tense meeting, hiashi told hinata and sakura he approved of the relationship
  • sakura loves her parents, but she lowkey dreaded introducing hinata to them because all she could picture was her dad making a bunch of dad jokes and her mom showing off the old baby pictures
    • sakura was absolutely right and she was constantly flustered because she had to run and hide every photo album in the house
    • hinata ended up laughing loudly because of it. she really loves how lively the haruno family is and couldn’t wait to be a part of it
  • sakura and hinata dated for at least a year and a half before either of them started talking about marriage
    • there is no real proposal story either. it was ino and sai’s wedding (because let’s be real, ino was probably the first to get married knowing her) and they were at the reception as each other’s dates and sakuhina were happy for ino who was gettin’ turnt on the dance floor and sakura smiled softly and said “maybe we should get married” and hinata smiled back and said “i would like that”
  • they got married in the spring. why? hinata the sap wanted there to be a bunch of cherry blossoms during their wedding
    • their wedding was huge. not only did it just have sakura and hinata’s immediate family and friends, but it also had the entire hyuga clan there. sure hinata hyuga was becoming hinata haruno, but sakura was marrying a hyuga and was an honourary hyuga as such
    • naruto and kiba gave drunk best man speeches. they were both the best man because naruto and kiba were this freaking close to killing each other over it so sakura and hinata just declared them both the best man. kiba enjoys the fact that naruto cried during his own speech and sasuke sighed quietly and just pulled naruto off the stage
    • tsunade was drunk and made a speech too as sakura’s second mother and her mentor. she’s proud that sakura became the strongest kunoichi in the land and surpassed tsunade herself. shizune had to drag her drunk ass off the stage
    • neji and hanabi had to make a speech as well. so many speeches. it was originally just neji’s speech, but hanabi the troll enjoyed interrupting it with her own quips. hinata has really grown out of her shell since then and she was still kind, gentle, and sweet. she invented her own technique, bought naruto time in his fight against pein, helped neji in hyuga clan politics and got the cursed bird seal abolished for good. thanks, hinata! sakura, take good care of her
    • ino, of course, gave a maid of honour speech about how she was proud that sakura finally blossomed into be the most lovely flower of all and told hinata to take good care of her because sakura has a problem with taking care of herself. ino would also like to add that sakura has punched a goddess in the face and lived
    • kizashi, mebuki, and hiashi all chipped in on a big present for the two of them: a house. a house that was ofc the perfect distance from both the hyuga clan compound and sakura’s parents house
    • their honeymoon was in the land of spring
  • after being narusasu’s surrogate mother and giving birth to their son boruto, a few months later when sh wanted a child of their own, sakura wanted to be the one to carry their child to give sakura a break. sasuke was the donor
    • when sarada was born, sakura and hinata were a little worried because sarada rarely cried and was really quiet and calm. eventually, they just agreed that sarada probably got that from itachi (the amount of angst and pain sasuke made team 7 go through, sarada definitely didn’t get that from him)
      • hinata relished in the fact that aside from the black hair and black eyes, sarada looked exactly like sakura
    • sarada was a sweet kid but as babies, she and boruto– her cousin– didn’t get along. usually because as toddlers boruto didn’t care about his toys until sarada wanted to play with them so it would cause a big fight
  • when sarada was 2, himawari was born and sarada was so excited to be a big sister. naruto and hinata combined their genes to produce a cute navy blue haired baby with four whiskers in her skin
    • himawari was a big crier back when she was a baby and usually kept her moms up late and sarada too
    • sarada loved her sister, but why did hima have to cry so much? sarada wanted to hold her all the time but then hima would start crying and it was awful
    • but when hima got over her crying stage, sarada was finally able to hold her baby sister in her lap on the couch. victory at last
  • now sarada and himawari are 12 and 10 and sakura and hinata couldn’t be happier
    • sakura is more of a strict parent, wanting her gets to have more of a strict but firm upbringing. hinata is more of the lax parent since she had such a strict childhood. together, they make a good parenting combo
    • but sakura has many a time been weak to hinata puppy eyeing her way into letting sarada and himawari stay up and hour later to watch a movie. sakura constantly says “this is the last time i do this” but it isn’t lol
  • it is mutually agreed with the sh kids that they think hinamom is the sweetest between their two moms, but she is also the scariest when they make her really mad. thankfully, that is a rare occasion because hinata is pretty patient
  • the winter they were 18 (so their ‘the last’ outfits), hinata knitted sakura a jade green scarf for the rinne festival. sakura still wears it to this day when it gets cold out and she’s 27 now
    •  hinata has now knitted their children scarves as well. a red one for sarada and a pink one for himawari
  • hinata makes the best snacks. cookies, zucchini bread, etc. and when it starts getting colder, hinata will make these large cinnamon rolls fresh out the oven with a cup of hot chocolate. sarada and himawari love it
  • sakura has, on more than one occasion, done one armed push ups with hinata, sarada, and himawari sitting on her back. such a show off XD
  • sakura and hinata do go on missions from time to time, and if one of the wives are staying behind they always promise the house will still be in piece when the other gets back. when sakuhina both leave, narusasu or inosai babysits
    • speaking of inosai, inojin and boruto are usually fighting over who is auntie sakura’s favourite nephew and sakura is just like ‘you’re both my fav’ and that just don’t fly and sakura looks to hinata for help but hinata is like ‘…. imma leave’
  • sakura and hinata have trained their daughters in both of their fighting styles. sarada just has a preference for fighting like sakura and now that hima has unlocked her byakugan she likes to train more in the gentle fist. it doesn’t mean that they both can’t pull a switcharoo tho. sarada and hima both want to have a combined jutsu.
    • and sarada does get trained by her uncle sasuke from time to time so she’s like ‘hima, we need a jutsu where we combine uncle’s chidori with mama’s (mom = sakura, mama = hinata) twin lion fist
  • back when sarada was still in the academy and sakura was really busy at the hospital, hinata would surprise sakura with a visit and bring along sarada and himawari and they would all go out for lunch together on sakura’s breaks
  • when hinata cut her hair short, she and sakura took a selfie that was captioned with ‘wives with matching hair’
  • sakura’s adult outfit is the same but with her haruno clan circle thing and inside that circle is the hyuga clan symbol
  • hinata has a necklace that she wears that has the haruno clan circle thing on it
  • mebuki and kizashi spoiled the living hell out of their granddaughters
  • hanabi loved dressing sarada and himawari up when they were tiny enough for it
  • neji is highkey the protective uncle. he isn’t saying sorry about it. leave him alone.
  • hiashi tried to act like the firm and intimidating grandpa, but sakura and hinata have seen him walking in between sarada and hima and holding their hands and swinging their hands at the same time on their way to get ice cream. he’s a fuckin cream puff. a teddy bear.
  • when birthday’s come up, sakura leaves the hospital in ino’s care. she doesn’t miss her families birthdays unless something really important comes up
    • when it’s either sakura or hinata’s birthday, they always wake up to breakfast in bed and a messy kitchen. they wouldn’t change that for the world
    • for the kids, it’s always a big at home celebration with cake and a bunch of food sakura and hinata cooked together. they spend all day doing whatever their kids want. and that’s usually just staying home and watching movies all day, or sparring. or a mix of the two
  • honestly, sakura and hinata rarely argue. maybe they’ll argue about something once every three months. but they can literally count the amount of super serious arguments they’ve had on one hand
  • they have so many photo albums and pictures in their house
    • team 7 pictures
    • team 8 pictures
    • konoha 11 pictures
    • the two group photos that were taken before and after the war
    • a photo album full of their wedding and honeymoon pictures
    • photo album of sarada and himawari as babies and toddlers and during important events of their lives
  • they are konoha’s most lovely couple
Things You May Have Forgotten In The Lightning Thief

1. Percy describes Sally’s eyes as being multi-coloured.

2. Percy is advised not to directly say names, as they have power. However, in the rest of the series, this is forgotten.

3. Annabeth is a couple inches taller than Percy at the time.

4. Grover is 28 at the time, making him 16 years older than Percy, who is 12.

5. It never rains at Camp Half Blood, unless they want it to.

6. Annabeth’s nickname, “Wise girl”, which is used by Percy in the rest of the series, is actually first used by Clarisse.

7. In his dream, Percy sees Thalia and describes her eyes as stormy green, but however, in the next books, they are described as electric blue.

8. Camp Half-Blood grew strawberries because Dionysus had an effect on fruit bearing plants, making them grow crazy whenever he was around. The strawberries were used to sell and pay expenses for the camp.

9. Ares cursed Percy so that his weapon would fail him whenever he needed it the most.

10. When Percy arrives at the lobby of the Empire State Building, he finds the guard at the front desk reading "a huge book with the picture of a wizard on the cover". This could possibly be J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter, or J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings.

11. Percy can talk to zebras.

12. Annabeth previously owned a pet dog when she was younger, which helped her, Percy and Grover get past Cerberus in the Underworld.

13. Poseidon called Sally a queen among women.

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  • last text received: Darling? Last text before my signal gives out. I just wanted to remind you… You’re chasing bad guys aND I’M CHASING LIFE BAHAHAHA 
  • last text sent: Benj? I failed you. I’m supposed to move on by now but I can’t. I still feel like I betrayed you. I’m so sorry baby. I thought it’d get easier, but it never does. Maybe it would be if I knew you hate me for what I did. Because you’re here, right? You’re watching over our home. You have to be

There’s a file on his omni-tool marked Shepard. He’d locked it away years ago, walked away, decided to get on with his life. Stop chasing old ghosts. He never looked at it again after that. Until today, in a shitty pre-fab on a eerily quiet colony too far from home.

There were various videos and letters they had exchanged housed inside. But, there was one picture in particular that always caused a lurch in his heart, even now. 

It was the only time he had ever really seen Shepard laugh. It was nothing more than one of Garrus’ failed attempts at a joke, but she laughed and it struck him all over again just how stunning she was. Her head thrown back and a hand on her chest, she looked so happy. He’d starred, barely even heard what the joke was. Couldn’t remember it at all if you asked him today.

“Oh you’ve got it bad, LT.” Ashley had said with a laugh.

Yeah. She was right then. She was still right now.  

I want to talk about Zhu Li for a moment. If we go with the idea that Zhu Li has some scheme going on against Kuvira, I think we should take a look at something that might be going on her head. Yes, there’s the fact that she isn’t getting the respect she needs (and deserves) from Varrick. But there also might be some other things at work.

Varrick saved Zhu Li’s life. Sure, he was pretty callous about that, too, but that’s something that’s a little hard to forget.

Zhu Li, in the course of her career, has probably saved Varrick multiple times. But now, the situation is different. 

Think about for a moment how Zhu Li might have felt during the scene where Kuvira is force-choking Varrick. We see after that scene that she has set the broom aside and went to her employer and put her hand on his shoulder as if to comfort or reassure him.

Then, she looks up, and there’s this look…

You know what I think? I think she was disturbed. This might be one of the first times where she was completely helpless to do anything for her employer. If she had attacked Kuvira, she could’ve dropped/killed Varrick by accident… and it would have led to an even worse situation even if that hadn’t happened. If Kuvira had decided to drop Varrick on the tracks, there was absolutely nothing Zhu Li would have been able to do about it. She couldn’t save him. I don’t think Zhu Li is used to feeling helpless. She always does the thing, after all. Always.

Fast forward to the mecha-fight. 

The first thing you’ll notice is how quickly Zhu Li gets in front of her employer to protect him. Like without any demand or thought, she is right there immediately. Second, you’ll notice that she gets the most intense expression on her face when one of the mechs chases after Varrick (when he’s on foot). It’s like she’s determined to protect him and to not fail in doing so.

And then, we come to the end result.

You can’t see it just from the picture, but when she turns her head, you can kind of see some animation in her eyes. Like it actually looks like she’s about to cry. Two things here.

First, the most obvious reason why she’s upset. “Thanks a lot, Zhu Li." I don’t think Varrick was trying to deliberately be cruel here. I think he was just being an entitled brat. If we go with the theory that Zhu Li has protected him pretty well in the past/saved him/etc., it’s possible that Varrick thinks Zhu Li is being spiteful by not doing what she ALWAYS does. Like it probably doesn’t actually occur to him (much like Bolin not being able to figure out what "the thing” is) that Zhu Li isn’t perfectly capable of doing absolutely every task she sets her mind to. So, in his mind, her not rescuing him was a deliberate action on her part, and he’s throwing a fit about it.

Zhu Li, of course, is upset because not only did she fail to protect Varrick AGAIN, but Varrick is pretty much rubbing her failure in her face. She is so, so hurt here. 

Her betrayal of Varrick could, in fact, be real for so many reasons, but it is equally (or perhaps more likely) that Zhu Li feels like she has been pushed in a corner, that she must take drastic measures to salvage some control over the situation, to make up for these failures.

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innor caught Amatsuki’s “Speed play through of the video game blue demon” (高速青鬼実況やります) namahousou!

… watch/listen to it maybe? 

overall summary: he dies so many times it’s funny. the fact that the thumbnail for this video is the “GAME OVER” screen proves my point 

His username (after heated debate) was しらがクソ野郎 which means something like gray-haired b*stard or something

Amatsuki’s amazing arsenal of bacchiri English= CHEKIRA (check it out) KOMUOIN KOMUOIN (come on come on) PAFECT-TO PURAN (perfect plan) HANGACHIEF (handkerchief) CAMON BABEI (come on baby) FIVIA (fire)

(below is a summary of some sorts that I typed originally to annoy my friend. it ended up being long…) (please feel free to skim or ignore) 

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4/4 when you guys just go to the park for a sweet cute lovely date yay haha you are the queen of blurbs i swear i love you okay

omg you’re too kind! i love you!

this would probably be luke’s idea and you’d tease him about how “punk rock” a picnic in the park sounds but you’d actually be really excited and you guys would pack food and a blanket and he’d probably bring his guitar and you guys would get there and as you ate he’d lazily strum his guitar and make up silly little songs on the spot and you’d laugh and try to record him but he’d shy away and eventually when all the food was gone he’d pull you against his chest and you’d lean back into him and you’d just both chat away the rest of the day until the sun started to set aww lukey

you and calum would make a day of it and bring a soccer ball or something and you’d be playfully kicking it around and some kids would come and ask to play and so you guys would divide into teams with the kids and calum would be so cute with them, teaching them techniques and stuff and his team would win and he’d make up a little cheer with the kids and then you guys would go find a quiet spot under a tree or something and sit and talk and maybe take a cute selfie or two and he’d play some music from his phone and hell, you’d both probably end up taking a little cat-nap

you and ashton would probably just stumble upon a cute little park while you were driving and he’d impulsively stop and you guys would walk through it and there’d be a little pond with ducks and there’d be a lady there feeding them and she’d offer you guys some bread to feed them too and ashton would take a picture on you feeding them and tweet it with some stupid caption like “ducking around with y/n” and then you guys would continue on your walk and you’d come across an ice cream truck and you’d buy ice cream and you’d drop your cone and he’d laugh and you’d pout so he’d give you his and you guys would hold hands and do another few laps through the little park that would probably become one of your favourite places to go together

your cable would be out or something and you’d both be bored and it’d be a sunny day so you’d suggest going to the park or something and he’d be down so you guys would get there and a few fans would probably approach you guys and mikey would take pictures with them and some would even want pictures with both of you and after that you’d probably go to the playground and he’d try to climb the monkey bars but would fail miserably and you’d laugh so he’d chase you through the little tunnel and down the slide until he caught you and tackled you to the ground and yeah he’s adorable okay