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First Encounter || Choi Seungcheol

One Shot

Pairing: Seungcheol and You
Genre: Fluff ?(cliche af)
Word count: 1,273

Disclaimer: Photo is not mine. Full credits to rightful owner.

I woke up with a heavy gasp escaping me. Feeling a giant lump of weight above me, I tried to get up but failed. Before I could notice what it was I suddenly got attacked with continuous wet licks from Alex, my 6 months old Golden Retriever. 

I got up and washed off all the slobber that he painted me in. A few scrubbing later and content feelings about my appearance, I made my way towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast, Alex following right behind me.

After breakfast, Alex leaped and hopped excitedly about. He knew what time it was, it was time for a walk. I got out his leash which made him even more hyper, his tongue dangling from his mouth and his tail wagging furiously. I’m surprised that he hasn’t broken any furniture.

I hooked the leash to Alex’ collar, the beautiful red color around his neck mixed really well with his golden fur and on his collar hang a silver plate that has the word “Alex” engraved on it. The silver glistened under the little sunlight peeking from the window sill, emphasizing the collar all the more. While checking if the leash is secure, Alex didn’t waste time to once again, give me several wet kisses. I giggled and scratched his ear and gave him a gentle peck on the forehead.


We made our way to the usual park. Wide green grass is spread throughout the whole park with trees and flower bushes beautifully lined along the middle of it. Alex and I went beside a tree with a nice shade and I laid out a large blanket that I brought with me. After spreading it out nice and neatly I knelt down beside Alex and unhooked the leash from his collar, before realizing it he had already disappeared onto the other side of the park.

Alex and I always enjoy these early morning walks to the park. The sun has yet to rise, the light grassy smell, the calming quiet of nature. Taking a deep breath, I smiled, got out my DSLR camera from my bag and took several shots of the park. First from where I was sitting, I turned my whole body to take beautiful shots of the tree from ground view. The faint shadows of the leaves on the ground gave me a wonderful photo shot too. After taking a few more, I then stood up and moved around the tree. Adding a wonderful slightly blurred foreground of the tree’s trunk, I took a photo of the distant city buildings hiding beyond the trees, the rising sun behind adding a beautiful orange glow.

Aiming my camera at more subjects to shoot, the lens landed on Alex as he happily ran towards me. I smiled and took a shot. Without checking the photograph saved, I gently placed it on the blanket. Alex was still some distance away from me as I crouch down and patted at my knees as I smiled at him. Seeing this, he gained speed and was practically racing towards me.

“Come on, boy! Come on!” I called out. Now he’s about as fast as a moving bicycle. But before he could reach me, I bolted.

I ran like my life depended on it, well, if you had a 72 lb lump of meat chasing after you, you’d run like me.

But no matter how fast I ran, I just hear the increasing volume of my dog’s breathing right behind me. I turned around and readied myself not to fall but failing horribly. I was tackled and showered with wet kisses. I laughed as I lightly scratched the back of his ears and gave him small pecks as well.

Sitting up, I notice a small branch at the bed of the tree. Only an arm length away I reached for it, Alex still lying on me. Finally feeling the rough bark against my skin, I raised my arm and as soon as Alex laid eyes on the item in my hand, he started to get all jumpy. Before he gave me a heimlich, I tossed the branch to the side, Alex following in tow.

I quickly straightened up and patted dirt off myself. Alex was already skipping his way towards me, the stick securely placed between his teeth, by the time I looked up. I held out my hand and he dropped the stick to the ground.

“On my hand, Alex. On hand.” I said, waving my hand in front of him. But instead of putting the branch on my hand, he gave me his paw instead. “No, not handshake.” I laughed, failing to stay stern with his cuteness in the way. “Never mind”.

I shook his hand and let go to pick up the branch on the ground to throw it again, this time a bit farther. Alex raced for it, slightly disappearing from my view as he passed by trees. I decided to sit down and rest and made my way to the sprawled out blanket.


It’s been a few minutes and Alex hasn’t been back yet. A bit worried, I decided to go look for him. I packed up the blanket and camera and followed to where I last saw Alex. Not long after, I heard the ever familiar bark of my dog, I was relieved to hear him. I went towards the sound and saw Alex with a man kneeling in front of him, giving him light scratches behind the ears.

“You’re so pretty.” the man cooed. His voice was low and it matched well with his physique. He had such distinct features that one can tell who he is in a crowd from a distance away. Alex lightly tapped his nose against his lips and the man smiled wider. It made my heart flutter.

Unconsciously, I spoke out. “He is, isn’t he.”

The man looked up and we met eyes. “Oh, is he yours?”, he stood up and faced me. Alex finally seeing me, strolled in front of me and lied down, showing his belly bare. I crouched down and scratched his belly and then tickled at his favorite spot. His leg shook along with my hand and I could tell he was enjoying it. Alex looked towards the man and lightly barked, his paws still resting against the sides of his chest.

I gradually stopped scratching and smiled towards the stranger. “He wants you to do it too.” I said and gestured for him to come closer. As soon as I finished what I was saying, I could’ve sworn his eyes lit up. He was obviously excited when he ran and made his way to my side. He started scratching the Alex’ belly and he immediately found his favorite spot. In a matter of seconds, Alex’ foot was already thumping hard against the man’s arm.

“Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?” He asked, earning a elated bark from Alex. “Yes! You are!” 

“Wow, you’re awesome with dogs!” I praised. He looked at me and grinned from ear to ear.

“I love dogs! I’d want to have one in the future.” He said as he stopped scratching Alex and started patting him instead.

“Well, you can hang out with Alex before then. We always come here everyday, early morning. We can meet up here whenever. How’s that sound?” I asked.

”That would be awesome!” His eyes grew wide and he smiled in gratitude.

“I’m Seungcheol, by the way.” he reached out his hand as he gave me a warm smile.

“I’m Y/N.” I replied, but before I could reach his hand, Alex had placed his paw on Seungcheol’s stretched out hand and he let out a small bark.

Future carbon dioxide, climate warming potentially unprecedented in 420 million years

New research led by the University of Southampton suggests that, over the next 100 to 200 years, carbon dioxide concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere will head towards values not seen since the Triassic period, 200 million years ago. Furthermore, by the 23rd century, the climate could reach a warmth not seen in 420 million years.

The study, published in Nature Communications, compiled over 1200 estimates of ancient atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations to produce a continuous record dating back nearly half a billion years. It concludes that if humanity burns all available fossil fuels in the future, the levels of CO2 contained in the atmosphere may have no geologically-preserved equivalent during this 420 million year period.

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Vegan Rouge Adventures Pt.2

*Our rouge is a new age vegan and only eats a mysterious grayish tofu-like paste. Nobody in the party dares to touch it, despite the rouge’s assurance that the paste is the most nutritious meal for miles, and its ability to ‘balances your chi’. More often than not, it has proven to be harmful to non-vegans and the environment around it. *Rouge Vegan levels in Promethean Alchemy, and makes a tofu homunculus. *Shipwrecked party gets saved. *Vegan gets jailed as heathen and potential pirate for worshipping chaotic neutral God. *Tofu Homunculus gets confused for unusually pale little… Girl(?) and is simply locked into room until the ship reaches port. *party Barbarian is angry that vegan “Gets to have all the fun in the brig being interrogated and cavity searched”


Barbarian: That’s it. I have done everything I can think of to try and get these guys to lock me up. Fuck it, I’m killing the captain.

Vegan (OOC): You know what would help with that? Something small with razor sharp teeth that could eat through the door to the Captain’s quarters. Like a certain creature currently trying to eat through the hull.

Barbarian: Not a bad idea. I go find the room where they put the homunculus.

DM: You find it locked in a closet. It’s crying because it chipped a tooth gnawing at the planks.

Barbarian:Cut that out. SHUT UP!

Homunculus: *Hisses at him

Barbarian: *fumbles with his dice for a moment* I take that as a challenge. I roar back at it.

*fails intimidation*

Homunculus: *Fully opens its mouth, revealing that it actually extends from ear to ear, HISSES BACK

Barbarian: Okay, I’ve had enough of this non-sense. I roll to grab it. CMB: 12

Vegan (OOC): Joke’s on you, it has a base CMD is 14.

DM: As you grab for it, it bolts in-between your legs and into the rest of the ship.

Barbarian: Shit. I tackle it *fails another CMB* DAMN IT!

Vegan(OOC): *Imitates fading footsteps of fleeing creature on the table

DM: It heads down into the cargo hold. The guards down there don’t see it

Barbarian: I head down after it.

DM: As you come down the stairs one of the guards stop you.

Guard: HALT! You are violating your curfew! Return to your quarters!

Barbarian: Yeah, that’s nice, BUT this creature ran down here and I need your help to capture it.

*recruits guards into search and rolls perception

 DM: You find it cowering behind a powder keg

Barbarian: I grab it again *misses

DM: One of the guards manages to grab it, and lifts it up. It bites him, and he immediately lets go again. A little bit of tofu is stuck in his arm, and the homunculus scurries off again.

Barbarian: I can’t just…. *looks at fleeing homunculus, then to guard* DAMN IT! *to guard* Sir, DO YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE?

Guard: What?

Barbarian: That creature may have infected you with a dangerous poison that will kill you if I do not cut off your arm right now.

Guard: O RLY? Looks fine to me! *Raises up arm for inspection

DM: *rolls dice

Entire Party (OOC): *holds breath


Barbarian: *Brings down his scimitar perfectly severing the limb

DM: The arm flops around on the ground before ALSO scurrying off into the darkness of the ship’s cargo hold.

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Doing Awkward and Shy Aegyo

Yay! Something fluffy and adorable. *Makes inhuman sounds*


His girlfriend’s aegyo is just so much cuter because she is so shy about it and he watches in awe as he tries to keep himself from tackle-hugging her. 

You got this Baek.” 

Fails and tackle hugs her anyways. 


His girlfriend suddenly starts trying to be really cute when trying to get him to take her to the movies, but her aegyo is really awkward like she hasn’t done it since middle school. Chanyeol immediately bursts out laughing and takes a few moments to calm himself. 

“I’m sorry Jagi, yes we can go.” 


When his girlfriend turns to him on the couch and tries to copy the aegyo they had just seen a girl in the tv show that they are watching do, he can’t help but think how adorable it is because it’s so shy and awkward. He cuddles into her smiling. 

“You’re so adorable, Jagi.” 


Kai’s girlfriend turns to him and mocks the girl they watched do aegyo for the guy she was walking with when she is out of sight. He laughs and then tries to copy her awkward aegyo and his is even worse, which causes them both to laugh a little too hard. He grabs her and kisses her temple, smiling. 


His his girlfriend and him are waiting in line to order food, she keeps on making faces at him to try and make him laugh. Eventually she just resorts to doing aegyo, which they both know she isn’t very good at. He laughs and wraps his arm around her, pulling her closer. 


When he sees his girlfriend turn to him and do really shy aegyo for him and then cover her heated cheeks from the embarrassment, it’s like he saw a kitten do something adorable. 


Lay smiles and begins to make cute faces back at her. In the end they both end up blushing from being shy, but he pulls her into a hug and kisses her nose. 


*Literally cannot handle how cute she is while failing at aegyo.*


“Jagi, you have to use your hands. This is how it’s done.” 


Sehun watches as his girl does aegyo for him while in the crowd of his show. She is so shy about it and a bit awkward, but he finds it so adorable. Blows her a kiss. 


He is going bright red because she’s going red trying to be cute for him. They both end up messes of embarrassment and he just ends up holding her close and whispering how much he loves her. 


“Come on, just do it once?” he asks her with a smirk. 

She turns bright red and does aegyo like her friend does as fast as possible. In the end, she covers her face with her hands as she turns bright red. He smiles at her and does the heart sign. 

Break A Leg(Simon Request)

“Come on Ronaldo!!” JJ grasps your shoulders as he follows you out of the house.
“Yeah I don’t know about that Jide” You laugh, heading towards your boyfriend, Simons, car.
“You’re gonna be great babe” Simon grins, kissing your cheek and opening the passenger seat door for you.
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear her say shot gun” JJ points out.
“Tough shit baldie. There’s three seats in the back” Simon comments, walking round to the drivers side
Josh and Vikk soon follow, all of them clad in Sidemen merch as usual.
“Let’s gooooo” Josh cheers as soon as he is seated.
The boys were on their way to support you in the final football match of your season. To win the title. A part of you felt nervous but mostly you felt that buzz that you only felt before a match. A determination to do well.
It was no secret that you were better at football than the boys. You had played at least three days a week since you were walking. Thanks to your brother. And you had certainly proved yourself in the sidemen match earlier in the year. Simon was so proud.
Today was different from that however. You were playing with the girls you grew up with. The girls you went through school with. Went through the ‘girls shouldn’t play football’ with. Went through the kick abouts until dark. And you still loved playing with all of them.
“So (y/n), what do you think about picking out a girl you think I might like?” JJ wiggles his brows.
“The chances are one to a million” You smirk, “Over this way”
You all walk over to where the rest of the team is.
“Fashionably late as usual” Ella turns around, smiling.
“Yeah sorry about that, it takes time to look this good” JJ comments cheesily.
“Well that’s no excuse when you still look that bad” Ella raises her brows. JJ hits himself on the chest in ‘shock’.
“Go on, the other boys are over there” You mention, watching as the Cals, Tobi, Harry and Ethan all walk in.
JJ, Josh and Vikk all head over and Simon waits.
“Good luck babygirl” He mumbles, leaning down to give you a kiss, “Break a leg”
The girls behind you cheer jokingly and you turn round to follow them into the changing rooms. Noticing that Simon waits until you are gone to even think about moving.
The game starts not long after. You are captain so it is your duty to keep everyone in line. To win the game for them.
You notice the guys all front row of the seats, holding up a messily made banner with your team name scrawled across it. Simon stands beside them laughing, and he winks at you just before the whistle sounds.
The ball is beneath your feet, the sound of the excited crowd drowns out. You’re caught on the moment as usual. A defender stands in front of you and attempts a tackle that fails as you pass the ball to a teammate.
You get into space, watching as a million feet zig zag around the balls every movement.
And then it hits your own foot, under your control. You drag it round the defender, darting past and hitting it with enough strength to send it flying into the top left corner.
Your team cheer and give you big hugs in celebration.
You hear the boys erupt, all louder than the rest of the audience.
And the game continues.
You have the ball again. The most vicious defender now face to face with you. Anger evident in her eyes.
Turn left. She’s there. Right. She’s there. You kick the ball and it reaches Lucy. Perfect. And then you feel it. Her studs smash into your ankle, sending it into an angle you never wanted it to be in. And you fall to the floor after a horrific rip.
The time is 89 minutes. You couldn’t stop now. Not on a draw. Your ankle throbbed worse than a lot of pain you’d had before. No. Don’t think about it and it won’t be there.
“Come on (y/n)!!” You hear the boys yell.
“(Y/n) get up!!” Your team manager yells.
You see the scouts in the crowd. The defenders now swarming around your friend
Get up.
You push to your feet.
As soon as any pressure falls onto your right foot it makes you want to scream out.
You hobble as best as you can, running as quickly as your legs would take you.
Your friend has to chance but to pass the ball to you, and with any possible power you could muster, the ball flies into the net, straight past the goalies hands.
And then you collapse.
The whistle blows and the game is over. The audience cheer and your team begin to celebrate. And the boys are there. Rushing over to the injured captain.
“You okay babe?” Simon questions, brushing the hair away from your sweaty face.
You look up to him and nod, “Yeah yeah I’m fine”
You push up from your elbows and try to stand, collapsing into his frame as you did.
“Come on babe, you’re not missing out on celebrating because of this” He shakes his head, lifting you up to stand. He takes your weight of course.
Your team rush over and you’re caught in the middle of all of them, including the guys now.
And you forget about your agony
You were caught up in the victory of your team.
After celebrating on the pitch, the team disperses to go to the changing rooms to speak to coach.
This is when concerned Simon arrives.
“Babe we need to get you the medic or something” he nods, now holding his arms on your waist to have you facing him.
“No come on, I’ve got a team waiting for me” You shake your head, “I’m fine” You nod though when a proportion of your weight hits your ankle your grit your teeth in pain.
“Babe” He gives you that sincere look.
“Medic!!!” Ethan yells, cackling afterwards.
The medics are soon out, hurrying over as Simon lowers you down.
They do their work, testing your leg at different angles. When they lift it however, you can’t help but wince in pain.
“Careful” Simon states cautiously, his eye full of concern.
“The best I can do is wrap it up and grab you some crutches” The young man shrugs, “Unless you want to go to hospital”
“No that will be fine” You say quickly before any of the boys can argue, “Thanks”
He grabs a support from his bag and begins wrapping it around your ankle with care, evidently a little shy now he had seven guys all watching his every move.
Another man then comes out carrying a pair of crutches for you.
“Thanks” Vikk smiles at them before they hurry away.
“You sure you’re okay (y/n)?” Tobi frowns as JJ and Josh help you to stand.
“Yeah of course” You nod, adjusting your hands on the grips.
“You’ve got a team to celebrate with” Harry grins and Simon jumps behind you, lifting you up and running with you into the building, all of the boys following closely.


A oneshot inspired by this picture by givenclarity. Much of the dialogue is taken from or inspired by said picture.

Apologies if this is completely random. GC started it.


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anonymous asked:

Do you mind talking about what happened with the "skinhead types" in your DGU post?

I don’t mind talking about it…

I was picking up a friend, after her (now ex) boyfriend left her in a bar with no ride home. When I got to the place, we decided to bullshit for a bit, then some assholes with some shaven heads & poorly done tattoos started hollering about “jungle fever” & shit. After ignoring them for a little bit, and my friend getting more pissed at them, we decided to bail.

They kept up with their bullshit, followed us outside the bar, continuing it. Didn’t want them seeing or trapping myself & my friend in my car, so I decided to try & de escalate the situation. They weren’t having any of that and continued with the racist fuckery. One eventually tried to tackle me, failed miserably, then found a nice comfortable spot on the asphalt after landing on one of my Timberlands. The others tried rushing me, I drew on them & they fucked off with the quickness. Guy on the ground started begging, crying, and calling me “Lebron James” for some reason, before he finally fucked off as well.

Afterwards, just got in the car, dropped my friend off, then went home.

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