failed prank call

This Day in 1D History - October 24


  • elimination night group performance–”Forget You”!!



  • “I could literally call you and be like ‘HARRY, I’VE LOST MY FEET!’ and you’d be like ‘…oh.’” (Nick tries and fails to prank Harry for Call or Delete <3)


  • “Action Man Payno” gets into the swing of things at Take Me Home Tour concert – Sydney, Australia #4!



  • the boys look back on their journey so far in the First Listen video
TLC April Fools

(I know… Its too late but I’m doing it anyway)

Cinder Linh
- Prob in collaboration with Thorne
- Sends every Earthen Union Leader a video that says every problematic stuff anout their country and that the Peace Treaty is off
- At the end of the video she says that she’s sorry and Happy April Fools
- Oh and it records the watcher’s reaction
- Almost everyone reacted violently because ITS APRIL 2 IN OUR TIME ZONE
- Thorne is laughing while watching the recorded reactions

Emperor Kaito
- Two words: Whoopy cushions
- Torin already expects this cause HE DOES THIS EVERY APRIL FOOLS
- But he plays along because he’s a good father figure
- did you know: he fooled Thorne once
- he was very happy with his success
- And everyone else is like emperor no
- And kai is like emperor yes

Scarlet Benoit
- No expects the Benoit pranking
- Queen of April Fool pranks
- Learned all her tricks from granny benoit
- Succesfully pranked Jacin
- She made him an “apple pie” (is actually a very sour lemon + calamansi pie)
- Iko and Cinder were able to record his reaction
- Winter: #neverforget
- Scarlet once told Wolf that she likes attractive men (happy april fools wolfy)
- Immendiately regrets it because LOOK AT THAT SAD PUPPY
- She has to explain April Fools to him

Ze'ev Kesley
- He doesn’t do April Fools
- Nope.

Crescent Moon
- Rickrolls everyone (because even in the future, rickrolling is a thing)
- Actually rickrolled the emperor aka kai
- Hacks into someone portscreen then a trailer pops up then NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN
- Nainsi had to explain rickrolling to Kai
- Scarlet had to explain rickrolling to Wolf
- Jacin probably: nice
- Thorne: really, cress? ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Carswell Thorne
- In collaboration with Cinder
- Makes awful pranks
- Pranks that involve thumb tacks
- Pranks everyone except Cress and Wolf

Winter Hayle-Blackburn
- Only pranks Jacin
- In collaboration with Scarlet
- She’d give him pies that explode, jump scare him and pretend shes been kidnapped
- Shes horrible every april fools
- Jacin has trust issues every April Fools
- When Winter pretends shes been kidnapped he juat goes along with it because WHAT IF SHE REALLY WAS KIDNAPPED
- He ends up saving his princess

Jacin Clay
- He doesn’t do April Fools because he’s busy making sure Winter stays good the whole day
- Usually fails
- Poor Jacin

- prank calls for Adri and Pearl

Hello, I’d like to order a Pizza please and can I have it with extra grapes? Yes a pizza with grapes please. What? You have a pizza with grapes? Do grapes even go with pizza? Oh, I see! Oh you got me! Oh, very funny, very mature! You know you’re only wasting your own time!
—  Roy