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TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Crappy Prank Calls.

Today was Boneless Pizza. Screw whoever started this crap. Some stupid kid kept calling the store with a private number asking for Boneless Pizza. I recognized it and called it out immediately, but he kept calling back. It got to the point where I just pulled out my personal phone and blasted Rick Astley into the phone every time I noticed it was him until I got off my shift.


By: Glutes_Of_Fire

TLC April Fools

(I know… Its too late but I’m doing it anyway)

Cinder Linh
- Prob in collaboration with Thorne
- Sends every Earthen Union Leader a video that says every problematic stuff anout their country and that the Peace Treaty is off
- At the end of the video she says that she’s sorry and Happy April Fools
- Oh and it records the watcher’s reaction
- Almost everyone reacted violently because ITS APRIL 2 IN OUR TIME ZONE
- Thorne is laughing while watching the recorded reactions

Emperor Kaito
- Two words: Whoopy cushions
- Torin already expects this cause HE DOES THIS EVERY APRIL FOOLS
- But he plays along because he’s a good father figure
- did you know: he fooled Thorne once
- he was very happy with his success
- And everyone else is like emperor no
- And kai is like emperor yes

Scarlet Benoit
- No expects the Benoit pranking
- Queen of April Fool pranks
- Learned all her tricks from granny benoit
- Succesfully pranked Jacin
- She made him an “apple pie” (is actually a very sour lemon + calamansi pie)
- Iko and Cinder were able to record his reaction
- Winter: #neverforget
- Scarlet once told Wolf that she likes attractive men (happy april fools wolfy)
- Immendiately regrets it because LOOK AT THAT SAD PUPPY
- She has to explain April Fools to him

Ze'ev Kesley
- He doesn’t do April Fools
- Nope.

Crescent Moon
- Rickrolls everyone (because even in the future, rickrolling is a thing)
- Actually rickrolled the emperor aka kai
- Hacks into someone portscreen then a trailer pops up then NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN
- Nainsi had to explain rickrolling to Kai
- Scarlet had to explain rickrolling to Wolf
- Jacin probably: nice
- Thorne: really, cress? ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Carswell Thorne
- In collaboration with Cinder
- Makes awful pranks
- Pranks that involve thumb tacks
- Pranks everyone except Cress and Wolf

Winter Hayle-Blackburn
- Only pranks Jacin
- In collaboration with Scarlet
- She’d give him pies that explode, jump scare him and pretend shes been kidnapped
- Shes horrible every april fools
- Jacin has trust issues every April Fools
- When Winter pretends shes been kidnapped he juat goes along with it because WHAT IF SHE REALLY WAS KIDNAPPED
- He ends up saving his princess

Jacin Clay
- He doesn’t do April Fools because he’s busy making sure Winter stays good the whole day
- Usually fails
- Poor Jacin

- prank calls for Adri and Pearl

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Prank calls

This one is from Papo (my GM). Dude calls in (before my shift) and asks for a room with 20 hookers. Papo tells him that it’ll be 500 bucks per night but that the hookers aren’t supplied by the hotel. Dude agrees and hangs up. Phone rings on my shift and this dude with a VERY heavy Hispanic accent and broken English says, “You uh speak-a spaniiiish?”

I go, “No. Uno Memento” place on hold “Papo, I need a Spanish speaker on the phone please.”

Papo: Answers call in Spanish But then he gets this crazy wicked grin when he answers. I raise my eyebrows and grab my mental Michael Jackson popcorn. Papo gets all sultry and seductive. A housekeeper is standing next to us as well and understands what Papo said to this guy so she’s already laughing and I’m barely holding it back, knowing that I’m about to hear something awesome.

Papo translates to me and says that this guy asked for a room with 50 hookers in it this time. Papo asked (in a seductive voice) if he wanted big breasted women or ladies with junk in the trunk. A while later he calls again and asks for 100 hookers. So Papo goes, “are you sure you want women? I can give you a wild night all on my own. Don’t you want some dick?” and he hangs up.

By: BillieJackson

TalesFromYourServer: Prank Calls or Wrong Number?

Disclaimer: Not a server. Long time lurker, first time posting. Sorry for mobile formatting.

So I am currently a host at a chain restaurant that also does takeout, catering, and deliveries. For the past year I’ve been working here, our takeout and deliveries have been steady and pretty popular and we get a decent amount of call-in orders a night.

However, in the past two weeks, we have been constantly receiving calls meant for other restaurants. I’ve gotten calls from customers who want a delivery over 5 miles away (our limit), customers trying to order food we don’t have, and customers trying to contact another one of our stores and reaching us. Every call ends the same, with the customer getting mad at me that they called the wrong number.

I’m not sure if google is putting our phone number next to other restaurants or something but it’s starting to get very irritating, especially when we have other takeout orders to work on and guests to seat. Has this happened to anyone else?

By: memegod42

Hello, I’d like to order a Pizza please and can I have it with extra grapes? Yes a pizza with grapes please. What? You have a pizza with grapes? Do grapes even go with pizza? Oh, I see! Oh you got me! Oh, very funny, very mature! You know you’re only wasting your own time!
—  Roy