failed but a for effort

With Trump’s health care plan dead, he’s moving on to taxes. That’s going to fail, too.

  • As Republicans watch their Affordable Care Act replacement effort fall apart, the White House is already working hard to change the narrative and make sure everyone knows the thing the president really wants to do is tax reform.
  • There’s just one problem with that plan: Republicans are as divided about their tax plan as they were about their health care bill. 
  • Even House Speaker Paul Ryan seemed to concede this was the case in his remarks on the demise of the GOP health bill. “We are going to proceed with tax reform,” said Ryan, “but this is going to make it more difficult.” Read more.
Never mind the “Who shot first?” stuff; THIS is the defining moment of the Han Solo character:

Everyone else was just like: “Oh, fuck: It’s Vader!” and standing around in shock and terror when Vader was revealed. Even Chewie.

Most people, I suspect, would have that reaction. 

Meanwhile, Han’s first reaction, instinctively, in less than a second, was to grab a gun and try to flat-out end the guy.

He failed, of course. But God Damn if you can’t appreciate the effort. 

In a universe parallel to this one, you and I stay up some nights, holding hands in bed, worrying about all the versions of ourselves that don’t end up together. Parallel You says, “Somewhere we never even kiss.” Parallel Me says, “Somewhere we never even touch." Parallel You supposes that the universe in which we never cross paths must be a kinder one than the universe where we make the effort to love each other and fail at it so miserably that we part ways and never speak again. Parallel Me says, "That universe doesn’t exist.” Parallel You says, “That’s not how this works.”
—  trista mateer

I tried anon, i really did. I hope this passes for ‘soft and cute’ lmao. Poor Frisk can’t catch a break.

and here’s a bonus panel as if this thing wasn’t long enough already:

shoutout and a toast to
  • the pjo blogs who were relevant a couple of years back but have been forgotten or lost their relevancy because life got in the way
  • the pjo blogs who have slowly transitioned into other fandoms but is still lowkey in the fandom
  • the pjo blogs who are simply forgotten 
  • the pjo writers who wrote the best shit ever and have paved the way through progress, but now no one reads their stuff due to a new writing medium becoming popular (i.e. bulletpoint fanfic/headcanons)
  • the pjo writers who write the rawest shit but don’t get any recognition for it. you don’t need awards for validation of your masterpiece. it’s amazing. already and i’m happy you wrote and finished it! 
  • the pjo artists who are getting into pjo but because they’re not a big-named long-time fan-artists they fail to get notes. 
  • the pjo artists who are in pjo for a long-ass time but because they’re not a big-named fan-artists they fail to get notes anyway.
  • the pjo blogs who make an effort to contribute and spread the love but don’t get recognition for it.
  • you guys are great, keep doing what you do. 
The Jukebox Musical Challenge

So. I’m proposing a new challenge for those who are game enough to try. It might completely fail, because it does require some effort. But, we shall see…

Here’s how it goes:

1. Shuffle your music

2. Write down the first five songs that pop up

3. Create a premise for a musical in 2-3 sentences

4. Show how Song #1 fits into your musical

5. Explain what happens in between the songs (briefly)

6. Repeat all the way until you’re finished with Song #5

7. There you have it. You have successfully outlined your very own musical. Look at you, creator! Maybe it will even go to Broadway!! (With a bit more work, of course)

Some notes: It’s probably best not to use songs that are already musical theatre songs, as you already have context for this. So, skip those.

Tag your friends to do this, if you want. Or, do it on your own free accord. I’m sure there are plenty of people with interesting imaginations. 

It’s probably best to reblog from this post, so they know the rules.

Now, go forth and conquer, ye playwrights!!!

Your girl, Eleanor
Trump’s First Legislative Effort Fails as G.O.P. Pulls Bill to Repeal Obamacare
House Republican leaders pulled legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act from the House floor before it could be defeated, a huge loss for President Trump.
By Robert Pear, Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Jennifer Steinhauer

WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders, facing a revolt among conservatives and moderates in their ranks, pulled legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act from consideration on the House floor Friday afternoon in a spectacular defeat for President Trump on the first legislative showdown of his presidency.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan conceded, “We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.”

Mr. Ryan had rushed to the White House shortly after noon to tell Mr. Trump he did not have the votes for a repeal bill that had been promised for seven years — since the day President Barack Obama signed his landmark health care act into law.


Because the Agents of SHIELD ladies are amazing and badass, here’s a little something that exceeds the typical week long event- a two week event appreciating these spectacular ladies! All kinds of things are encouraged- fics, gifs, graphics, whatever it is you can make. <3 

Tag  it as #aosladiesappreciation or my personal tag, #userchochang. The dates are explained below with a explanation of what. If there are still questions, my inbox is open to questions as well. 

(However, what must be said is that is centric to the aos ladies, not about their relationships! That goes on Days 12 through 14, if it’s your choice. But let’s keep it to appreciating the aos ladies for who they are, not who they’re involved with.)

  • Day One / January 16: Anything and everything Daisy Johnson! Whether it’s favourite Daisy scene or appreciating her character development, it’s all good. 
  • Day Two / January 17: This day is all about Jemma Simmons, and about her as a person. About her growth, how people affect her, how she’s changed, all is welcome!   
  • Day Three / January 18: Day Three goes to the Calvary herself, Melinda May! Anything and everything Melinda today. <3
  • Day Four / January 19: To Bobbi Morse goes Day Four! Let’s give Mockingbird some love, shall we?
  • Day Five / January 20: Elena Rodriguez is the focus of Day Five, especially since Slingshot has some out! 
  • Day Six / January 21: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in Season One! Have fun, the ride has only just begun for our beloved characters. 
  • Day Seven / January 22: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in Season Two! Great content here to choose from. <3
  • Day Eight / January 23: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in Season Three! Nothing negative about characters though, so if your Jemma ships clash, well, don’t shade it in the actual post because I’ll edit it out. Be nice, be respectful.
  • Day Nine / January 24: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in Season Four! Coming Full circle and all that.
  • Day Ten / January 25: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in canon, so anything you like from all four seasons + Slingshot. 
  • Day Eleven / January 26: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in anything that’s not canon, so AU’s abroad! Have fun guys.  
  • Day Twelve / January 27: Your favourite dynamic with the aos lady (ladies) of your choice that you see as platonic! The romantic one is coming up next, don’t worry.
  • Day Thirteen / January 28: Your favourite romantic dynamic for the aos ladies (or lady) of your choice! Whether it’s Daisy/Happiness, DaisyJemma, DaisyElena or something more popular like DaisyLincoln, JemmaFitz or BobbiHunter, all are welcome! (Be nice.)
  • Day Fourteen / January 29: Free Choice! The last day is about doing whatever you like, so literally anything goes as long as it involves the aos ladies.

“Because I am a girl, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Girls don’t have what it takes.”

Fandom’s lost innocence

Every few months I feel sad about the loss of fannish culture as I’ve known it in the past. Every few months I make an effort to be more active on Livejournal/Dreamwidth/Tumblr, and every few months without fail that effort gets lost again in what just feels wrong somehow.

I’ve been wondering for years now what’s happened. And I think it’s that fandom, as a whole, has changed drastically.

We’ve lost our sense of wonder.

There’s so little pure excitement and joy about new things, it seems as if we’ve forgotten how to simply be happy and enjoy something. Everything gets taken apart and studied under a microscope of proper representation, privilege and artistic merit. And when it’s found wanting, which inevitably happens to almost all things, it’s torn apart with a viciousness that no friendly group will gather for fear of being included.

We’ve gone from celebrating each bit of progress in opening up mainstream culture to complaining that each step taken is not yet enough, and this creates a feedback loop of criticism and negativity. You’re only supposed to enjoy the perfect gems, while all other offerings must be discarded because they’re flawed in some way.

Take Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an example. I remember watching this when it first aired, and I remember the sheer amazement of having Willow in a homosexual, loving relationship. Sure there was criticism, but in plenty of fannish circles, Joss Whedon got praised to the high heavens for including this and for portraying Willow and Tara as no different than their hetero and/or demon-loving counterparts.

Today I think he’d get torn apart for sending Willow back to Oz at the end (bi-erasure) (brain-fart on my part, of course she later was in a relationship with Kennedy, not wolfie), for killing off Tara (of course the lesbian had to die), for appropriating artifacts of various cultures, for turning Willow evil only after she’d entered a same sex relationship, for so many other reasons. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of criticism for this at the time, but we didn’t focus on the bad things so much that we overlooked the massive progress it meant to have two complex female characters in love in a mainstream tv series, and have it drawn just like a “regular” relationship. Today, I fear, the joy over this progress would get lost. It would be seen as a step forward but flawed, and thus not worth anything.

I’ve seen this happening in the Hobbit fandom in the past few years, and in the overall reception of the movie trilogy. Is it perfect? Dear god, no. Is it as good as the LotR movie trilogy was? Absolutely not. The trilogy has flaws, it has bloat, and it has moments that really shouldn’t have been included. But the criticism sometimes feels deliberately hostile and harsh because the movies aren’t perfect. There are plenty of wonderful moments in there, plenty of characters who’ve been given depth they never had in the book.

We got considerably more female representation than before with the Hobbit, in what I think really was the only way to do it without gender-bending an existing character (which would never have flown with the studio or large parts of the book-based fanbase). And yet Tauriel as a character gets massive amounts of backlash. She’s considered the “token female character”, she’s a Mary Sue, she’s too privileged, she’s only there as a love interest… the list can go on for ages. A lot more people find redeeming points with the Necromancer than with Tauriel.

There was a similar reaction to Arwen’s role in the LotR movies, back in the day. At the time, the backlash came from the mostly male gatekeeper fans who considered her not pure enough and not enough of a canon warrior to be allowed to play a bigger role. With Tauriel, Peter Jackson pushed past that and ignored the purist complaints to make the trilogy a less “bloke-ish movie” (to paraphrase from Martin Freeman). He essentially delivered on what we might have wished for in LotR, and in my opinion did fairly well given the studio constraints and their demands for her to be a love interest or scrapped. And yet he gets derision and negativity without acknowledgment that it’s a step forward again to have a new female character with considerable screentime in a movie where the canon material doesn’t make room for her.

I just wish we could go back to praising progress without demanding perfection at the same time. There will never be perfection, so all this attitude achieves is that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you watch/read/hear something you like. Let yourself enjoy something, see the good bits without the flaws. See the growth and progress. Hold the content creators accountable for steadily improving, but don’t just tear them apart for not getting it completely right when they’re already pushing the boundaries. They’ll push again next time and gain a little more ground, and it’s in that way that growth happens for us to enjoy.

And that joy and wonder is what I wish we’d all get back.


Kairi says happy birthday to Yamaguchi!

Yamaguchi Tadashi-kun.
Happy birthday!!!
He never fails to put in so much effort so that he can appear in matches, and he has the mentality to constantly improve, and I really respect him. Ever since I’ve met Yamaguchi-kun, I’ve been able to meet so many people. I’ll do my best too so as not to lose!!!
I hope he has a great upcoming year.

Using a book light has made nocturnal spell casting outdoors a lot easier. No more flashlight. No more nearly dripping candle wax onto the grimoire. No more nearly lighting it and/or myself on fire in an effort to read whatever I failed to memorize. No more lighting extra candles just for light then hoping the neighbors don’t notice. This is what I call practical magic! 

Facebook screwed up its diversity initiative in the most depressingly predictable way

  • Facebook has blamed a lack of qualified talent for its failed diversity efforts. Turns out, it was a lack of diversity among hiring managers.
  • The individuals making the final hiring decisions for engineering candidates were about 20 to 30 leaders in the department, a group of predominantly white or Asian men, according to a report from Bloomberg.
  • The report indicated that “during the final stage for engineering hires, the decision-makers were risk-averse, often declining the minority candidates.” Read more

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They say that if you love something, let it go; it’ll come back if it ever loved you. I used to not believe that. I used to think that if someone loved you, they’d make every effort to stay. I just didn’t realize that even through all the efforts, people still sometimes fail. I didn’t realize that sometimes people leave unwillingly. I didn’t realize that sometimes someone can’t help if they are forced to leave, regardless of all the effort put into staying. But that’s changed now. I realized that if someone ever really did matter, they’ll find a way to be back into your life. Maybe the timing was wrong. Maybe life just needed to mature the both of you. Maybe life just needed to teach you how to act. And maybe, maybe my life knew it was you. I just had to mature up and know how to love you the way you deserve to be loved.
—  S/W// If you really loved me