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Hannibal absolutely SUCKING at dirty talk at first. Everything he says would come off as horrifically cheesy because he'd try too hard to be poetic about it. He'd try and be poetic and classy and shit but it would just make Will laugh and fail horribly to turn him on. "Fucks sake Hannibal, we're fucking, not reciting Shakespeare." Luckily, Hannibal catches on pretty fast and learns that it sounds better in other languages.

Oh damn, “You taste like ambrosia” or some shit like that ahhhhhh overwhelmed Hannibal is brilliant

Sin Goes Way Deeper Than Just the 10 Commandments

James 4:17 “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”

If you know of someone that is stealing from his neighbor, brother, boss… and we fail to turn that person in it makes us an accessory to the fact. Not turning them in makes us just as guilty. Taking it one step further, partaking in the “spoils” makes the sin even worse. 

Another example and a big problem in today’s society is domestic abuse and the old standby “it’s non of my business”, it IS your business, if there is an person being abused and you don’t say anything but just stand by and let it happen while turning the other ear then you are guilty of sin. You are condoning the act of abuse and violence.  

If you know what is going on is wrong then speak up. If you don’t like confrontation don’t get involved in confrontation. All you have to do is call in an anonymous tip. You can all schools and turn them in, DCFS (with genuine concern and not just out of spite), or even the cops to make a well child check.

Doing the right thing isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Do it for them, do it for God.. heck, do it for Karma if you believe in that. My point is is that every religious belief has a form of “Karma”, “You reap what you sow”, “What goes around comes around”, etc. I just used stealing and domestic abuse as examples. 

Maybe there is other crimes that you know are wrong or maybe you are aware that something your are doing is sinful or wrong as well. It’s never too late to change your ways.

If you have any questions for me message me and I will answer them the best I can. Remember I’m human and my faith is not flawless but I will do my best to help with any questions you may have. God Bless you and may you have a fantastic day!

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21 22 25 26 28 29

21) Favorite position? 

On top. – Or was this a non-naughty question?

22) What’s your horoscope sign?

The all-time hated Capricorn.

25) What never fails to turn you on?

Hmm… This one is so hard dude. What never fails to turn me on? Hmmm… I have no clue, it feels so random… I guess… a good kiss. Good kissing/making out never fails to turn me on. Yeahhh that’s it!

26) Your idea of a perfect first date?

Something fun and unexpected. Visiting a waterfall together for instance!

28) What makes you feel the happiest?

Spending time with people I know won’t judge me for who I am.

29) What store do you shop at most often?

I really don’t have a favorite store I shop at. õ.ô I’m the kind of person who just grabs whatever I need whenever I need it, without really going for the same store everytime.

Now if we’re talking about restaurant/pizza places tho… I do have a complicated list of favorites. :D


Thanks for asking! <333
Get to know me questions:
New Thorns coach works to build championship culture
Having been on the job for just four months and no games yet as coach of the Portland Thorns, Mark Parsons doesn’t get recognized when he ventures outside of Providence Park. But that’s fine with him. Since he arrived in the Rose City, he has bumped into soccer fans in coffee shops around town, and he’s eager to hear what they really think.

“They don’t know they’re talking to the coach, and I don’t tell them because I just want to have a soccer chat,” Parsons says, adopting the American term for the sport amid his British accent. “It’s cool listening to them and the passion they have.”

And there is plenty to chat about. Tasked with turning around a team that failed to make the National Women’s Soccer League playoffs last season, Parsons has been busy since arriving in Portland.  


2. Would you rather orgasm while performing oral sex or intercourse? hmm, well I’ve never orgasmed during intercourse and I want tooooo.
4. Fav position? Depends, doggy is almost great but if a guy knows what he’s doing then him ontop. the best sex I ever had was laying on a countertop and him standing fucking me.
16. Top of your sexual to-do list? Me another another girl sucking one dick.
21. Ever squirted? Idrk…. I thought I did once but I might have just peed 😝
27. Something that never fails to make me horny: Knowing my partner is turned on, videos of the guy I’m attracted to touching himself😍, back muscles, making out. hands around my throat
32. Something I have hidden in my room that I don’t want anyone to find: my toys!!
47. Random object you’ve used to masturbate with: hairbrush, Xbox game controller
50. Thoughts on period sex? Only with my significant other.

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6) What was your coolest Halloween costume? 7) What was your favorite 90s show? 10) Favorite ice cream flavor? 21) Favorite position? 25) What never fails to turn you on? 28) What makes you feel the happiest? 30) How do you feel about oral? Giving and/or receiving? 39) Are you a competitive person? 40) Do you believe in aliens? 74) Do you like cuddling? 82) Favorite day of the week? 83) Do you consider yourself sexually open minded? 84) How do you feel about porn? 100) What are some words

6: Poison Ivy (handmade by me)

7: Rocket Power
10: Chocolate malted crunch
21: cowgirl i guess. pretty sure thats what its called
25: not really sure. cant think of anything at the moment. sometimes im just not in the mood
28: books
30: not the biggest fan of giving which is why i wont ask to receive it but if i do receive it just cuz the other person wants to then ill most likely enjoy it
39: definitely
40: i believe it would be naive to think that we’re the only life in the universe but i still would like hard evidence before i would believe someone telling me that they found alien life
74: yes
82: i dont really have a fav day of the week
83: for the most part yes
84: it can be fun to watch sometimes but its hard to enjoy it when its usually so clearly fake
100: pretty sure the question got cut off lol
i dont really have any specific words i live by

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25 28 36 & 97

25) What never fails to turn you on? Neck kisses.

28) What makes you feel the happiest? Shopping with my friends

36) Online shopping or shopping in person? In person

97) Is there anything you’re really passionate about? My friends

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“So, is there anyone you’re secretly crushing on?”

▌🌟 @milagrosloera 🌟 ▌

🌠. A moment which passed, a moment in which she paused all of her actions - she was actually, quite unsure of how to answer such a question - she hadn’t had any ROMANTIC feelings or intentions towards anyone since, well, since she was in high school (perhaps it’s due to her lack of friends that she had failed to make this year) turning her head away, her lips purse together in a form of thought and hesitation. ❝No, I don’t tend to like a lot of people.❞ came her reply, in a mumbled mutter, she continued. ❝which in turn, probably makes me unlikable.❞

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25. 28. 39. 40. 90. 92.

25. What never fails to turn you on?

Figure it out ;)

28. What makes you feel the happiest?

Well, there’s this girl a state or two over that makes me pretty happy. I’m pretty sure you know her ;) I’m a sucker for a good book. I’m very fond of a playlist someone recently made me <3 

39. Are you a competitive person?

I can be competitive, but not majorly?

40. Do you believe in aliens?

I haven’t ruled them out just yet.. XD

90. Ass or titties?

Both. Both are good ;) 

92. How do you feel about tattoos?

Love them. Want a few of my own, actually. Still haven’t figured out what, though… 

Send me “burn” to see my character set someone on fire in cold blood!

RIP Wyvern Rhadamanthys 
you will be missed but probably not by Hades.


❄— ⊰ Gяєαтєѕт є¢ℓιρѕє !


The Judge should be thankful that Hades chose to punish him this way. It was fitting for the human, the  ‘dragon’  that burned in the flames the  SUPERIOR  had ignited. 

Failure was not an option when it came to being a Judge of the Underworld. It only took  a little bit  to make Hades’ mood to turn sour. If they failed their mission, then they should not return. No one would want to face Hades’  merciless  punishment.

It provided entertainment to the  twisted god  as he watched the flames dance from where he sat. The emperor chuckled and thought that he should strip the Wyvern of his  ‘Judge’  title next because of the disappointment. He had his hands folded on his lap and there was a cruel smile on the god’s face.