Monsta X: when you hug them and say "I'm so thankful to be with you"

Shownu:  is taken aback when you hug him at all, since he really wasn’t it expecting it. He’ll squeeze you tightly and smile to himself, asking you if everything is alright. When you respond and tell him that you’re thankful for him, he’ll burst into a grin and pull you into an even tighter hug. He’s not the best with being vocal about his emotions, but he won’t let go of you and shows you how much that meant to him.

Wonho:  he’s in such a hazy and pleasant state, that he won’t be able to respond for a couple minutes. He’d just hold you and let you shower him with affection, but he really can’t tell what it’s all for. He’ll pull back slightly and smile at you, in awe of how easily you take his breath away. “I’m more lucky and thankful to have you, love…I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I haven’t met you. Promise me, we’ll stay together forever, yeah?”

Minhyuk:  he’s gonna pick you up and spin you around until you’re both a dizzy and giggling mess on the couch. While never letting his eyes off yours, he’ll take your hands in his and search your face for something, as if he’s wondering if you’re being genuine and not just saying this out of nowhere. Will surprise you by suddenly pressing his lips against yours, and sighing when finally pulling away. “I love you. More than anything. I’m so blessed to have someone like you.”

Kihyun:  like Hyunwoo, he’d be confused at your sudden burst of affection, and pull away to ask if you’ve gotten yourself in trouble or ate his favorite snacks. He’ll laugh when you tell him off and that you were just trying to be romantic, and he’ll apologize in embarrassment while holding you tight. “I know, I’d be thankful to have me too. But I guess since I can’t clone myself, I’m glad it’s you who I get to share myself with.’

Hyungwon:  will wrap his tall limbs around yours without really needing a reason to, and doesn’t question why you’re suddenly being so cute. He’ll chuckle and rest his head on top of yours, rocking you both back and forth until you hit him with those words…and man he feels like he’s gonna burst in tears. Tries really hard not to fanboy in front of you bc his stomach is full of butterflies and he can do nothing besides kiss you and returning the affection.

Jooheon:  squeals of joy when you wrap your arms around his waist and bury your face in his shirt. Is gonna squeal even more when you tell him that you’re thankful for him, since he’s always felt like you were a miracle when you walked into his life so he should be the one thanking you. Cups your face in his hands before squishing them and kissing your lips, telling you that you never fail to make him happy and thankful.

I.M:  turns really serious all of the sudden, I think this would hit him pretty hard unlike some of the rest. He’ll hug you back and not pull away, but he’d still think about if he’s done something to make you act like this. Goes into a full speech about how you’ve changed his life, and that he’s always thinking of ways to be a better boyfriend, since he feels like he doesn’t deserve you. Good luck trying to not cry tbh.

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SoapLife (Weeks 11 & 12)

Week 11

Wednesday March 15th

Liv’s expelled when she hits Josh after he humiliates Gabby on social media… how will Robert cope with the wayward teen? 

Thursday March 16th 

When Robert learns that jailed Aaron’s taking drugs, and fails to make him stop, he turns to drink… then Rebecca! 

Friday March 17th

Robert regrets his actions with Rebecca and begs her not to tell Aaron.

Chas fumes when she returns home and learns that Faith is working behind the bar at The Woolpack and that Aaron is taking drugs.

Week 12

Monday March 20th

Chas and Robert have news for Aaron. 

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[Don’t Wanna Cry Series] Woozi ver.

Prompt: Don’t Wanna Cry -Jihoon
Genre: Angst
Word count: 772
Warnings: None!

A/N: Ohmygoshhhh I need to stop getting carried away every time I write about Jihoon HAHAHA. Wahhhh but I hope you all like this story, and hopefully I make sense also! And here are the songs I wrote about in the drabble! Do check them out!

Month of June | Downpour |

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino |

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This wasn’t the first time Jihoon cancelled your date at the very last minute. You were already seated at your favourite spot at a cafe near the Pledis building, with a cup of warm vanilla latte in front of you.

You were upset that you were left alone to finish the cup of coffee, but more than that, you were furious, enraged at your boyfriend.

Perfect, you were near his workplace. You thought. It was time to give him a piece of your mind.

“Jihoon, we’re over.” You simply said, the moment you set foot into his studio.

There was barely a reaction from the male sitting in front of you. He seemed somewhat lost, but mostly irritated, probably by the fact that you interrupted his work flow.

He took off his headphones, before shooting you yet another agitated look.

“What are you talking about?”

You shut your eyes and took in a deep breath. No matter what happened, you must not get angry. Jihoon was still someone you loved, and you didn’t want to hurt him at all costs.

“Jihoon, you cancelled on our dates countless times, and you always give me the same reason - work. I understand you’re really dedicated to your job and all, but the fact that you can’t even afford time to take a 2 minute walk to the cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee with me makes me feel as though you don’t even care about this relationship.”

For the past year that the two of you dated, this was the first time you saw Jihoon looking so furious. It was as if your words triggered a fuse in him, and he looked like he was about to blow any minute.

“Well then (y/n), if you’re not going to show consideration for my job and what I love to do for a living, then I’m perfectly fine with calling it quits with you. ”

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Title: Killer thighs
Word Count: 1,600+
Summary: Jeon Jeongguk was a cop, one of the best. Then he met with Park Jimin, and a dangerous game began.
Author’s Note: I saw Jimin’s tight and shiny leather pants in the Not Today MV & live broadcasts, and my Jiminandhisstrongthighsareperfect!!!4!!4!-feels came back with full force….. so this silly fic was born~ Watch out for swearing and some sexual tension, aaaand— yeah, I think, that’s all. Enjoy! ^.^

“Finally. I found you, Park Jimin,” Jeongguk’s voice is relieved and nervous at the same time, and Jimin’s heart throbs at the familiarity.

It’s been a while, a few months since he has seen the man who has those dark, round eyes with endless determination flaming in them what never fails to make Jimin’s breath stutter. He turns around on his heels, and feels with a spark of twisted satisfaction jolting down his spine that the man’s eyes are glued to his bottom. Seriously, stealing these skin-tight, shiny leather pants was a glorious idea, they hug his lower body perfectly, emphasizing his thick thighs and round ass.

“Ah, Jeongguk-ssi, what a nice surprise to see you again! How are you doing? I heard the news,” Jimin smiles sweetly at the man, voice carefree and melodic, warm brown eyes sparkling with some emotion close to pity. He takes a few steps towards Jeongguk, not even a bit hesitant, and Jeongguk glares at him threateningly, however, he stays still. “I heard you had lost your job. You’re no longer working as a cop.” The emotion in Jimin’s gaze is different now, it’s clear amusement, they are standing toe-to-toe, and Jeongguk wants to punch his pretty face hard.

“It’s your fault,” he spits instead, pouting his bottom lip out stubbornly, and crosses his arms, veins bulging under his smooth skin. He wasn’t able to catch Park Jimin, the infamous thief who prefers to rob the elites of Seoul, and after one too many fails, after one too big mistake, Jeongguk had got kicked out of the police station.

“Is it?” Jimin’s smile turns into a smirk and his long eyelashes flutter while reaching one hand out and running ticklish fingers up the ex-cop’s arm. The man shivers but doesn’t pull away. It’s always difficult when he sees Jimin after a long time, because the beauty overwhelms him, again and again and again, and suddenly it’s complicated to remember how to function properly.

“Well, I’m not sorry at all, Jeonggukie. I always had thought that that job is too stressful and strict, it was not good for your health. Now you can finally relax and enjoy your freedom, am I right? Also, you shouldn’t frown this much, you’ll have wrinkles,” Jimin giggles, his short thumb is drawing slow, soft circles on the man’s cheek. It’s teasing, Jeongguk knows, and even though the tiny hairs on his nape are standing and Jimin’s touch wakes fire and goosebumps in its way, he doesn’t slap the caressing hand away. It would be equal to admit defeat, and Jeongguk would rather die than to do that.

“I can’t relax and enjoy anything till I put you in jail,” he grunts through gritted teeth, his jaw tightens, and his sentence makes Jimin’s eyes glow.

“Hmmm~ Someone’s obsessed with me, it seems,” his lips stretch into an even wider grin, and he wets them, licking the plump flesh lazily. Jeongguk follows the motion of the pink little tip of tongue with darkening eyes. “Y'know, we know each other for so long, and I still can’t decide if you want to capture me or fuck me, though,” Jimin continues, watching the ex-cop’s expression intently.

“Preferably both,” Jeongguk croaks, his mouth feels dry and throat too narrow, and as soon as he realizes what just escaped his lips, he feels his cheeks heating up. His palm is clammy with sweat and his stomach is churning when Jimin starts laughing, voice loud and sugary.

“Woah! How greedy.” Once he calms down, Jimin bites in his bottom lip with a smug smirk playing on it. “I’m truly sorry, Jeonggukie, but I have no intentions to go in jail. Not today.”

“It’s not your choice, Jimin. If you don’t collaborate, then I’m going to use force,” Jeongguk snorts, knitting his eyebrows together while pulling out his revolver with his right hand.

“Oh no~ I’m shitting myself, baby,” Jimin chuckles, and Jeongguk’s sweaty left hand balls into fist. “Also, I’m ‘hyung’ to you, call me with respect.”

“Respect?!” Jeongguk echoes disbelieving, the revolver pokes Jimin right in the heart. “It’s a game to you; you think it’s all just a game, isn’t?” He hisses, and Jimin takes a step back because of the intensity in his eyes.

“Of course it is. It never was more, the only one who takes it way too seriously is you,” Jimin replies, and grabs the weapon with both hands. His hands are small and soft, barely wrapping around the revolver. “C'mon, Jeonggukie, put this thing away. We both know that you can’t do it. You can’t shoot me, because you have a big, big, big weakness.” The cop’s eyes widen and Jimin lowers his voice till it’s barely above a whisper, ”Me.”

He pries off Jeongguk’s frozen fingers of the metal, takes the gun away and empties it, bullets falling on the ground with a loud clinking sound. Jimin throws the revolver away with an elegant flick of his wrist, the glint in his eyes tells Jeongguk that he is enjoying the situation. Jimin always enjoys toying with him – because he knows that he can do it. Fury wakes in Jeongguk’s belly at the thought and he fishes his butterfly-knife out of his pocket. Today is the day when he’s going to march in the police station with a passed-out Park Jimin in his arms, and he’s going to get his job back. Today is the day when he’s going to wipe that cocky and confident smile off of Jimin’s face. Today is the day when he’s going to finally win.

“Alright then,” Jimin sighs and grabs his butterfly-knife as well. “I can see that you aren’t gonna let me leave this place without a little exercise— so, let’s dance then!”

They know each other’s moves too well. It indeed looks like a well-practiced dance, throwing punches, swirling around and stabbing the air with the knives – but always missing the target. Maybe on purpose, maybe not. Their knives are clashing, the echoes ring out as they try to kick and cut the other. Jimin is smaller than him, lighter and thinner, but he is quick and surprisingly strong, and when after ten minutes of fighting full with fruitless attempts at hurting each other, he slams Jeongguk down the cold floor, the ex-cop’s breath runs out of his lungs from the power. Jimin sits on Jeongguk’s chest, seemingly comfortable in his position, his thighs which are covered with shiny and tight leather are on each side of the man’s head, and grins down at the panting Jeongguk triumphantly.

“You know that I could choke you with my thighs right now, if I wanted to? Or crush your handsome little skull?” He smiles so bright, his eyes turn into tiny crescents, and he can feel under his butt that Jeongguk’s heart speeds up in his chest at the sight.

“That would be an honor,” Jeongguk forces a smirk onto his lips. Jimin’s grip is painful on his wrists, the knives are out of reach, the weight of the older man is pining him to the ground and the muscly thighs are holding his head in a vice. “I’ve always wanted to die between your legs, Jimin hyung.” The honorific sounds like mocking, and Jimin laughs wholeheartedly.

“You could do so many better things between my legs, baby.”

“Please share your ideas with me,” Jeongguk smiles back a bit flustered, Jimin’s laughter never fails to entertain him. He wants to keep the thief distracted until he can make a plan and find a way to either grab one of the knives or take the handcuffs out of his pocket, to finally put an end to this 'game’ with Jimin.

Jimin shifts his position and leans closer. His body is warm and heavy against Jeongguk’s, his plush lips are only millimeters away from Jeongguk’s chapped ones, and the younger man can feel the blood rushing to his cheeks even faster as the other’s minty, hot breath is fanning over his flushed skin.

“Instead sharing, what about showing you those ideas, hmm?” Jimin’s voice is dripping honey and Jeongguk can’t breathe. “I picked a really cute little handcuff from your pocket a few minutes ago, while you were too immersed in our 'dance battle'… So why don’t we put it into good use? I’m not going to jail today, but at least the other one of your wishes could come true, Jeonggukie,” Jimin winks, shamelessly licking his lips again, the handcuff is swirling around one short, chubby finger of his.

Jeongguk swallows so hard, it kind of hurts. His whole body kind of hurts. He looks into Jimin’s eyes and his heated gaze tells the other what he thinks about the offer.

Jimin closes his eyes and lets out a trembling exhale. Jeongguk is 99,99% sure that he really is going to die between these gorgeous legs someday. But until then, with a sudden flex of muscles he shoves Jimin away harshly, giving in all his gathered strength, and reaches for the handcuffs fast and desperate. They are struggling on the floor, pushing and striking every part of the other’s body while trying to acquire the handcuffs. Jimin uses his flexibility to bend his body into impossible positions as the combat continues (which might or might not makes Jeongguk salivate, but only just a little bit), and Jeongguk uses his physical superiority to overcome the thief. Jimin’s breathing is heavy, silky pink hair is a mess, there is a thin layer of sweat gleaming on his flawless tan skin, and his cheeks are rosy red when the ex-cop finally pins him to the ground. Jeongguk feels the tingles of sick pride running down his spine at the thought that he caused Jimin to look like this.


The handcuffs close around a wrist with a metallic sound, and the bare walls around the two men are echoing it, Jimin’s breathless giggles mix in.

“So, now what?”

'Well…’ Jeongguk thinks while slowly but steadily getting lost in deep, warm brown eyes glistening with excitement, '…fuck.’

Yêu [Suga]

{{ verb // to love romantically }}

You don’t have to say I love you to say I love you.

Fluff. Slice of Life AU. 2,103 words.

➵ inspired by Troye Sivan’s for him.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

I love you.

It is a mere common-place, frequently used phrase made up of simply three words, eight letters, two spaces, yet it never fails to make your cheeks turn pink, your eyes turn into crescents, and your lips turn into a smile.

Especially when it comes from your boyfriend.

Yoongi is sleeping soundly next to you as you look at him fondly, tenderly grazing your fingers across the apples of his cheeks and smoothing out the stray strands of his hair. He looks so innocent, dark eyelashes that frame his sleepy eyes now laying softly on his cheeks and a smile barely there on his lips. You gently trace your fingertips over his features and stop abruptly when his nose scrunches up. He lets a quiet snore escape between his teeth, and you giggle softly.

You love him with every fiber of your being, heart, and soul.

And while he rarely expresses the sentiment to you, you know he loves you just as much.

After all, Yoongi is the one who taught you that there are different ways to mean I love you.

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Watch Me

Title: Watch Me

Parings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,530

Warnings: PURE SMUT! Like absolutely nothing but teasing Dean smut

A/N: This came to me late one night after watching too many con videos. The end makes me laugh out loud every time, not gonna lie. Yeah I think that about covers it! As always feedback is appreciated and my ask box is always open. Tags at the bottom. Stay awesome everyone <3

 Thank fucking god, you thought to yourself as you heard the boys walking past your Bunker room door to their rooms. You’d been waiting what felt like ages for them to finally go to bed. Your room was a little too close to the library for comfort and you were always super paranoid when you had your “alone” time.

You went to your dresser and reached to the back of your underwear drawer grabbing your favorite new toy. A vibrator dildo combination that you absolutely loved. You popped in the batteries as you turned back to your bed, slid your panties to the floor and stepped out of them getting into bed. As you sat down you lifted your shirt and threw it to the ground.

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Handsome But Shy

Anon: Hi lovely, could you do a Soorin scenario where the reader calls him handsome as a nickname (e.g. greeting him like ‘hi handsome’) and it’s just all very cute and fluffy and he gets blushy, up to you really! Thank you so much 💕

Luda x Reader - Fluff 

Soorins mum welcomed you into her house, you gave her a prompt hug and asked her how she was before she informed you that Soorin was in his room as usual. You knocked on his door before slipping into his room, he was lying on his bed playing a game on his phone “Hi handsome” He put his phone down and looked at you, you noticed a small blush appear on his face which made you smile. He sat up when you sat on the bed next to him “What were you doing?” He locked his phone and moved to sit behind you so he could bind his arms around you. “I was just playing a game” You nodded your head and glanced around his room, it was surprisingly tidy today “Did you clean your room for me?” You giggled as he nodded his head “You always complain!” You patted his hand “Because you’re messy” He rolled his eyes and fell back “You sound like my mum” You twisted around and hauled him to sit up so he could encircle his arms around you again. 

Soorin was on his phone playing games over your shoulder and you were scrolling through Instagram as you rested against this chest “Soorin?” He hadn't heard you has he was too absorbed in his game. “Handsome?” You held the bottom of his face and got him to look at you, he had an adorable blank expression on his face. You giggled and pecked his nose “Let’s do something!” He put his phone away to give you all his attention “Like what?” You glanced around the room and hummed thinking of something to do “I don’t know” He chuckled and drew you to lie down with him “We could sleep” You gave him an unimpressed look and perched up “Come on handsome, let’s watch a movie!” The nickname you had given him since you both began dating never failed to make him smile. 

You turned on his tv and looked through his selection of DVDs “Why do you never have anything I like?” He got off the bed and walked towards you “Because you always take them home” You twisted around and encircled your arms around his waist, he cupped your face but didn't do anything else “Are you going to kiss me or?” You giggled at how shy he was “Don't be shy handsome” He gazed into your eyes before abruptly letting go of you and picking a random movie “This is what we’ll watch!” You shook your head and sat on the bed “Handsome” He came over and sat in front of you, you being someone who’s daring cupped his face and kissed him. He gave you a shy smile when you pulled away “Stop being so shy” He nodded his head and enclosed his arms around you once again before he pressed play.



“Do you really think I’m handsome?”

a/n short and sweet and I’m not wrong! thanks for reading ♥

anonymous asked:

Headcannons on what languages other than Japanese that Kuroo, Oikawa and Iwaizumi find most attractive and if the immediate reaction if they found out that their s/o spoke them fluently? Love your blog!!

Random oversharing fun fact I have a Thing for accents

Hindi. He was amazed his partner could speak more than one language, fluently at that. Despite not understanding what they’re saying (he’s convinced they’re either swearing at him or saying the cheesiest, sappy things), he loves hearing them talk.

French. The first time he heard his partner speak it, he went stiff and blushed. Unfortunately for him, they like to speak French often after seeing his reaction. It never fails to make his face turn red, but he can’t feel annoyed with them.

Portuguese. He denies liking his partner speaking it as much as they do, to their amusement. They make a habit of whispering random things into his ear as they pass him in school since it makes him blush. In private though, they can speak as much as they want.

Riot Girl

A/N: Totally unrequested. Inspired by @chemicalimagines’s soccer!reader and punk! Gerard. Idk. It’s fluff.

Word Count: 1220

Warnings: A couple of soccer bitches? Thas it?

#7, the angry defender, and her pal #16, smashed into you from either sides, making you lose your footing and the ball while you were at it. Luckily, the other forward, your best friend, swooped in and got it. She was about to take her shot when #7 from the other team blindsided her, tackling her to the ground and out of bounds.

“Card! CARD! Are you fucking blind?” you yelled, scrambling to get up from where you laid. Your swift legs stalked over to where the asshat #7 and y/b/f lay on the ground. Y/b/f was in serious pain, holding her ankle in distress. Two of your teammates came and started helping her off the field, so it was up to you to confront the bully who was somehow not getting fucking carded.

“What is your problem?” you shoved my finger in #7’s chest, getting up in her face. “You’ve been targeting us the whole game, are you trying to get us hurt?”

“Speak for yourself you fucking bitch!” She huffed, shoving you backwards into another teammate of yours who came to back you up. You noticed both your teams were starting to come over and gather around us. “You landed on McKenzie!”

“She grabbed my hair and pulled me down with her!” You protested, resisting the urge to shove her back. #7 frowned deeply, nearly growling when she took you by the shoulders and dug her fingernails into your already marked up skin. “Get off!” You yelled, squeezing her wrists and pulling them down and off you.

Just then a ref grabbed your arm, dragging you out of the crowd. “Who the fuck do you think you are, young lady!” He scolded you, digging in his pocket. Why were all refs like this?

“Ref, y/b/f just got blindsided and got her ankle fucked up and she doesn’t even get a direct kick penalty?” You threw your hands in the air, enraged at the fact that you knew what was going to happen. This was the first time it had ever happened.

He held up the red card, making the people in the stands boo even more loudly than before, although you’d forgotten they were even there. You scoffed in disgust, dropping your hands and head in defeat. You turned on your heel to walk back to the bench but snapped your attention towards the stands when you heard that oh-so-familiar voice.

“Fucking bullshit ref! She didn’t do a fucking thing, the giraffe over there shoved her! Fucking card her!” Your boyfriend, Gerard, shouted from the stands along with his best friends and brother, who joined in as well.

“Card her!”

“Y/N doesn’t deserve it! Card seven!”

“Yeah, off the bitch!”

You hid a smile underneath your hand. Frank never failed to make you laugh. The ref turned to them, cupping his hands to use as a microphone to yell at the only black spot in the sea of our bright school colors. “Young men if you cannot conduct yourselves in a respectful manner I can have you removed from the grounds!”

“Aw, guess that means I can’t streak today huh? Damn it’s fantastic weather for the balls to hang free, you know my man?” Gerard sighed to Frank, pretending to be defeated.

Frank stuck out his bottom lip, looking towards the ref. “Yeah, ref! We’ve been looking forward to this a while. It’s our favorite soccer pastime!”

You giggled, raising a hand in a thumbs up as you made your way over to the bench, where you’d stay for the rest of the game. But you didn’t mind. You knew what you did was right, and that everyone would support you for it.


“She said it’s broken,” you sighed, flicking your tongue up to let the chocolate ice cream curve into a swoop. “She’s done for the rest of the season. So am I.”

“Me too,” Gerard grinned, interlocking your spare hands together while licking up the melted vanilla ice cream that dripped down the cone and onto his fingers. “They said that we’re a new record for game time disturbances, and that we can’t come anymore. But I know Doris loves how supportive I am of you, so she’ll let me in.”

The corner of your mouth perked up. “Doris is a sweetie. But you’re lucky she’ll even do that. I bet if she wasn’t friends with your grandma-”

“Alright, alright, I get it,” he rolled his eyes, taking another mouthful. You resisted the urge to tell him not to do it because you knew it was no use; he would do it anyway. Dumbass must like brain freezes. “I just need to dial it down a bit, I guess.”

You chuckled. “No, I’m the one who needs to dial it down a bit. It almost turned into a fist fight.”

“You’re too nice to get into a fist fight. You’d hit the girl then apologize, but probably hit her again. And apologize. It’s an endless circle,” he sighed, letting go of your hand to throw his arm up. “‘Fuck you!-Sorry. Eat a dick!-Oh, gosh, I didn’t mean it. Kiss my ass!-Please accept my sincerest apologies, kind sir-”

“Okay, okay! I get it,” you giggled, covering his mouth, as he was attracting attention. “I apologize a lot. I get it.” You paused, thinking about the next morning. “What’s gonna happen tomorrow? Soccer is the only reason people like me and if I don’t have that-”

It was his turn to cover your mouth, silencing your little anxiety-fueled rant. He made sure you were gonna shut up before lowering his hand back to the table. “Don’t you worry your pretty little face about that. Me and the boys…we’re working on something to fix it.”

You scoffed, shaking your head. “Gerard, you know there’s nothing-”

“You just wait, babe,” he grinned mischievously. “You just wait.”


It’s been a week since the incident of the soccer game, and now prom was a few days away. For some reason, Gerard hadn’t given you a promposal yet. Granted, he was your boyfriend and he didn’t have to, but he always loved spoiling you and showing off the fact that you were his girl.

It was lunchtime, and you was walking back from the food area from getting a spoon when a soccer ball rolled towards your feet. You stopped it and picked it up, reading the inscription on it.
“You always get me out of trouble, now it’s my turn. Welcome back to the team.
P.S. The promposal is coming, don’t you worry your pretty little face.”

You looked up at Gerard, who was standing with his friends and your team, who were all smiling at you. “I-I’m back?” You stuttered, studying all their faces, searching for a hint of a lie.

Our coach walked through the sea of players. “Damn right you are, y/n/n. Goth boy here and his buds sent a video of the ref to the state sports association and they thought it wasn’t right. So you’re back!”

You were ready to bust into happy tears, and ran up to Gee, jumping onto him and wrapping your legs around his waist before lifting his chin up in a dimension altering kiss.


Sequel? Maybe?

bare your fangs

And no one is surprised I wrote this. Kuroshou for your depraved lil hearts. Can also be read over on AO3. Enjoy~

Kuroo’s breath is heavy when finally manages to catch Daishou alone. The gymnasium is a big one and Kuroo’s been wandering around the empty halls with a storm cloud hanging over his head, eager to take his anger and frustration out on the captain of Nohebi like he usually always does whenever they happen to be in the same vicinity.

It’s routine, this maddening circle they prowl around each other with their fangs bared. Daishou goes out of his way to get Kuroo intentionally worked up, pokes and prods at the too-sensitive places Kuroo tries to hide from him, but sometimes, Daishou’s face and that infuriating smirk of his is just enough to have Kuroo absolutely seething.

Today just happens to be one of those days.

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just-chats  asked:

Himuro, Hanamiya, Mibuchi, Kageyama, & Kenma blushing because of their s/o. Please & Thank you!

!! I’m on it, prepare for blushing cuties.

Himuro: The usually composed second ace of Yosen was awestruck. This wasn’t the first time he slept in the same bed as you, no. You both always alternate between each others houses, he’ll sleep in your room and go to school with you the next morning, and vice versa. But this, oh man, where could he start? The fact that you had slept in his jersey threw him off and he didn’t know what to do, let alone what to say about the situation. He felt his face heat up, and the tips of his ears grew pink in color. Okay, just stay calm, and gently wake them up.. Your eyelids flutter open at his gentle shakes and caresses, and with a yawn and a small whine, you give him a sleepy smile, wishing him a good morning. Blood rushed to his face, and in mere seconds, a bright blush covered his cheeks and he could’t help but fidget a bit where he stood. That’s it.. He’s a goner.

Hanamiya: He doesn’t blush easily, but he does get flustered. Hanamiya’s favorite hobby other than basketball, was teasing you. He always seemed to get a kick out of making you blush and hearing you whine his name, begging him to stop. Now this isn’t always in a sexual term, he just enjoys annoying you, just to see your reactions. There are times where he’ll be in public with you and will continue to bring up very embarrassing moments in the relationship and grin when you get upset. It’s just who he was. But if there was anything that could catch him off guard, without a doubt, it was your random confessions of love and adoration. The sweet, genuine smile you’d give him, along with the “I love you, Makoto” never failed to make him turn away from you, his brows furrowed and his sentences and words incomplete.

Mibuchi: A complete gentleman, on and off of the streets. Mibuchi is a kind and collected person, who doesn’t seem like the type to fluster easily. But the subtle touches you give him, the anticipation of a kiss, your body so close to his, no matter how calm and composed he may seem, he’s a blushing, nervous wreck by the end of it. Once, he leaned down for a kiss, and when you met him half way, you began whispering sweet things onto his slightly parted lips, and a sharp chill ran down his spine, his entire face began to flush and he had to pull away to stop himself from going crazy over it.

Kageyama: Kageyama is the easiest to fluster out of the entire bunch. A simple compliment or some praise, and he’s putty in your hands. When you arrive to watch him at practice, or to come see his games, he’s always a bit more confident a lot more vocal on the court with his team, but it’s when you give him praise for all of his hard work, for remaining strong and doing everything in his power to help his team make it to victory, that he really stutters over everything he says, not knowing how to reciprocate all of the kind words you’ve given to him. He often gets laughs from Tsukishima and Tanaka, along with a comment to “Speak Japanese”.

Kenma: Physical. Contact. That’s all I have to say. Holding his hand, pressing loving kisses to his forehead and to his cheek, hugs, cuddling, playing with his hair, you name it. Depending on how intimate the situation is, the more he blushes. Once his partner sneezed, and Kenma checked to see if they were okay, and with a smile they said thank you and pressed a loving gave him a kiss on his cheek, causing his ears and cheeks to turn pink and he hides his face in his PSP, curling up on the couch more so than he already was and continuing to pay his game, hoping they couldn’t see the nervousness on his face.


i wanted to write something for pensversusswords to cheer her up and she asked for fluffy mermaid au

hopefully this is fluffy enough, despite all the stuff that crept in xD

Sunlight glints off the surface of the water the way it does off the scales of the schools of fish that flit by under the surface.

Steve peeks out over the waves, checking in every direction for indication of lurking predators or signs of humanity, but this isle is one of the few places where it’s still rare to spot a human. Most of the land meets the water in sheer cliff faces, but there’s a small cove that lines up with the setting sun where fine white sand fades into steep jungle. To one side water flows down the cliff face under winding strands of ivy. Colorful birds are frequently visible there tipping their heads back after filling their beaks with water.

It’s a special place, made all the more special by the fact that it’s where Steve spends his time with Tony.

The sky overhead is a pure, solid blue, broken only by the blinding circle of the sun. Steve makes his way to the beach and swims into the shallows, where the water turns to a beautiful electric blue. When he can’t swim any farther, he uses his arms to pull himself up onto the sand, just far enough so that the water’s edge laps at where his scales fade to skin. He stretches out, long as he can, and savors the heat of the sand against his back.

“Now that’s a sight I’ll never get sick of,” a voice purrs and Steve pushes up onto his elbows.

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Headcanon/Theory: Rivamika

Warning: a far-fetched, (but not that far—okay it’s really far) thinky thoughts of mine. Shipper goggles are definitely on on this one, or I just really really need someone to make a fic based on this. /cries (I’m a sucker for Thug!Levi and Young!Mikasa chance meetings)

(If you’re a hater, strolling through the Rivamika tag, I suggest that you don’t read this jfc)

Ever wonder how weak, 9 year old Mikasa, managed to do this?

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kudarakun  asked:

awe yir an open ask box! Could you please do a scenario with the precious tsundere Shin-chan having an over-affectionate s/o who just embarrasses him at any chance she gets with hugs, kisses and lewd comments just to see him become a stuttering blushing mess? (I am a thirsty girl for dat tsun ØwØ)

who isn’t thirsty for that tsun

Dating her was a nightmare, Midorima was positive of it. Every single day since asking her out, he’s gone to bed utterly exhausted by your energy. It was boundless, as if there were a new reserve for energy built overnight. It was especially bad when you were in need of physical affection. As if being told he was ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘moe’ (whatever the hell that meant) was bad enough, it was when she wanted a kiss or a hug…or more…that was especially bad. 

No sense of shame, he always complained about it to her. She always spoke freely of what should be kept a secret, grabbing his privates in public places, never failing to make his cheeks turn the rosy red she adored so much. Takao gets a good laugh every time she sneaks up behind him to grab his ass, claiming that he should pull the rear cart to get a nice rear end like Takao. That statement never failed to rile him up. He would ask her if she liked Takao’s…er…rear…so much, then she could date him. Then she would tilt her head and say something that would make him blush profusely. 

“But you’re the one I love, Shintaro!” She was an irritating one, indeed. Tackling him in the hallways and kissing him in front of his team mates. Once he had happened upon her with her friends, describing in detail their recent debacle in the locker room after practice, which occurred only because she had driven him to it by putting on his extra jersey and parading around in it as he was changing, refusing to put pants on until he made her. This led to a romp in locker room that still makes him flush when he thinks about it.

“Shin-chan!” He can’t help but tense up when he hears the playful tone of her voice as he prepares for bed. He didn’t dare turn around. (First) was most definitely in her pajamas: a t-shirt and shorts that fit her very very well. He was as still as a statue as he felt hands wind around him, and lips at his shoulder blade. 

“We have school tomorrow, nanodayo.” 


“Not tonight, you fool. You’ve been complaining about your grades, haven’t you?” He could practically hear her pout. 

“Fine.” His shoulders relax as he believes she has given him, turning around to kiss her forehead, which he believed would calm her down. He’s instead met with a pair of soft, sweet lips over his, arms around his neck, (h/c) locks tickling his skin. She knew full well that when she kissed him, he forgets everything. 

Without another word, he lays her down on the bed, ignoring her knowing giggle and climbs on top of her, dipping down to kiss her neck.

Midorima stares vacantly at the ceiling as she sleeps beside him, naked and satisfied for the time being. He glances down at her, brushing a lock of hair away from her slumbering face, unable to help the softening of his features as her eyelashes flutter and she smiles, as if dreaming of something pleasant. She was insufferable, insatiable, embarrassing, and she got on his nerves like no one else. 

Yet somehow he wouldn’t trade her for anything. He realizes this again and again, every time she laughs, every time they kiss, every time they intertwine. Before he knows it, the corners of his lips turn up ever so slightly, and he presses his lips to her eyelid. 

“Such a fool, indeed.” 

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: KuroKen
A/N: because it’s (apple)pi day, white day, and @shizuos wanted some sad kuroo with a happy ending in commemoration of her last final exam

Kuroo’s knee shakes. 

It’s the nervous sort of tremor that he feels sometimes before an important match, before a particularly difficult exam. But it’s not the threat of a match defeat, not the threat of a failing grade that makes his stomach twist. Turn. Clench. 

Received From: Kitten
[text]: I can’t do this anymore.

He’d received it at midnight, thought Kenma had finally one upped him, had finally taken initiative. There had been a tinge of disappointment because he’d been planning a surprise visit just for this occasion, but his excitement was short-lived. And now all he can do is stare at the text, go over every letter like it would spell out something different than words pulsing on the screen to the beat of the drumming he’s put up with in his head. 

“You made new friends? So soon?” Kenma had asked, quiet during their first Skype call the night Kuroo settled into his new dormitory. “I guess it couldn’t be helped.”

“Hey. Not like you. No one could ever be like you.”

“If you say so.”

After the first party Kuroo had attended, Kenma had been equally withdrawn. Kuroo supposed he shouldn’t have drank as much as he did, shouldn’t have called Kenma without sobering up first, but he was happy. And when he’s happy, he calls the first person who reminds him what that feels like.

“I have to go to bed. Early practice tomorrow. Take some aspirin and water before you sleep.” Then Kenma had paused, and Kuroo could have sworn he heard the sadness behind the sigh. “I’m glad you had fun with your new friends.”

“Huh, wait, that’s not–” 

But Kenma had already hung up.

As Kuroo reaches Kenma’s door, chest heaving and legs burning, he doubles over to push air into his lungs. Clear his head. Finds words that would change Kenma’s mind, that would make the sting subside, make the prickle behind his lids disappear. He rummages in the potted plant to the right of the door, intent on finding the spare key, but before he can locate it, Kenma opens the door. Stares, his game clutched tightly in his hand before he makes to close the barrier. 

“Wait,” Kuroo says, a little desperate, wedging his foot to stop it. “Talk to me. Can you at least–” He exhales sharply, all preparation gone out the window. “Tell me why.”

Kenma shakes his head, blond strands swaying and acting like a curtain around his face. But even then Kuroo sees how sad he is, how defeated. And he wonders if he’s the reason. “It’s an out. I’m giving you an out.”

“I don’t want it.”

“You do,” Kenma insists, quiet. “You’re just too nice to say so. Too considerate to let me down. Too good for me and it’s time I realized it and stopped holding you back.”

“None of that is true! I wouldn’t have ran all the way from the train station if I wanted the out. If I didn’t feel like this is worth it. That you are worth it.”

“Stop it, Kuro.”

Kuroo maneuvers his foot so the door swings open and Kenma lets him, stands back to watch with fingers twisting, tangling. With practiced movement, Kuroo gently pries them apart, feels Kenma tremble with every kiss tracing each knuckle. “You are. And if you don’t want me, if you’re done – I’ll walk and I won’t come back. Because what you need, how comfortable you are – that’s what’s important to me. Even if I can’t be the one to make you feel how you make me feel.”

“How do I make you feel?”

Kuroo grins weakly, helplessly. “Happy.”

There’s a long silence as Kenma closes his eyes, swallows thickly enough that his Adam’s apple noticeably bobs. Then he’s kissing Kuroo, salt on their lips and Kenma falls into him. Makes him complete. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry– so stupid– I thought you’d forget me.”

Kuroo wraps his arms around him, tightens his hold. Whispers, “I can’t lose you. Blood is nothing without the heart. And you’ve already got mine.”

Kenma sighs and mumbles, “you’re never going to stop using that metaphor, are you?”

With a quiet chuckle, Kuroo tilts Kenma’s chin up just enough to press a kiss to stifle another coming sigh before he says, “nope. As long as it keeps bringing me back to you.”

Swimming Lessons [An Argo!AU Drabble]

I gave myself the feels and had to get this written. Argo!AU credited to the brilliant @cinensis – go look at his art. It is amazing.

Cut for length, not for content.

“Sis, it’s really important that ya don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

“I got it! Geez, you don’t have to keep telling me!”

“Okay, okay! Sorry!”

The zodiac slipped through the water as Badd took it out a small distance from the research vessel. The sun was shining bright in a perfectly blue sky, and he kept his eyes focused between steering the boat and watching out for his sister, who now, come to think of it, may have not needed two safety vests. Her arms were stuck out at her sides, unable to even put them down entirely. No harm in being cautious, though, right?

“Look, big bro!” she said excitedly, pointing west to a plume of wet air that shot high into the sky. From even far off, Badd could hear the blowhole exhale, and he saw a tail rise and fall.

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EXO React Their Girlfriend Wearing Their Clothes.




Suho would smile like a big dope because you were so damn cute in his over sized t-shirt.


Kai would stare at you without you knowing and once you finally did, he’d wink. Unembarrassed at getting caught staring.


Kris would see you and instantly want to cuddle with you, since you looked so warm and soft in his clothes.


Luhan would wink and smirk at you before having a very heated make out session with you.


Chen would tease you about how long the legs of his sweatpants were compared to your smaller and shorter legs.


Sehun would get annoyed with you wearing his clothes, because no matter what you chose, you always seemed to choose the shirt he was planning to wear the next day.


Chanyeol would be a big derp about it and make you get all flushed as he complimented you. He’d say cheesy stuff like  “You could wear anything and still look like a godess.” It never failed to make you smile


D.O would turn into a blushing mess, he wasn’t prepared to you in his clothes when he got home and he loved it.


Lay would really give a shit either way. He thought that you looked utterly gorgeous either way.


Xiumin would gaze at you as if you hold the entire universe in your eyes.


Baekhyun would absolutely love the sight of you in his clothes. The way your small body was hugged by his sweatshirt.


Tao would complain and say that you got your own clothes to wear. He’d never admit that he loves to see you walked the apartment in nothing but his shirt.

5sos preference 2 :: Your first Christmas with his family

Requested : Yes

Authors note : So the request was a Luke imagine, but I finished it really late and just decided to make it a preference for all the boys. I still used your plot for Lukes though, anon! I hope you guys like it! (:


Luke: Christmas songs were playing quietly through the car, and Luke’s thumb was tracing patterns on the top of your hand while the other was on the steering wheel. You could tell he was growing tired, having not knowing exactly where he was going. You two would probably be lost by now if it weren’t for  the map that sat open in your lap. “You got it from here?” You giggle at him, and he glances over at you, sending you a glare which was cancelled out by the lazy smirk playing on his lips. You just giggle, and he turns back to the road ahead of him. “Yeah, I do. We only have a little bit of time before we get to the cabin.” He mutters, just wanting to get off the road, and you nod, your focus on the white capped mountains that passed in blurs outside the frost covered window. This was your first Christmas spent with Luke, and you were currently on your way to a cabin that his family rented this year. Now, if it were just his mom, dad and his brothers, you’d be alright since you’ve met them many times before, but this time was different. His whole family was here this time, and to say that you were nervous was an understatement. You couldn’t stop thinking about how many ways you could mess up, and it had you on the verge of hysteria. You’ve never felt for someone the way you do for Luke, and you didn’t want to mess this up. You hadn’t known just how long you were looking out the window until you heard Luke whisper your name. “Y/n… we’re here love.” Your eyes come back into focus and the first thing you see is the cute looking cabin in front of you. It wasn’t too small, but it wasn’t overly big either. It looked like it would suit Luke’s family well. He was already holding your door open for you, his hand extended in front of you to help you out of the rental car.  You smile up at him, taking his hand and stepping out of the car and onto the gravel drive leading to the cabin. “It’s pretty, huh?” Luke smiles down at you, keeping our hand in his own as the two of you make your way up to the door. “It’s beautiful.” You nod. Once you’re in front of the door, you feel all of the nerves come rushing back to you in a tidal wave. Luke notices the look that comes onto your face and a worried expression falls over his. “(Y/n), love, are you alright?” He asks, turning you to face him. You can’t meet his eyes as you bite your lip, sighing. “I’m just really nervous, that’s all.” You say, watching your feet. Luke slowly brings your chin up to face him, showing you the warm smile and shimmering eyes that you’ve adored for the past year. “(Y/n), there’s nothing to worry about. Everyone will love you… I love you. I promise, once you walk in that door, all your worries will disappear.” Your worried expression soon changed to that of a happier one,  as you nod up at him. “I love you too, Luke.” His smile grows, and he takes your hand into his again. “Alright, then how about we make ourselves known.” He brings his hand up to knock on the door, and you’re met instantly with the smiling face of his mother, her smile only getting bigger when she saw the two of you. “Everyone, Luke and (y/n) are here!” She announces, and people came up to you, greeting you and wishing you a happy holiday, telling Luke that he chose a good girl. “I know I did, I chose the best.” He says, placing a light kiss against your temple.    

Ashton: You flatten your dress against you for the fifth time in a row, a nervous sigh leaving your lips as you looked at yourself in the mirror. As you were looking at yourself, you see a pair of arms sneak themselves around your waist and a curly mop of hair press itself into your neck, making you giggle. “You look gorgeous  as usual, babe.” Ashton mutters against your skin, placing a small kiss on your shoulder. You smile at his comment, laying your arms over his. “Thanks, Ash.” You blush, something a compliment from him never failed to make you do. He turns you in his arms so that you’re facing him, a wide smile on his angelic face. “I’m being serious, (y/n), you look fantastic. I love this dress on you.” He smiles, his eyes trailing down the dress you bought just for this occasion. Tonight, you were going to Ashton’s house to spend Christmas with his family for the first time in the two years you’ve been dating. You were nervous, but it was a feeling that couldn’t be helped. You got nervous over the smallest things, and this was no exception, even though you’ve met his family many times before.  You lean up, kissing his cheek and hugging him close to you. “I love you so much.” You say, smiling. He laughs, hugging you closer. “That was random, but I love you too, princess.” You let go of him, your facial expression turning serious. “I just wanted you to know how much I love you, and how important things like these are to me. Spending holidays with your family is something I want to keep doing for a really long time. I want to be with you… for a really long time.” You end your ramble, looking down at your feet, the blush on your cheeks deepening a shade. Ashton’s eyes were wide as he looked down at you, and he could feel his heart beat increase in his chest. He pulled you into him again, burying his head into the crook of your neck. You were shocked at the sudden gesture, but quickly melted into his arms, wrapping your own around his neck and pulling him closer to you. “I want to be with you for a long time too, love. Forever and a day.” He laughs into your neck, and you laugh with him. You two stayed in each others arms for a couple more minuets before you finally let go, pulling your phone from your purse and checking the time. “Fuck!” You curse, seeing that the two of you should have been gone and on the way to his families house fifteen minuets ago. “(Y/n), calm down, babe. We’ll make it on time, I promise.” Ashton cups your face, making you look at him. You sigh, nodding. “We have to leave now then, so you’re ready, right?” He asks, and you nod. “Good,” He leans down, kissing your temple and moving his hands from your face and down to your waist where he keeps them as he leads you down stairs and to the car. He opens your door for you, before walking to get into the drivers side. You turn on the radio to a Christmas station and  reach over, taking Ashton’s free hand in yours.  It was a short drive to the house, and Ashton was right, you arrived just in time. “Ashton, (y/n)!” His mom pulls the two of you into her arms, a joyous smile on her face. “Hi mum.” Ashton laughs, pulling out of her hug to smile at her. “Come inside you two, everyone is waiting to see you!” She moves aside, allowing the two of you to enter the house. People instantly came up to you and Ashton, and you weren’t surprised when you didn’t recognize many of the faces. Ashton’s arm stayed firm around your waist, holding you to his side the entire time you were talking to his family and friends, and soon you found all your worries were over nothing.  

Calum: “So, you guys have been dating for how long now?” Another one of Calums family members asks, as you take a sip of the wine that his sister just poured for you. “A year and three months to be exact.” Calum answers, a wide smile on his face as his squeezes your hand in his. You blush, looking down at the vast amount of food in front of you. “That’s great to hear! You two are perfect together.” The older lady smiles, and you thank her kindly. This dinner wasn’t like every other you’ve had with Cal and his family, this one was different. There was far more people in the Hood house this time, many of which you didn’t know. You’ve been anxious about this day since Calum told you about it. You couldn’t help but feel like some how, the rest of his family and friends weren’t going to like you. Over the year you’ve been dating, you’ve become very close with his sister and his mum and dad because you get to see them a lot, but you were yet to meet some of his other friends from high school and other members of his family. The thought of them not liking you has been playing constantly in your head, and you felt almost sick to your stomach before coming to the dinner.  “(Y/n)? Love, what’s wrong?” Calum asked, coming into your shared room an hour before you were about to leave for the dinner. You were sat on your bed, clutching your stomach. “I just have a small stomach ache, that’s all.” You voice was low as you looked at the ground. You felt the bed next to you sink, and soon, you were pulled into Calum’s arms as he pressed a light kiss on the top of your head. “I can hear it in your voice that something else is wrong, babe. Tell me?” He asks, pulling you a bit closer to him. You sigh, leaning your head into his chest. “I’m so nervous and it’s making me feel sick.” Calum let’s out a small chuckle, and you pull away from him, one eyebrow raised in confusion. “Why are you nervous, (y/n)? It’s just some family and some of my old friends that I haven’t talked to in a couple years. There’s nothing to be nervous about.” He smiles at you. “That’s the thing, Cal. It’s not just some family and friends. They’re your family and friends, and I’m your girlfriend. I’m so anxious that they won’t like me, or that they won’t think that I’m good enough for you. I don’t want your friends and family to look at me and think, ‘Wow, Calum can do better’ because I’ve already thought that before.” When you finished talking, there were tears brimming in your eyes. Calum looked down at you, his eyebrows knitted together. “(Y/n), there’s no way they would think any of those things. I know that they’re going to love you, just like I do. You’re funny, intelligent, and you’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You’re perfect for me, alright? There’s no way in hell that I could ever do better than you. I don’t ever want you to think that again, princess. I love you so much.” You were pulled tightly into an embrace, and you felt Calum bury his head into your neck. “I had no idea you were so nervous…” He laughs a bit, an you nod. “I just want them to like me…” “They will,” He pulled out of the hug to kiss you softly. “I’m sure of it.” Now that you were at the dinner, surrounded by the family and friends you were so nervous to meet, you felt a bit stupid for being so worried. Everyone was nothing but kind to you, and wound up having an amazing night.   

Michael : .“Michael, (y/n)!” Michaels mom smiled widely at the two of you, pulling you both inside the house. “Hi, mum.” Michael laughed a bit at her enthusiasm, taking your bag off your arm and setting it on the couch. You looked around, admiring the Christmas decorations placed around their home. This year, you traveled with Michael to his familys house for Christmas. It wasn’t going to be anything big, it was just going to be you, Michael, and his mum and dad. His mom said that she wanted it to feel more intament, so she didn’t invite any other family, saying that she, “Wanted to meet Mikeys princess.” When the two of you were boarding the plane to fly there from America, the whole flight, you were a nervous wreck. You were worried that you would fly all the way there, only for Michael’s parent’s to not approve of you. It was something you were terrified over. You wanted his parents to like you, more than anything. Your parents love Michael, especially your dad. When he comes over, most of the time, the two of them sit in your living room, discussing the new video games that your dad bought. Michael always joked that he couldn’t wait for your dad to be his father-in-law,  which always made you blush. When you walking into the Clifford household though, you felt so at home already. Everything felt so safe here, and it was like all the weight was lifted from your shoulders. The only worry you had now was how his parents were going to like you. “So, (y/n), Michael tells us a lot about you!” His mom starts when you were all seated at the dinner table. “Oh really? Only good things, I hope." You say, and everyone begins to laugh, making you laugh too. "Well of course, there’s nothing bad to say about you, babe.” Michael states, taking your hand in his and giving it a light squeeze.  You could feel the nerves bubbling in your stomach again, and you closed your eyes, trying to fight them back. His dad asked you to tell them a bit about yourself, which you proceeded to do. You told them what you wanted to do with your future and how you were going to college right now. “Is Michael always going away on tour going to be hard for you to deal with?” His mom asks, and you take a sip of the wine in front of you before answering. “I don’t think it will be a problem. I mean, of course I’ll miss him like crazy while he’s gone, but I’ll be busy with school and my job, plus, I’ll know that he’s out there doing something he loves. I just hope that he’ll be able to talk to me or Skype me when ever he can.” You smile over at him, seeing a loving look across his face which you return. His parents turn to each other, a wide smile spreading across their face. “What?” Michael asks them, chuckling. They both turn to him, and his dad speaks. “The way you two look at each other is the way we look at each other." He states, reaching across the table to grab her hand. You swore you could see tears in her eyes. Michael's smile grows, and he brings your hand up to his lips, whispering, "I love you so much.” You looked at him, a bit confused. “What do they mean, Mikey?" You ask, your head tilted in confusion. He lets out a soft chuckle before replying. "They mean that we look at each other with a really strong love, the way they look at each other.” This brings a blush to your cheeks and a smile to your lips. You had a feeling that his parents liked you.  


Authors note: I’m sorry I finished this request so late, but I hope you liked it! I wanted to turn it into a preference to make up for doing it late and after Christmas. 

You can request you imagine/preference here!