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What do you think about episode 22?

It was an ok episode with some animation fails.

Nothing too good, nothing too bad.

The best thing about it was the flawless Black Lady.

She’s become my favourite version of Black Lady (same with Chibiusa), looks like Crystal is actually trying with Japan’s sweetheart.

BTW how dumb is it that they’re always keeping her in the shadows making her all ~mysterious~ trying to keep her identity/look as a secret until the next episode when we all could see her on the last episode?


Hey look I got another 10 frames done! I think if I can do 10 a day, I’ll be somewhat part way done with sketching within the decade xD

10 a day is the goal, but I wanna do it in batches of 10, 20, etc cuz it makes it nice and easy to animate and i don’t have to keep guessing which ones I need to do next. 

The only downside of tracing a magical girl transformation scene is that its all pastel colours and cosmic-y overlays so some parts are really hard to see/trace without having to adjust brightness/contrast or watch the clip a million times and slideshow the pictures to see whats what. 

oh well, its something to do in my spare time so can’t complain that hard.


I study 3D & Animation and for a couple of weeks ago we learned how to put texture on models with something called “Uv map”. That’s literally making a map of the model, put it in photoshop and draw face, clothes etc on it. I just got this brilliant idea and wanted to make Johnny Depp. I thought that I could just use a picture of him and apply it on the model easy as fuck. Well, he ended up looking like a weird italian. Sorry Johnny.. You are now Johnny Derp…