fail to decay

If words are empty outlines,
what need have we of these?
If they, like all of matter made,
simply fail & decay
from formerly vital being
Sans immaterial substance intangibly invested by valid veracity
- value imbued & (?) in inherent meaning -
If words stand as mere scrawls scribed idly
and neither inherit nor convey anchor of significance enduring
Then what vessel could or would- or should find guide in such vapid vanity?

Like rudderless, unanchored ships sail-
swept by waves or wind-tossed whim,
what thought or so-called teaching purported as truth has weight
& standard to hold course when
no universal, formless ideal absolute may
be believ’d or relied on as sure guidance?

If North, South, East, West are purely relative,
what point -unfixed- may serve as reference?

If here is there and thence is hence,
what use is there in terms’ fastening sense of distance?

If truth is merely relative to facts or point of view,
what of reality that facts & perspectives change enduring as truth?

—  introspection of perception