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that bpd feel when ur fp gets ur hopes up that u can see them today and then immediately is like “nvm i don’t wanna put the effort in even tho it would be comically easy to come see u” and u’ve already been having a shitty time and that sweet #rejection always helps with that hahahaha awesome 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

i can’t believe this y’all

mY DUDES MY SHITTY UNORIGINAL BLOG now has 200 followers what the HECK

reminder that i love all of you, and even tho my blog is small it’s much bigger than it should be because of all of you guys banding together to support me and my unoriginal content

thanks so much for following and i love you all so sO much talk to me at any time <33 

i’ll be taking some color pallette art requests to celebrate (i’ll probably leave requests open for the whole week) ALTHO it might take a while to get to them bc i’ve been very sick lately, as well as having the rest of my requests and projects i have to finish up! i’ll reblog the post in a sec <3 but anywho, i lov u guys a lot. i’m honestly surprised i got this far!! 

dasakuryo  asked:

why do I seem to be the only one that headcanons that Jyn and Cassian first kiss actually happens after Jyn did something ridiculously reckless (my mental scenarios vary, sometimes it involves Jyn getting injured, to various degrees of severity though nothing life-risking), and Jyn is like why do you care if I risk getting killed you do it 24/7 and Cassian just blurts out that's because he cares about her (he actually shifts and mutters that in Festian so Jyn is like ???)+

and it’s then that he cups her face and makes a move and perhaps they both lean in at the same time, perhaps he just brushes his lips against hers fearing she might not feel the same and as she doesn’t respond he’s 99.9 sure he screwed up but then she deepens the kiss and :DDD ♥.♥ sorry, rant over, I will retreat to my corner now lmao


i have the BIGGEST soft spot for cassian slipping into his first language when Romantic Feelings are involved, either thanks to nerves or it being slightly easier to articulate. and i def think they’d have some kind of Big Relationship Event after jyn does something dangerous, omg!!

faeflowr  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers! ♥

omg thank you lexi this is too cute <3

1. my eyes (they’re a dark green)
2. i’m not a fan of my lil thin white girl facial features BUT i like that my face is pretty proportionate i think??
3. ???? hair 
4. my music taste because i think i like a bit of everything! (but who doesn’t think their own music taste isn’t good tbh)
5. i think i can be a friendly person and i only seek to make people feel comfortable!!

i would send this back at ya but you’ve already done it :o i’m not here much atm so i don’t know who’s done this but i’m gonna send it to my faves!!

strong-bottle-of-jyn  asked:

Okay, so, here we go - ahem - the first time jyn and cassian kiss is sudden. Its unexpected, because they've been trying to avoid their feelings since, when since Scarif. BUT (I promise not to make this angsty) it's because cassian finds jyn in the cargo hold of his ship neck deep in KX Imperial Security droid parts attempting to repair it. She looks up at him grinning and cassian swears he's never seen her look so beautiful, covered in grease and oil. And he swoops in cups her face and they kis

(I ran out of room) so he swoops in and cups her face and kisses her, and clearly she’s surprised because she freezes under his touch and he pulls away suddenly, afraid he made the wrong choice, though an unconscious choice. So he pulls back and opens his mouth to say something, but finds his mouth covered by Jyn’s. They didn’t leave the hold, and once K2 2.0 was working they got to mortify him by telling him they banged in his parts (they didn’t that’s gross)