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do their relationships in game represent their relationships in the story ?? lmao im curious

pretty much!! rhea has maxed out both of her relationship bars with shiro, and is in the red with dante. benny hates keira and the only person in the ‘friends’ tab is rhea lolol. imani has no friendship with keira but full romance and full friendship with rhea & half with shiro. keira… has a lot of romance with a lot of people. shiro is ‘acquaintances’ with ben and keira :// he dk dante tho the only one who knows dante is rhea :^)

YOOOO!! hi everyone

It’s my first time doing a follow forever so please bear with me lol. Anyways, HELLO FRIENDS! This blog is fairly new compared to the OG VIXX blogs out here but I just want to THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for following and supporting this blog❤️️❤️️. This blog has changed so much since its conception™ (aha my first PUN) and I want to thank you all for staying With Me™. 

I made this blog as a joke but the more I watched VIXX, the more I fell in love with these 6 amazing dorks. I tried to learn how to make gifs (and I’m still learning) as a way to capture their artistry (wow such big words, AC) and to show that VIXX really does put 110% in whatever they do. I know I’ve been slacking with my usual “funny” content (sorry) but I’ll try my best to make up for it.

A group is nothing without its fans, and VIXX has some of the best fans I have ever met. These people run some of the best blogs filled with amazing art, quality memes™, and blessed gifs™. I hope its okay if I tagged you guys and once again, Thank you for being born™!!

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The realest mystic messenger headcanon (spoiler alert)

This is the headcannon nobody asked for but you’re welcome. We wrote it in the spur of the moment, and honestly, we’re pretty proud

• Too busy at rehearsals
• Can’t come

• Would’ve loved to come
• But retaking a class he probs failed
• Because LOLOL

• The fuck do u think
• She’s working
• She barely sleeps
• She ain’t got time for this bullshit

• He’s working too
• Dude he got a company to run
• Ain’t got time for you
• Only got time for Elizabeth III

• Bitch he’s locked up in his house
• He ain’t getting out
• He’s got governments to take down
• Vanderwood got a taser
• this is no joke

• Bitch he stuck in a hospital
• He’s craycray
• His craycray head ain’t got no room for u
• Only room for suffering

• He’s trying to get as far away from the RFA as humanly possible
• U r the RFA
• He tryna get away from u

• GUUURL she’s lost in Alaska for autism
• No one got her address remember
• How u gon contact someone with no address

• Boooi he’d love to do lovey dovey shit with u but a bit hard cos he’s very blind
• Also he got shot
• He dead
• Can’t attend no party


Bonus: MC
• Moment she got that sketchy ass text telling her to go to the sketchy ass apartment on her sketchy ass phone she chucked that phone and got a new phone
• Ain’t got time to host no parties
• She got a life
• she got bills to pay
• Places to be and people wondering where the fuck she is
• she got a last name
• she got eyes
• and some common sense
• ain’t doing jail time for breaking into someone’s apartment
• “I got mysterious messages” won’t hold up in court


I remembered to record myself drawing!  Wooo!  (I haven’t uploaded anything in forever, gaahhhhh, I fail at Youtube lolol)  Here’s how I did the lineart and coloring for this picture

(I hope you like my song choices!)


siyeon + pink!

tagged by the lovely @eunyeongchoi! this was cute and i loved pink hair!siyeon so much…. also, forgive me if i did anything properly…! OTL i’ve never made a moodboard so i didn’t even really know how to go about this…!!!! but it was so much fun!!!!!!

i tag whoever sees this/wants to do this! and if you do, tag me in it!!!! i want to see all your beautiful creations that will blow me out of the water!!!!

fantaken cr. view

What the actual fudge, Seven? Lolol.
I kept on laughing while making this but when I saw the result my laughter doubled! Lololol. MC’s imitating Gintoki’s funny face lol , her supposed to be help-your-bae-seven failed lolol what have I done? 😂 (The ice skating Seven did was actually from google. I just redraw it coz I thought of Seven lol)

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What is the cutest thing what MC thinks the RFA does or what does MC do what the RFA thinks is the cutest? Sorry if it's a dumb question

- zen’s favorite thing is the way mc sings absent mindedly to herself when she’s working

- yoosung thinks absolutely everything the mc does is adorable but his favorite thing is when the mc tries to sound menacing while playing LoLoL but failing miserably

- jaehee likes it when the mc doe a cute little yawn-and-stretch that shows a lil bit of their tum tum

- jumin loves the way mc sneezes. it reminds him of a kitten

- 707’s favorite thing is the mc’s corny jokes 

- v thinks it’s absolutely adorable when the mc practices photography on his cameras… there’s just something so cute about it to him!


so here’s what i’ve been doing instead of studying for my two big ass tests coming up tomorrow………