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I had about a half dozen 'requests' as I go through your archive, but I saw you mention the Tripods and sat bolt upright in my chair. I was going to ask about them after I hit your posts about the War of the Worlds! Anyway, I read those books as a teen in the mid-to-late 90s and I STILL have the anthology on my shelf, in the mid-to-late-2010s when I'm in my early 30s after about a dozen or so moves. I never saw the tv show or nuthin' but here I am. Witness me.

The John Christopher Tripods novels were great fun. I once heard the greatest definition of young adult literature ever: “a YA book is a book for adults that people actually read.”

I have wondered why Tripods haven’t been revived in some form or other, because this should be their moment of supreme pop cultural relevance: they’re dystopian post-apocalypse novels aimed at young adults with boy and teenage main characters rebelling against the system. 

After thinking about it some more, I think the tragedy here is that the taste for the young adult dystopia novel in the modern form is based around things that the Tripods doesn’t have, like girl heroes and love triangles.

In other words, because Tripods is a “boys’ series,” it could be a casualty of what librarians and educators call the “reading gap,” where girls are more likely to read novels than boys, and read for pleasure in general. This is a tragedy that goes way beyond one fandom for one novel series. I’m very worried about the “angry young man” in society, especially when it comes to how our educational system often fails boys who are labeled difficult or troublemakers.

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I didn't like Down! 😔 It sounds a bit one track to me.. if you get I am saying. Like running at same tempo and then I waited for something and the track ended. What's you opinion Dean Munch?

Sounds like it could have been on 7/27…they claimed to be revealing a new sound and it just sounds like WFH 2.0…I mean even the production. I thought they were working with new producers. And between the 4 of them I feel like they could have written better lyrics. The pressure is on because they keep boasting about having more control and creative freedom…I see it as a set up. If the music fails the label and the media will blame them since they are the ones in “control”…I hope the next single is more promising. The loyal fans can still make the song climb the charts though and I want them to be successful. But my honest opinion is the song left much to be desired.

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A box was thrown on to the front gates of the house, it was labeled failed experiment have fun.

Black Hat picked up the box, looking it over before shrugging and taking it up to Flug’s lab. He purposefully drops it on his desk so it makes a loud thud and the doctor jolts up with a yelp and a long equation of chemical reactions.

“S-Si, Jefe?”

“This box that showed up says failed experiment. Have fun with whatever’s inside.”

Before Flug can tell Black Hat how absolutely dangerous that is, his boss disappears in a cloud of smoke. Flug sighs, typical, and grabs his box cutter, slicing the tape and opening the box with a lazy look.

Canon or just headcanon?!

As a story writer I have been wondering about this for a long time: 

Is the headcanon of the creator canon or not?

For example: Let´s say that I write a story, and after it is all done and published, I later reveal that a character is diabetic. I, the creator, say this but when you go though the story from beginning to end there is not a single clue/hint to prove or support this statement. 

So my question is: Does this character have diabetes in canon?

Not only do I think it is an intriguing question regarding representation in creative media, but this is something that I personally struggle with in my music videos where the format limits me from exploring all the layers of my characters. So I would love to read what you guys think, no matter if you write your own stories or not. Real life examples are welcome! 

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#33, Shakarian if you don't mind =)

I think this prompt officially labels me “FAIL” at drabble length writing.  LOL  But it was such a gorgeously heartbreaking prompt, that it sorta lent itself to three, linked drabbles.  And here they are.  Thanks so much for this lovely prompt.

A Mallupean in Two and a Half Parts


– A turian song composed to honour the deceased.  It is usually written and sung (keened) by their closest loved one as an act of devotion to both the individual and the relationship. It is made up of three parts in a vaguely sonata-esque form.

Expositux (The first movement)

The stone feels remarkably warm, almost comforting beneath his brow.  It’s surprising, that warmth, although maybe it shouldn’t be on such a beautiful day.  Not that he’s compiled a great deal of experience with such things, but superstition says it should be cold.

“Don’t do this.”  His words push through the brisk, lakeside breeze, subvocals rolling with all the things he can’t say out loud.  “Please, don’t do this.  I haven’t had a chance to tell you anything.  I haven’t yelled at you for bringing the Mako back in pieces every single mission, or hiking us across planets so far below the freezing mark, liquid elements are considered mythology.”  Straightening, he reaches out with his talons, a supplication that he manages to wrestle under control before actually making contact.

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TalesFromRetail: "But the label said...!"

Hey. Bin a lurker for a few months and I found that you lot have more in common with me than my own family! (Who have very consumer mindsets towards consumer/retailer interaction.)

I am using a mobile, so sorry if it seems hanky on your desktop. :D

Background, I work in the UK in an old but up and coming discount retailer, everything from food to outdoor furniture. Most stuff is at least a 15-20% difference in price to the big names. I’ve bin in this job for near three years.

Cast: Me: me, myself and I. We don’t get along but we keep up appearances for our mates. SPPDP: Stupid or possibly deceptive person. Manager: manager

The store-y: Strangely this is a common issue and it frustrates everyone to the seasonal workers to the Customer Services Manager. And that is this.

For me it was Tuesday, I am on tills, me and myself are singing sweetly in my ears about how the customer I have just finished serving left his twenty on the service without telling me and that it would just be a shame if it got blown away and that the rude bastard had to fork out more money to replace the note that he refused to a:make me aware of or b: just hand it to me.

And then…

SPPDP: “Can you check the price of this kettle for me?”

I: the price is on the packaging

Myself: is there an offer on, we didn’t see anything, has the pricer been in today?

Me: Sure mam, (beep) the item is at the stated price of £20?


Myself & I: that’s ridiculous

Me: Are you sure mam, it’s a new li-

SPPDP: Are you calling me a lye-er?! The label said a fiver!

Me: Where was the item mam, our labels also have a discrip-

SPPDP: Call someone!

So I call a member of our floor staff and they went with the customer and recover the label from where the item was taken from. …it was for a chargeable powerpack for a mobile.


Myself&I:you stupid illiterate bitch, this better be about saving face…

Me: I will call my manager.

Manager came and was informed if the incedant. They paused look at the woman and said.

Manager: No, we can’t do this.


Manager: This is a brand new line of kettle, the price is on the box, the self label refers to a different Item and a 75% discount is beyond reasonable.

Me, myself and I almost squealed. This was the first if such incedents, I have become far more blunt when it comes to it most of our stuff beyond FMCG items have own brand labeling on them. Any unreasonably large deviation in stamped price and I will stonewall. No complaints yet.

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Hello, I read your comment about culur and it left me curious; as far as I know the only thing culur was guilty of was buying recasts and she's since gotten only legit dolls. Can you elaborate on the "scamming" part that I read? I'm not trying to argue your point, just looking for information. If you don't want to type it, could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks. :D

I don’t mind answering this because most of this information is pretty hard to find now unless you know where to look and it’s more than just the scamming of why there is so much negativity toward Culur.

To explain the scamming part of Culur infamous reputation, it comes from her failing to label her sales posts of the recasts she sold. When you don’t specify a doll is a recast, it’s automatically seen as a legit doll, which is something very looked own upon both pro and anti recast people because it is scamming for not being honest of what’s being sold legitimacy (plus it’s illegal). I don’t know the specific number of how many times Culur has done this, but it’s several and each time she says she forgot, however, she somehow didn’t forgot because she only told the doll was a recast if she was asked in private messages so you can tell why not many people see her to be trustworthy and known for shady behavior. Because of her mislabeling, she has been banned from various sales groups, including recast sales groups, because she doesn’t properly label her sales posts.

The only one that can be found as an example of her “forgetfulness” is this sales post:

She didn’t specify in the original post that she doll she was selling was a modded recast Doll Chateau Christina with the ornate neckpiece sanded off, just as a “fixer upper” project she did over the summer (notice how the doll is missing it’s clavicle and the top of her neck isn’t straight and curved at the second joint). When Winonaflammery and other people caught on to what this doll really was and Culur admitting it was a recast, she deleted the original post because she got caught again. Instead of apologizing after being caught with her fraudulent sales post, she decided to make a post on her blog “revealing” that she has recasts (even though was already obvious and common knowledge), gave a back story as to why she had them and her early days in the hobby, then blamed her age at the time she bought them, and then said she was now going to be anti recast from now on, not even mentioning the Doll Chateau Christina fiasco until Quezycoatl had brought it up.

Here’s the apology post:

And also this link below of when Quezycoatl questioned her about the sales post and can also another example of what Culur does (and usually says) when she gets caught by saying she “forgot”:

Even though Culur apologized for her actions, seemed like she cleared everything up, and even said she was now anti recast, she was, again, caught lying and this time by AmaranthCastaways and also bring us to the second part of why Culur is infamous, her dishonesty. The proof of her lies in her apology post can be seen here in these links:

AmaranthCastaways showed in those links of proof of the lie Culur told in her apology post. Culur mentioned that she was banned on Den of Angels, but never why other than it happened suddenly when that wasn’t true. The first link shows proof that’s she did post her recast on Den of Angels, a forum that has a zero tolerance toward recasts and will ban you if you post them, and even cross posted from DoA and the Haven at the same time, plus speculation that she must’ve know the rule as well (plus it’s plastered right on the front page of the forum). When confronted about her posting her recast on the forum, she claims with her per usual excuse she “forgot” it happened. The second link shows that’s she did at one point did try to get back on the forum even though she is banned. It could be considered another scam because she was duping someone to get back on the forum not telling them that she was originally banned, also could’ve risked the person who gives her the invite to be banned as well because it’s against forum rules to invite a banned user, accidental or not. Another lie she made in the apology post is that Culur said she also, again, sometimes forgets to tag the photo posts of her recasts. She said never knew it was an issue when she didn’t tag them when the truth is that she never tagged her posts with her recasts and this subject is brought up constantly in the bjd tag when it comes to recasts not being tagged, including people make confessions targeted at her for not tagging them.

In case you case you didn’t notice, all the links I’ve provided cannot be directly found in Culur’s blog, but from others who reblogged them because after the fiasco with the Doll Chateau Christina, plenty of proof countering what she said, and showing she doesn’t tell the truth, they were removed. Culur deleted the original recast apology post along with every single her post of recasts her tan Volks Lorina Lane, sleeping head Volks Lorina London, and all her other recasts from not only her tumblr, but also her Flickr, Blogspot, and Deviantart with no further explanation. As for her recasts, she no longer showed anymore pictures of them and no signs that she sold or got rid of her recasts, so on other words they disappeared also without further explanation .

After the mess she caused, she disappeared for a little while, the came back and continued as if her getting caught with her lies never happened or her recasts never existed. Ways that shows she denies the past is that she says “no recasts” on her Instagram and even more when she made a post also Instagram saying the at “the hobby can be se so cruel” and her post of being confused of why she is being questioned about the legitimacy of her dolls and also agreeing those people are haters in the comments. And now due to her deleting everything that happened, many people like you and her new wave of fans have no idea what Culur has done. Only a few know she used to have recasts and believe that the hate is because of that and not much more, so they still continuously give her support and defend Culur even though they don’t know what’s she’s done to attract all the negativity.

So in conclusion, the source of Culur’s infamous reputation is rooted from her dishonesty and not that she had recasts (for only a small margin of people). She constantly never told the complete truth or the truth at all and whenever she is caught she says she forgot, she was too young at the time, or a mistake. Culur has been given many second chances to improve herself and the one time she could have really changed, she wasted it by lying more and then hiding after being caught in her instead of owning up to them. From what I hear, with the way she still is acting shady, not following commissions instructions properly, and rigging a giveaway, I personally don’t think she will change or will ever admit to what’s she’s done.

I hope this explains everything you and others who wanted to know about Culur, think of what you will about her.

An essay by Karla Souza on her Mexican & Chilean Background for Hispanic Heritage Month

1960s New York, Rockefeller State. Kitchen. Interior.

Elba Silva, Chilean woman, tough as nails, extremely stubborn. My grandma.

Wipes the sweat off her brow and continues to cook arduously as she writes down a recipe that John D. Rockefeller III, wanted to make for a dinner guest. Diego Rivera’s mural at the Rockefeller Center had been banned years earlier because it included the face of communist leader Vladimir Lenin. This was the talk at the dinner table, and Elba overhears this conversation and many more during her years as a cook at the Rockefeller Estate.

Flashforward to 2014. Los Angeles California, casting room. Interior.

Elba’s granddaughter, Karla Souza, sits in a sparsely decorated casting room, anxiously waiting to be called. Oblivious to the hours of hard work, dedication and struggle her grandmother endured so Karla could have an opportunity to make a living in the United States of America.

She starts looking around at all the other girls auditioning for the same character as she is: “The Latina.” That’s the character description in the script by the way. As if that’s a personality trait you can play as an actor! Anyway I’m getting sidetracked.

She hears her name called out: “Karla Souza?”

“That’s me!”

“I’m sorry … How exactly are you Latin?” asks the casting director before doing the scene.

“I’m Mexican,” Karla replies.

Still some doubt and skepticism on the casting director’s face prompts Karla to respond:

“My mother is Mexican and my dad is from Chile. I was born in Mexico City. I just moved to Los Angeles two weeks ago.”

Needless to say I didn’t book that job. I wasn’t “Latina enough.”

I’m a spoiled American. I don’t fully realize how lucky I am to call this country home. I am a perfect example of what my pastor Rankin Wilbourne calls today’s generation: Radically individualistic. A generation of people with one project in mind: Project self. Me, me, me. Naive and oblivious to the blessings and graces given as I go about my day.

The antidote to the pandemic of individualism and selfishness, for me, is to stop and consider: Consider those around me. Those who came before me. Consider the pain and struggle people go through to move to and stay in the US. Surviving as an undocumented immigrant, living in constant fear of deportation. To just stop for a second in my busy privileged life and consider.

I consider. What is my immigrant story?

Elba Silva, my grandma on my dad’s side, moved to New York from Chile in search of better opportunities (don’t we all?) and ended up working as an assistant cook with the Rockefeller family for 20 years. She made killer Chilean empanadas and was stubborn as all get out. Her husband became a gardener to the Rockefellers, and New York became their home. When she passed away, her one request was to be buried in a beautiful cemetery that overlooks Manhattan.

She had become a US citizen, which gave my dad a path to citizenship.

My father, a shoemaker, immigrated from Chile to Mexico City where he met my mother. They married and soon after moved from Mexico City to Colorado when I was 2 years old. My parents knew the advantages we would have in learning another language and culture at such a young age. We lived in Colorado for 5 years, and my dad ran his Mexican shoe business from there. I vaguely remember receiving the letter from then President, Bill Clinton, saying something like: “Congratulations! You are now a citizen of the United States of America.” Which to me, meant nothing at the time.

I only recently moved back to the US after having lived in Europe for eight years and Mexico for 10. As the years have gone by, however, I finally realize how fortunate I am to have a US passport.

My front porch proudly displays both the Mexican and American flags. I celebrate both El Grito (Mexican Independence Day) on Sept. 15, and Fourth of July. At birthday celebrations, you’ll hear both “Las Mañanitas” and Happy Birthday. I consider myself as much American as I do Mexican.

As a kid, I would check the box that said Caucasian in forms because I thought they were asking about the color of my skin. I was later told that I was considered “brown” even if my skin is white. Forgive me if I’m still confused. These boxes fail miserably at labeling us.

From bringing Mexican candies on set to inviting and encouraging my friends to visit Mexico, I take pride in sharing my Latino experience.

You will hear me speaking Spanish unabashedly, making my character Laurel on ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder authentically Latina and showcasing Latino playwrights with the non-for-profit Ammunition Theatre Company.

I’m the Mexican born granddaughter of a Chilean American cook, daughter of a Mexican and Chilean American shoemaker, wife of a Texan.

This is America. 


Instagram’s most-followed celebs failed to label 93 percent of ads, report finds
A new report from marketing firm Mediakix looked at posts from the Instagram accounts of the platform’s 50 most-followed celebrities over a period of one month. BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos sorted the full list of 152 non-compliant Instagram posts into four categories, determined by what type of sponsored content they were. Twelve percent failed to disclose a “small freebie” (items like clothes, accessories, or beauty products). Read more

Gold Teeth and Fangs (Monsters Redux)the Furies

When the subtle tension between the gods and the monsters turn into clashes on the streets, they’re ready for battle. Their job hasn’t changed all that much, after all. They’ve always been dispensers of justice when the more legal channels fail. The news may label them ‘terrorists’, but the news only repeats what the gods tell it to, and they know the truth of it. Terrorists go after anyone and everyone they can; they have very specific targets in mind. A corrupt demigod CEO gets a bullet through the window of their highrise; a gang of satyrs that overstepped their boundaries get baseball bats and brass knuckles in a dark alleyway; a hero who takes it upon himself to rid the streets of ‘filth’ finds that it’s harder to Stand His Ground when his car explodes with him inside it. They despised the gods for forcing them to do their dirty work, and they take a vicious sort of pleasure in this; smiling wicked smiles and doing shots over their newest plans in a booth at the Siren’s Den. They’re finally on the right side, and so what if they go a little overboard sometimes? The fire burns so prettily, and the retribution warms their cheeks.

Sexuality and Gender can be a lot like Magic Cards in terms of labeling. People may find it ridiculously overly complicated when someone says that they are panromantic gray-homosexual demiboy, that there are too many labels, but fail to realize that to this person, each label has its importance, carries an important signifier. To describe Chromanticore as a Green Enchantment technically is not incorrect, but it is completely different than say Bearscape.If someone just says they are homosexual, that has a different meaning than gray-homosexual, much as Enchantment-Aura makes a world of difference from just plain old Enchantment.

Someone might find it pedantic to call yourself a demiboy, saying “if you have any male feelings then wouldn’t you just be a guy?”, but fail to realize its not as simple as that. Just because someone identies partially as male doesnt mean that their identity cannot be in the nonbinary realm at all, and that there is an aspect of how they feel and experience gender that makes being called male not resonate. Chromanticore is definitely Green, but the fact that its Green doesnt mean its color identity also being White, Blue, Black, and Red is invalid, and describing it just as a Green card sends an implication that is very different, as calling a demiboy a cismale would be a different implication

Someone might not understand also that romantic and sexual orientations dont always align 100%. They do not understand how someone could be a gray-homosexual and a demiboy but want to be in a romantic relationship with a cis woman. People can be multifaceted, and different facets can interact in different ways. Chromanticore can be an Aura, actively acting as an enchantment, but that doesnt mean that it cant ever be a creature too. Just because someone may only feel  attracted to a certain gender (if any) doesnt mean they dont want to pursue romance with another gender.

Point is, labels work to describe various facets of a person, and if that person wants to describe every facet and be thorough with their description, it only works to be more accurate if anything. If they don’t feel the need to mention some labels, thats also good on them. It may be enough to describe Chromanticore as a WUBRG Enchantment Creature to someone, or just as a 4/4 with tons of abilities, it all depends on how the person wants to describe themselves. Labels help communicate ideas and share them, so if someone has what looks like to you as a lot of labels, it doesnt mean anything other than that they have thought a lot about it and are deciding to share a lot of facets of their identity and we shouldn’t look down on people for thorough exploration of gender and sexuality and romance. 

“samples,” in which minho is subjected to something he hasn’t been since he was an infant. pg. minkey. fluff. for thefireismine and minhoandthebabes. Hope you two enjoy!

Kibum knows he’s become a parent when he turns down a request to go out drinking with a group of women from work, on a Saturday night nonetheless, because, of all things, baby food.

He is three months away from becoming a father, and is absolutely on pins and needles about the entire thing. The surrogate that he and his husband Minho had chosen was at the beginning of her third trimester with their child; technically speaking only one of them was it’s biological father but they had decided long before the pregnancy to never find out as the two men would both viewed it as irrelevant. The sex of the unborn baby was also a mystery. It’s future nursery was painted a beautiful shade of pastel green, the furniture chosen, and a bounty of other items had been gifted to them at the baby shower. Kibum liked to be prepared. So when Minho, as a joke, suggested that they test the various food options available once their future child was done with formula, Kibum had readily agreed.

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It leaves a sour taste in my mouth, a dirty feeling on my hands, and bitter memories stained into my mind. I have failed more tests than I can count, more than I can remember. I have gotten bad grades, one after another, day after day. I have been on the verge of ruining my future, but gone ahead and failed another class anyway.

I have been the girl with grades as low as her age, I have been the girl you whisper about in the hallways as you walk past her: did you hear she failed because she didn’t even study

But who cares if I didn’t study, I would rather sit back and do nothing and fail an exam than dedicate all my time to studying information I will never understand, just to take a test where the teacher can tell me I didn’t study hard enough if I could still get such a low grade

I have seen my best friends spend an entire weekend pouring over their physics textbook, their math notes, their history study sheets, and then I have seen the crushed look on their faces when they still get a failing score. I have seen people try their hardest to do well and then get it thrown in their faces as the grade on the paper tells them it wasn’t enough


—  “If I study and still fail, they’ll label me with ‘stupid’ and 'dumb.’” // k.c.w.