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Sai’s One Piece: Film Gold Commentary
  • i love how we’re first intro’d to the villain with a fucking song and dance number
  • also i’m really glad that we didn’t rehash the ‘Straw Hats find the villain and save him and then he screws them over’ thing, b/c it was starting to get a bit stale
  • nah Tesoro just royally fucks them over like immediately. also he may have probably killed a man. i say probably b/c this is One Piece.
  • Baccarat happily suggests burning the Straw Hat’s party outfits fucking kills me b/c yeah they were pretty awful lmao
  • i loved the long pirates joke where the captain is saying his name but he starts listing like a shit ton of names and Luffy punches him in the middle of it and he goes flying and screams “I WASN’T DONE YET!!!”
  • loved the little intro sequences for each of the Straw Hats too, haha
  • lmao “Jokes on you, we’re broke!”
  • the little kids trying to pay off debt hurt me. also they were so cute
  • there was fanservice but honestly it was pretty well drawn and i’m so tired of badly drawn watermelons on sticks in the anime that this was honestly kinda welcome
  • also Tesoro got a pretty damn fanservicey moment. for plot reasons, but hey, at least it’s kinda equally spread
  • the fucking wacky races oh my god

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A one shot I wrote that loving-teenage-fandoms prompted about our head canon for what was behind the happenings on the now legendary January 16.

It’s super long, I’ve included a break but it won’t work for mobile users so I’m sorry mobile users!!!

Hope you guys like it! 😀

“Fuck you, Zach.”

“Fuck me? Fuck YOU, Frankie! How can you even talk to me like that? I thought you loved me!” Zach shouted into his phone, trying his best not to cry. Failing. But Frankie wasn’t here, he didn’t have to know. He breathed heavily, trying to control his voice.

“I do fucking love you! Why don’t you love me? If you loved me this wouldn’t be a problem, Zach. Never? How can you say never?” Frankie’s voice cracked a little on his last word, and Zach felt a pang in his heart but he pressed on.

“Because I don’t think I can do it! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it! Fuck Frankie, don’t you think I wish I could? Would you force someone with a fear of heights out of a plane?”

“Shut up. This isn’t the same thing.”

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