fail fest

  • imagine if nuest’s and wanna one’s promotions coincide
  • (but are not nominated for 1st place in the same week)
  • nuest gets their first win with all the 11 boys cheering them on and being their biggest fans
  • jisung would be crying more than than nuest themselves & thats saying something
  • jonghyun makes wanna one to stay with them on stage longer even though they’re not from the same company
  • minhyun stands right at the back of WO crying his eyes out because they finally made it but regretful that wasnt there for the journey to their first award
  • production team cues wanna one to leave after a while
  • minhyun walks with off stage with the rest
  • dragged back on stage by the 4 members
  • excuse me hwang minhyun you’re part of the team too where do you think you’re going
  • big group hug with minhyun who tried to hold his tears back for his team but failed
  • nuest crying fest
  • one mismatched outfit but i dont see the difference
  • minki tries to teach minhyun the choreography
  • but minhyun already knows the dance from replaying their livestages and comeback video and dance practice nonstop since comeback
  • impromtu repositioning but this feels more complete with all 5 of the boys

  • completes the rest of the 1st place song as ot5

anonymous asked:

I'm on a Soonhoon kick lately ^^ are there any long or chaptered fics that are a bit angsty? Thank you for your time ^^ all the recommendations are amazing~!!!

lol ive sworn off soonhoon so everything below will be from before the end of june. everything is at least 10k so i hope thats long enough 

Enough to Get Dizzy (fakeboyfriend!au)

Da Copa al Coda (non au)

I See All the Colours Blooming Their Glow (soulmate!au)

you’re under my skin (university!au with smut)

home is where the heart is (spy!au)

hockey au (hockey!au with smut)

71st Century Love (sci fi)

Party Favors (office!au)

now i’m number one (who’s lost in love) (lawyer!au with smut)

Carry Me Home Tonight (roommate!au)

winter’s rosario (supernatural!au with smut)

from the bottom of my heart (still i’m falling in love) (gang!au)


Top 10 longest fics posted on AO3 this month

1. When a Tree Dreams by Omi_Ohmy [M, 51.1k]

Directly after the war, Harry is left lost and full of questions about his life. Slowly over the summer, and with the help of friends, he works out what will make him happy - or even who. 

2. In Loco Parentis by Phoenixstrike [E, 46.7k]

Five years ago Draco Malfoy and his wife were kidnapped, and nothing has been heard or seen of the pair since. It’s been so long that Draco is presumed dead. Harry dotes on Draco’s son, Scorpius, with whom he has been living. But when it turns out Malfoy isn’t quite as dead as everyone assumed, Harry’s life is turned upside-down. 

3. This Charming Man by @thusspakekate [E, 40.2k]

Harry doesn’t understand how he’s supposed to learn the genteel art of pureblood etiquette from the rudest arsehole he’s ever known. 
H/D Career Fair 2012

4. The Rules of War by @wellhalesbells [E, 40.1k]

After having his tentative advance rebuffed, Harry has been Imperius-ing Draco into having a relationship with him. He’s needed to make the curse stronger and stronger, the more he wants – desire, sex, love, marriage, baby. However, when Draco falls pregnant, the power of the curse starts diminishing, no matter what Harry tries. What happens when the curse finally fails?
H/D Mpreg Fest 2012

5. The Princess Thief by @olimakiella [E, 31.3k]

Wednesday morning, 10:00 a.m., Musée du Louvre; the open exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci is suffused with smoke. Sully Wing Security has shut down the La Chapelle Exhibition Hall and ushered the public out, holding them on the ground floor. Security is praised when the smoke clears and everything is still in place. Crisis averted. Later, when they notice the young man on the security cameras exiting through the Pyramid with a casual grace and a small black canvas bag, they call the Police Nationale… 

6. It Was We Who Were The Cliché (But We Carried On Anyway) by @dracomalfoyofficial [M, 31k]

When the reconciled Black sisters go on holiday together, Andromeda entrusts Draco, rather than Harry, with five year old Teddy Lupin for three weeks. Harry is convinced she made the wrong choice, and he decides the way to fix this is simply to keep turning up at the manor and refusing to leave Draco alone. 
H/D Smoochfest 2012

7. Normal is the Wachtchword by lamerezouille [G, 29.9k]

This story is about love and family and yes, maybe it’s not supposed to be about Jamie exactly, but Draco and Harry are very stubborn and Jamie’s just a kid, you can’t expect him to completely extract himself from a story he’s actually living, right? 

8. The Haunting of Draco Malfoy by Omi_Ohmy [E, 27.3k]

After the War, there are many new ghosts, lost and uncertain, and Draco Malfoy has become a Peacebringer, working hard to help these and any other troubled ghosts move on. Draco finds himself stuck in a Gothic mystery of his own when a recently missing Potter appears, spectral and silent, at Malfoy Manor. 
H/D Career Fair 2012

9. Breaking Boundaries by @mab-speaks [E, 26k]

Harry is nearly 40 years old and intimacy is something he’s never really known. He teams up with Freudian Analyst!Draco to work out what’s been holding him back. He discovers himself and finds a new lease on life in the process. 
H/D Career Fair 2012

10. Shutter by CariadWinter & Dark_Labyrinth [E, 24.8k]

An unexpected travelling companion leads to an unexpected outcome. 
H/D Career Fair 2009

other months

Twelfth Night characters as what they would be for Halloween

Viola: Sebastian

Sebastian: Viola

Olivia: a Greek goddess

Orsino: the Grim Reaper but he fails to scare anyone

Feste: Orsino dressed as the Grim Reaper but he’s actually terrifying

Malvolio: Doesn’t celebrate this stupid holiday. Is too busy preparing food and yelling at potential TP-ers.

Antonio: A pirate. But ironically.

Maria: A fairy

Toby: He doesn’t really have a costume idea so he just goes as himself but midway through the night he gets drunk, wraps himself in a towel and says he’s Julius Caesar.

Andrew: King Louis XIV (I dunno he just seems like he’d come up with a really obscure and elaborate costume and no one would get it)

Fabian: a bear, for the fifth year in a row

Fiddauthor Fest day 7: Create from the Journal

hoooo boy that journal sure was something am i right

my artist comments on this got really long so im putting them under the cut

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