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As much as I love the HP movies, I often find myself disappointed by how many things were left out of the books - especially the extra-long books like “Goblet” and “Order” - in order to condense them to movie-length. I sometimes wonder if a “Game of Thrones”-style multi-season series would have been a better adaptation. That said, I wouldn’t change anything about the cast.

mama leia and bb-ben - Want a cookie, Benling? Yes!!!

space mothers know that growing younglings need lots of snacks on Rebellion picnics and pathfinder hikes. ben likes to jump around like a jedi in training and quickly gets really hungry and really cranky on family outings…

//part VI of a small collection of  Leia & BB-Ben doodle tributes for 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹ROTJ throwback <3 yub yub, love you space mum!

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TalesFromYourServer: Karma's a bitch

Served a table the other night, we got along great, they seemed happy. Right as they asked for the check, I got sat a party upstairs, so asked the host to drop the check for me.

He later flags me down to show me these fine folks [who were in town for the yacht show btw] had tipped me..8%. But, because they tipped so poorly, I took a second look at the bill…and I did a little dance.

The bartender had forgotten to add the bottle/drinks they had while they were waiting for their res time. And they were still at the table.

So, doing my best not to grin ear to ear, I went back to the table, and explained that I was terribly sorry about the confusion, but the bill was incomplete, that to apologize we’d taken off the liquor…but [you assholes] actually owe us another $103.

I cannot express how satisfying it was to be able to charge those cheap assholes (oh so politely) an extra hundo.

Should have just left 15%.

By: PKP_OH_130


macbasiamille’s outlander re-watch: s1 e1 ; part i

The war had taught me to cherish the present, because tomorrow might not ever come to pass. What I didn’t know at the time was that tomorrow would prove less important than yesterday.