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The more I re-watch the movies, the more I hate them; where as the more I re-read the books, the more I love them! If it were up to me, I’d recast and instead of making movies I’d make a mini-series on each book consisting of three to four one-and-a-half to two hour episodes, so it would be a lot closer to the original source material, and we could see a lot of the things missing from the movies; like Snape’s potion puzzle, the death day party, the Weasley’s swamp, etc.


I’ve been meaning to post something about these two stills. 

The beginning of the film and the end of the film.

It’s such a powerful comparison and it’s amazing how a character can literally go from one end of the spectrum to the other without becoming almost unrecognisable.

Surrounded by his peers, trainees and people who are watching him, right and centre stage. boasting a successful career and brimming with confidence and ego. and sure as hell likes to flaunt it.


You see a man alone, closed off from the outside world, nobody there watching him, instead he’s there watching them, quietly gazing out on to a world that seems so different to how he left it. 

everything has flipped, in a manner of speaking.

It’s why I feel Doctor Strange as a film stands out from other mcu films, the impact of the his journey to becoming this hero, he never expected to be is an ongoing one, we have yet to see. But it is realised at the very end, how far he has come already.

I mean I would love to know what you guys think of this.

friendly reminder that jaebum and youngjae has back injuries lol idk why you shits at the airport are pushing them and shoving them when you know that…

SOCK: Umm, what?

SOCK: Could you stop? I have enough with Lil and Jojo.


SOCK: You all think you can make me uncomfortable or shit.

SOCK: Well I’m sick of it!

SOCK: Everyone is always saying “Oh, Sock, why don’t you confess to Jonathan?”.

SOCK: “Sock, you should kiss Jonathan.”

SOCK: “You’re stalling because you like him.”

SOCK: Seriously-


JOJO: Why didn’t you take a picture of that!

LIL: Damn it, why didn’t I?

SOCK: Ughhh….

i used to wait.
wait every second for a maybe
wait every day for something uncertain
i used to wait for him.
always waiting for the day
he’ll say “i’m over it”
the day future plans get fullfiled

i hate waiting.
waiting for him to say “let’s go together today”
to make sure he got home safely.
waiting for the day he’s ready.
the day it doesn’t him hurt anymore.
but all i got was “i like you but i’m sorry,”
that turned into “she’s my new dream”

—  something you do that you no longer do


Supongo que por eso han puesto los carteles algo inclinados porque vamos…

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Los 28 mejores sobre un skate.