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Just a little PSA

We keep B.A.P at number one on the Mnet chart and that’s really amazing, however this doesn’t garantee the boys will get a win on M countdown, we have a chance, but  please don’t get discouraged if B.A.P doesn’t win.  The exposure the boys are getting is extremely beneficial, look around, theres new babys everywhere! *O*

So even if they don’t win (and I´m really hoping they do win) keep streaming the MV, keep sharing on SNS, keep spreading the music and the boys that we love!

Say My Name

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Say My Name
Demon!Jungkook | Reader
Description: The demons aren’t just in your head. They’re also in your bed. But whatever you do, don’t say their name.
Warning: Intercourse, Thigh Riding, Dirty Talk?, Slight Overstimulation
Word Count: 3,081
A/N: Inspired from this FMV from this ask. Holy fucking shiiiit I thought I loved Sub!Kook more but now I’m conflicted even MORE.

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uploaded: 24.9.2017




렉서스 LC X 태양 ‘SO GOOD’ (LEXUS LC X Taeyang 'SO GOOD’) *o*

G-DRAGON - '무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)’ M/V  ◎[▪‿▪]◎




  1. Big Bang reactions to their gf not celebrating Christmas 
  2. Big Bang reactions to their gf crying in her bedroom
  3. Big Bang reactions to you being vampire
  4. Big Bang reaction to people finding out you are a vampire
  5. Big Bang reaction to a sudden confess by rookie
  6. Big Bang reaction to you being someone famous from USA finding out you are a big fan of the group
  7. Big Bang reaction to kissing you at midnight on New Year’s Eve
  8. Big Bang reaction to their idol s/o getting angry because they did/said something super offensive
  9. Big Bang reaction to their idol gf fainting on stage while performing
  10. Big Bang reaction to their idol baby sister fainting while she performs
  11. Big Bang reactions to their s/o being 4D
  12. Big Bang reactions to doing collaboration with their gf
  13. Big Bang reactions to their idol gf catching him rading fanfics about her/fanboying over her
  14. Big Bang reacting to his little sister dating a BTS member
  15. Big Bang reactions when you flinch in fight because you are scared
  16. Big Bang reactions when they spend time with their baby alone for the first time
  17. Big Bang reactions to you making him a dinner after a long day
  18. Big Bang reactions to you being 'wife like’ 
  19. Big Bang reactions to finding out they are in love with you
  20. Big Bang reaction to finding out you had tough time at home
  21. Big Bang reactions to their s/o parents not supporting her idol career
  22. Big Bang reactions to their gf laughing at everything
  23. Big Bang reactions to you initiating the first kiss
  24. Big Bang reactions to being asked about their gf in interview
  25. Big Bang reactions to their gf saying “I hate you” in a fight
  26. Big Bang reactions to you cutting your hair one side longer
  27. Big Bang reactions to you shyly asking them to teach you how to kiss
  28. Big Bang reactions to you having Harry Potter marathon
  29. Big Bang reactions to you doing break up prank on them
  30. Big Bang reactions to you getting hurt on stage and ending up going to the hospital ASAP
  31. Big Bang reactions to seeing you in a wedding dress
  32. Big Bang reactions when all of a sudden their S/o collapses due to unexplained reasons
  33. Big Bang reactions when you catch them cheating
  34. Big Bang reactions when they flirt with you, but you don’t notice
  35. Big Bang reactions to you hit him when they tease you but it actually hurts them [boyfriend edition]
  36. Big Bang reactions to his gf winning Artist of the Year at MAMA
  37. Big Bang reactions to his gf getting yelled at because you shouldn’t be dating him and her ex-member told everyone about you
  38. Big Bang reactions to their best friend not getting along with their gf [who’s rude all the time]
  39. Big Bang reactions to his ex gf crying while performing a song he helped write
  40. Big Bang reactions to their idol gf group disbanding
  41. Big Bangs reactions to their little sister dating a member of Got7
  42. Big Bang reactions when you are on WGM together and he has a crush on you & fans starts to ship you
  43. Big Bang reactions when you embarrass him in front of other members
  44. Big Bang reactions to hitting you in an argument
  45. Big Bang reactions when you say you wouldn’t date an idol, but he has a crush on you
  46. Big Bang reactions when you’re his gf, but he’s in love with other member’s gf
  47. BigBang’s reaction when his idol gf talks about their love life during an interview when he would like it to be private
  48. Big Bang reactions when you announce them you are pregnant
  49. Big Bang reactions to their little sister dating Exo member
  50. Big Bang reactions when their gf has the same humor sense as Bianca del Rio
  51. Big Bang reactions when his foreign gf visits her family and they have Super bowl party and she fangirls over a player
  52. Big Bang reactions when their gf founds out her sibling died
  53. Big Bang reactions when their fiancee dies on the way to the accident[WARNING]
  54. Big Bang Reactions to their kid’s first day at school[warning-cute]
  55. Big Bang reactions when they found out Yang HyunSuk is their gf’s uncle
  56. Big Bang reactions when their idol gf who normally has cute concepts, but this comeback is sexy/badass concept
  57. Big Bang reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date
  58. Big Bang reactions to their gf getting severely hurt on an accident
  59. Big Bang Reactions to their sweet, shy S/O becomes agressive while playing a game
  60. Big Bang reactions when their toddler says the f word for the first time beacause he heard it from a member
  61. Big Bang’s reaction to his innocent gf not getting a dirty joke one of the members said
  62. Big Bang reactions to their gf having a youtube channel
  63. Big Bang reactions to being in relationship with really honest and sknship loving gf
  64. Big Bang reactions to his depressed S/O [WARNING][SENSITIVE]
  65. Big Bang reactions to their gf who is from Greece
  66. Big Bang reactions to their crush not knowing they are famous
  67. Big Bang reactions to finding out you have regular seizures every 3 months because of brain tumor
  68. Big Bang reactions to your new pet
  69. Big Bang Reactions to you not coming home after failing college entrance exam
  70. Big Bang reactions to their gf singing a cover of their song and killing his part
  71. Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he’s with her
  72. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf getting a kiss from a girl
  73. Big Bang’s reactions when they have to adopt a 14 y/o girl as a group
  74. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf from Germany
  75. Big Bang’s reactions to their sassy gf
  76. Big Bang’s reactions to their Italian gf
  77. Big Bang’s Reactions To His Indian gf
  78. Big Bang’s reactions to finding out their crush is a lot younger than them
  79. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf thinking she’s too heavy to sit in their lap
  80. Big Bang Reactions to their otaku gf
  81. Big Bang reactions to their s/o who is hard of hearing
  82. Big Bang’s reactions to getting in a dating scandal with their rookie best friend
  83. Big Bang’s Reactions to their gf getting her first tattoo
  84. Big Bang’s Reactions to their tomboy gf being insecure about herself
  85. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf hiding her favourite snacks from them because she doesn’t want to share them
  86. Big Bang’s Reactions to their crush acting in their M/V as their love interest
  87. Big Bang’s Reactions to them acting drunk in front of their S/O because of lack of sleep
  88. Big Bang’s reactions to overhearing his wife and her friend talking about how she had a miscarriage but he never knew you were pregnant
  89. Big Bang’s Reactions to their gf proposing to them but he wanted to be the one to propose



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b.a.p as things that happen in my school
  • yongguk: mr. johnstone never actually teaching science, instead giving life hacks and doing kahoots on rock music
  • himchan: the yearly phenomenon of ten white freshmen trying to rap the fast verse in 'rap god' in the cafeteria
  • daehyun: "good morning my little blueberries, please stand for your national anthem"
  • youngjae: extremely explicit, loud groans of pain in the hallway
  • jongup: "mr. jameus, do i have to do the test if i die?"
  • junhong: watching 'little baby's ice cream'commercials in business class to learn about marketing

Happy 27th birthday to B.A.P’s humble leader. Happy birthday to the man who has given me endless amount of hope, to the man who has been the reason me and millions of others feel a sense of belonging. Happy birthday to our beloved angel, Bang Yongguk. Hopefully our great leader has the best day today, and every other day. 

Love Never Fails - Emmerdale Big Bang Fic

Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Epilogue

@xlozx has produced some amazing graphics for this fic, which bring it to life, which you can find here, so go over and send her all the love for them, they’re wonderful :)

It’s been so much fun working on this (as well as a nightmare at times) and it’s my first attempt at writing to a deadline for fun! I just want to say thanks to everyone who’s encouraged me when I’ve wanted to delete, especially @xlozx and @littlelooneyluna.

If anyone has any questions about the tags or the story, or just anything feel free to ask me :)

Teaser Scene

“Morning sleepyhead.” He teased, Aaron scowling. Robert just chuckled, he knew the only way he was getting through the next few hours was by keeping as cheerful as possible. “Want some breakfast? As you distracted me last night.”

“Not sure I was the one doing all the distracting.” Aaron pulled himself upright against the headboard, “In a bit. I want to talk to you first.”

“Don’t make me start saying goodbye yet,” Robert pleaded. He let Aaron tug him closer, wrapping his arms around him, not letting him go.

“I just want to say thank you. For sorting out Liv, making sure she’ll be ok if anything happens.”

“Nothing’s going to happen.” If he said it enough then surely it would be true.

“It might,” he shrugged, “but at least I know everything is settled for her. Makes things easier for me.”

“Promise me you’ll be careful,” Robert pleaded, sitting up slightly, facing Aaron. “Please don’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t…just let me say this…then I’ll shut up. Victoria will write to you, if anything…” Robert put a hand to Aaron’s lips, couldn’t bear to hear him say the words.

“I’m going to make breakfast.” He had to get up or he was going to break down and he’d promised himself he wouldn’t do that in front of Aaron, no matter how much his heart was breaking. “I’ll bring it in, don’t move.”

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I’m not dead, I’m just really really exhausted

Hey guys, sorry I’ve not been active for weeks, I didn’t expect lot of crap happen this past month. In short, school, being down, lazy, sleeping, school, exams, exams, project, crying, failing test, screaming, banging my head, bad health, and etc. I just really hate this semester.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go on tumblr until I finish majority of my exams and shit so i wouldn’t be distracted so yeah that’s why I haven’t been answering asks. I have a little break right now, so more time for me to draw and lot of things I really wanted to draw. Hopefully. Maybe. I hope. Oh Arceus…

Go, Gogo, and Beta will suffer like me:


It’s 1914, the war looming. Aaron is the new chauffeur at Home Farm, and Robert is newly returned from London after years away. Aaron wants a new start, with Liv, while Robert wants to reconnect with his family. Bad memories haunt them both making their relationship a challenge. With the war comes tragedy and then Aaron goes missing.

 - Love Never Fails - (Emmerdale Big Bang Round 1) |Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three| |Epilogue| by @nooneelsecomesclose17

It’s been a joy to make graphics for this fic, go read and show Vix some love. She has a great story here, it will keep you hooked from start till finish. 

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[Skydive MV] Theory

It started with the team going to a supposed hideout of smugglers/counterfeit money producers. I’m guessing they’re Contract Killers or basically a team of hitmen who targets large groups rather than an individual.

They’ve all got respective skills that makes them a great team and clearly money wasn’t much of an issue. Bang Yongguk glanced at the counterfeit money and burned them as it doesn’t mount to much in his eyes but the rest of his team takes some for themselves.

Back in their own hideout, they own a club and has a small underground floor where they live. They gamble for fun. Like, it’s a game they play to improve their skills in terms of lying, poker faces and deceit as well as learn each others’ weaknesses.

Daehyun likes to socialise up in the bar, they act as though they live normal lives when they’re not in their leather jackets or has guns hidden on their belts. When Daehyun returned to his seat, he found pictures of his sister (I assume sister as I doubt it’s a girlfriend. When you’re in that line of work as hitmen, you hardly ever mingle to get yourself a girlfriend. They would be a major weakspot. So I’m guessing it’s the sister as it would be a weakspot he wouldn’t be able to control. He can control himself having girlfriends, but he cant exactly stop himself from having a sister, even if he had disowned himself from his family to protect their lives from his work) (Additional reason why I don’t think the girl at the bar is the same girl who was kidnapped and tortured is shown below)

[Girl at bar wears a low-cut sleeveless dress]

[The picture Daehyun received just moments later was of a girl with a long sleeved button-up shirt]

[See? Not sleeveless or low-cut dress?]

The pictures revealed a secret message, an address where Daehyun was to meet the person who has his sister. The person revealed more evidence that Daehyun’s sister’s life is in their hands and told him to “Kill your Source” (basically the person giving more information about his team’s missions) or else his sister will be killed (despite already being brutally tortured to trigger Daehyun’s brotherly-protectiveness). The pictures he received in this meeting was of a hand with a severed finger and as he opened the box given to him, it was implied that he received the severed finger as proof.

So Daehyun followed Himchan to a parking space where he spied on the ‘transaction’ of their next mission and seeing Himchan paying the source. Once Himchan left the car, Daehyun snuck his way and killed the source with what seems to be a silencer, which is why no one who isn’t in range would’ve been able to hear it.

After completing his mission, he returned to the bar, stressed and filled with guilt. On one hand, he still wants to be loyal to his team, on the other, the life of his sister is at stake. Daehyun started to fight a man after being so drunk and Himchan had to stop him and threatened him to behave and leave. Daehyun was brought back to their hideout below the bar and passed out.

Waking up, he found a new picture of his sister slipped between his fingers and he was startled. He knew no one else could enter their underground hideout besides his team. So his paranoia starts to get to him. He suspects his team members is doing this and he wrecks his head trying to figure out who is the mole.Everyone seemed suspicious to him. 

Bang Yongguk burned the data profiles of all their target missions leaving no trace of people Daehyun could look for to ask who might’ve wanted them dead. 

Youngjae and Zelo are money-hungry and seemed to always argue about it, making Daehyun wonder how loyal they are to the team. 

Moon Jongup’s practically wild and uncontrollable. He has a thirst for blood and is completely heartless when doing the job. Money doesn’t bother him, hell, Daehyun feels like Jongup would kill just for the fun of it. He remembered how Himchan stopped Jongup from overdoing it and Jongup stared back at their leader threateningly and left, pissed off. 

Himchan, in general, leads a whole group of criminals and has a long list of comrades that makes him dangerous. 

Everyone is a suspect to Daehyun at this point.

Himchan then returned to their hideout to reveal a new mission they’ve accepted. They were to target a warehouse with men suspected of doing illegal work. They started to discuss their plans and Daehyun felt suspicious after seeing the name on the piece of paper. After the team dispersed, Daehyun was given a new mission and it was to kill Himchan.

He silently stalked Himchan out of the club and followed him (rookie mistake: he was way too close to Himchan and it was honestly pretty obvious =.=). Himchan, aware he was being followed, lost Daehyun by making a quick turn and catching Daehyun from the side. Himchan snatched Daehyun’s gun and merely walked away, showing his loyalty to his follower. Basically stating that killing Daehyun has no merit and that he still sees Daehyun as an asset and that the team couldn’t afford losing him.

Daehyun, failing the mission, receives a text “GAME OVER” and he finds his sister at a given location where it took him well over 40 minutes to search around the alleys. He mourned and screamed as he lost the one person he cherished and fought to save. At this point, he realises he has nothing else to lose and that his loyalty to the team still remains. He knows he can trust Himchan but he was still weary about the other team members.

The team went forth with their plan to attack the warehouse only to realise it was an ambush (by the police it seems, so it was basically an underground war. A fight for power and the enemy seems to want to eliminate the hitmen before the enemy themselves were targeted). Daehyun arrived late and saw the commotion. His eyes widened in surprise, not expecting his team to be set up this way.

Seeing as Daehyun wasn’t holding a weapon, he was the easiest to be targeted, so Youngjae made the first move and shot the enemy with a dart. The battle begins and Himchan ran to cover for Daehyun and they both fought side by side. Believing that his team could not possibly have concocted this war of death, Daehyun fought to save who he could.

Bang Yongguk presented amazing skills (and looked way too sexy, may I add) as well as the other members. Daehyun rushed to Himchan after he was shot, and Himchan, seeing the enemy aiming for Daehyun, pushed his team member aside and got hit. Daehyun screamed seeing his leader shot down and was shot himself after raging and started to aimlessly shoot.

Jongup was shot in the chest three times and Youngjae grabbed him and killed the attacker. Realising Jongup was unconscious, Youngjae had a moment of vulnerability and cried out before being shot in the head from behind.

Bang Yongguk and Zelo were the only ones left and Zelo tried to drag off Bang Yongguk after he was severely shot but both ended up being taken down. Daehyun stared at the chaos in the warehouse, and struggled to keep himself conscious. It was then he noticed Jongup flinch and moved to stand up.

His eyes widened as he saw his team member smiling at him. Jongup kicked Daehyun’s leg and helped Daehyun point his gun to Daehyun’s neck. Daehyun’s eyes screamed to Jongup, asking how could he have done it but Jongup’s expression tells it all. He is an assassin. He has no feelings nor any sense of loyalty for anyone or anything. He lives to kill. And his client will always be the one who feeds his thirst for blood. The team clearly seems to be too close-knit for Jongup so he was the easiest to stray from them.He played his team and led them to fight against the authority. It is suspected that he was hired by another group of criminals to put down Himchan but seeing as Himchan is smarter than he seems, Jongup had to have a back up plan after Daehyun failed him.

A loud bang echoed the blood-filled warehouse and Jongup walked out of the building, revealing the bulletproof vest that basically saved him. He orchestrated the battle.  He planned the bullet war to kill the two rivalry teams and it was obvious that you could see: he loved it.