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Fresno Nightcrawlers

There have been multiple sightings of these strange creatures called the nightcrawlers or the Fresno Aliens. The creatures are extremely thin, white humanoids with no discernable arms.

Videos of these strange creatures were featured on the second episode of Syfy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files in which they failed to debunk them.

To add to the mystery of all of this, the following pictures surfaced on the internet.

It is believed that they were taken near a DMV located somewhere in California but that is not confirmed. People have stated that the statues are a part of Native American legend but the Fresno Nightcrawlers remain a strange mystery.


I saw a few of these floating around for other fandoms and got inspired

With so many people from around the world talking about there experiences in school, it can be a little confusing to figure out what it all means. All states have different standards so things can vary a lot, but here’s a general guide to help you figure out what the heck your American friends are talking about.

Read on after the cut to learn more about grade levels, classes, high school, college, and a lot more!

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Hello! I came across the original comic a while ago, just found this blog to my absolute delight, and suddenly had a small fit of the scribbles. I have no idea if there’s been any similar submissions, but here’s my offering, if you like.


Not-Bryan actually passes really well. He has never spoken in tongues, not even during test week. He had the requisite number of eyes and fingers (two and ten respectively. Just in case), and his ears were rounded in a perfectly ordinary way. He was even exactly the right amount of nice. He didn’t smile too much or too wide, but he could wince in sympathy and pat you on the back if your crush rejected you or if your test came back with a C-, offer you one of his home-made cookies (“Freely given!” he never failed to add in a cheerful voice), and only shrug indifferently when you kindly refused. Maybe he was just a bit too excited about things like cafeteria lunch queues and the fact that toilets flush, but hey, everyone’s got their quirks.

The only reason why anyone knew to append that ‘Not-’ was that Bryan had been an absolute asshole, and wouldn’t have known what a rolling pin was if you hit him in the face with one.

His roommate never said anything to their RA, their RA in turn never brought it up, and no one wondered why.

Oh, and that Not-Bryan seemed to have forgotten to give himself eyebrows.



We needed this film to be directed by a female to remove the standard sexualization, and to force all of us to see more than the feminine figure. This was a man’s movie made with a woman in the lead. I wonder if the male writers, editors and producers that were involved, had to separate themselves from the idea of a woman lead, to write this the way they presented it - and it was presented exceptionally well!
I love Gal, I love Robin, but I really love Connie. Her character Hippolyta protects her true love from the dangers of physical threat, all while being a fighter herself. I’m in love with the Queen.
I really loved Captain America and the way he fought WWII, but take that little guy with a big heart and times it by ten. Throw it back to WWI. Make the journey to the front lines. Stand in front of blazing ammunition. Add the heartache of failing before succeeding. Then add a woman as the heroine.  

Easily a 9/10 ⭐. Nothing like I’ve ever seen in a major motion picture before in a multitude of filmmaking departments; editing, script, stunts, costumes, acting and visual effects. It had timeless political racist and sexist jabs, and triumphed to conquer feminism. Hell, it even touched on the ongoing and current discrimination of multiculturalism​ in Hollywood. It’s not only a movie, but the reason why it’s being accepted so well is because it’s inspiring. It doesn’t matter which plot point you picked up on, it makes you rethink good in the world with a fresh pair of eyes. 

“It’s not about what you deserve. It’s what you believe.”


wow so i made a CAS video of how i make my sims nd like. this took 10 years off my life nd it’s not even GOOD i’m sorry 4 the sh*tty quality nd audio!!!!!!! this is so bad omg i barely say any information!!!! wow i’m sorry this is such a Mess but i hope u enjoy anyways!!!!!! i’ll put this sim up for download later!!

the song i used was secret crates - springtime stroll!!