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The Cat Scare as a Brutal Sort of Therapy

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Breakup because of @tallulalusa

@tallulalusa, whose arguments I’m transcribing here, called out two additional benefits to the Bughead breakup as a Cat Scare, one for the audience and one for Jughead.

But we’re mostly disappointed the breakup wasn’t epic, you might say. And Jughead’s just been traumatized that the breakup happened at all, you might say.

To which she said: Yes. Exactly.

The level of tension within that looming sense of dread couldn’t keep ramping up at the pace we saw in the first five episodes over a long season. That would have been exhausting. So many feels! In so little time! This fake breakup functions as a pressure valve to release some of this accumulated tension—and, okay, released it so the show can ramp that tension back up, but at least we get a breather and a chance to shift focus to some other plots.

As for Jughead? His greatest fear has been that Betty and Archie would leave him stranded on the southside. This fear has been warping a lot of his recent behavior. And in 2.05 that fear came spectacularly true. Betty/Archie delivered a brutal, eerily joint rejection. Jughead hit his breaking point. Just like he’d feared, he lost his last ties to the northside and became a Serpent. Just like Toni said, joining the Serpents means losing people who matter in your previous life. And when you’re hurting as badly as Jughead was, the distinctions between correlation and causality tend not to be rigorously observed.

Except, that’s not what happens. The very next day, Archie comes running back, apologizes to him, helps to protect him and tells him that things with Betty aren’t as simple as he thinks. And then the next thing he knows Betty is telling him that despite everything she still loves him and doesn’t think she can stop loving him. This implies that she’ll keep loving him no matter what he does or who he becomes.

Fucking this up for himself is going to be harder than his subconscious originally thought.

This is the universe telling Jughead Jones: you went through the one thing you were so afraid of, the one thing that could really hurt you and you survived. But more importantly, you were wrong. Your loved ones never really left you. You tried to throw yourself into this new life and leave them behind as callously as you feared they would leave you. And you couldn’t pull it off, because they’re not willing to let go of you even when you give them good reason to cut their losses and walk.

The gun went off in Jughead’s face, but the bullet he’s been so afraid of was just a blank.

So now the ball is in his court. He can keep letting fear drive his behavior. If he tries hard enough for long enough, he can probably manage to sabotage these relationships. Or he can listen when the universe knocks him upside the head with a big fat clue: they’re not going to leave you without a fight.


SasoSaku Month, day 22: Through a Child’s Eye

“How did you two even get the coat? And the knife? And the Netflix access to Grey’s Anatomy?!”

Thank you for the 1000+ notes on this omg….these kids are a mess but I’m glad so many people love them

Moral of the story please don’t copy everything your parents do!!!!!


some An Ancient Magus’ Bride AU doodles from my twitter

No concrete idea or anything, just Riko = Elias; You = Chise; Chika = Silky; Kanan = Rutz

anonymous asked:

being siblings with michael slushie boy mell??

Oh my gosh thank u i ve been meaning to write something like this <3 !!

-Let’s all be real here, Michael is super protective over you.

-It doesn’t matter you are younger than him, same age, or older,,, this boy will protect you from anYTHING

-But for this HC, you’re a year younger than him

-Your entire life, you were always his ‘little sib’ to everyone

-What’s your name?? no one knows, they only know horrible variations of your name and other weird nicknames

-When you two were young and he got his first gaming console, he definitely taught you how to play, along with all of the lil tips n tricks

-One time you found a game breaking glitch and Michael was a little irritated because oh my gosh what happened to my game but he was SO proud that his little sib’ was able to find something that would ruin the game

-And you bet your ass he told Jeremy and anyone else who would listen to him

-Oh my gosh!! If you ever have a crush on anyone, Michael is going to tease tf outta you. You thought his teasing with Jeremy was bad? It only gets worse.

-‘Hey little dude, who are you staring at?’ ‘Wh- Michael, I’m not staring at-‘ ‘hEY, THIS FUCKING NERD IS LOOKKING-‘ “mICHAEL MELL YOU SLUSHIE FUCK’

- Homemade slushy DIYs?

-Homemade slushy DIYs.

-At some point, you discover speedruns and immediately show Michael the videos (and maybe a few tricks you picked up)

-You both totally have speedrun competitions once you both got better at the games n the tricks/shortcuts

-You totally watch AGDQ together (especially 2013) to pick up the tricks and make dumb jokes

-While you two do definatlly have a close relationship, that doesn’t mean you don’t have your issues.

-Most of the time you two argue over small things, but then there are those times where everything gets overwhelming and you end up yelling at each other.

-But, regardless of what happens, you guys make up and buy each other snacks and play video games together

-Not only that, but you guys have ur feels jams where u both either get high n talk it out, or just sit outside, star gaze, and talk about everything

-Everything you guys do only makes your bond stronger, and its always great to have Michael to be there for you, and you for him.

-but yeah its fucking rad Slushie Sibs are great goodnight