fai mommy


My girl turned 4 the other day!!! 😊
I still can’t believe it. I made the mistake of watching videos of her when she was so itty bitty… (Don’t recommend!) Tears everywhere. I feel like time is flying by and I’m almost afraid to blink. My Aubrey is so smart, sassy, sensitive, and brave.

Hopefully we’ll be getting a call soon to let us know if she’s been accepted into the preschool here. I keep asking her to slow down, but there’s no stopping her now. 💕

Random headcanon:  one of the reasons Fai is so skinny (in addition to genetics and an active lifestyle) is due to being so malnourished as a child before he was taken out of that godforsaken valley by King Ashura.  This is also a reason that he learned to cook.  Now, he does his best to ensure that his new little family is kept healthy and well fed.

Married Kurofai in Nihon headcannon: if for some reason they aren’t allowed to keep Mokona (like she has to go with one of the Syaoran’s or back to the shop), then Fai adopts a white cat to name after her. And Moko-cat becomes the fattest cat ever because Fai always slips her all the fish he refuses to eat.

Kurogane relationship with this Mokona is the same with the other Mokona, meaning that he starts off annoyed with her about something (usually her shedding all over his black clothes) but then proceeds to be one of those people who will sit still for hours because the cat is sleeping in his lap and he refuses to disturb her.

(One day I will draw non-chibi Tsubasa stuff, but today is not that day)