fai d flourite


~ INFP Anime Characters Part 4 ~


Okay @cumberbatchcritter and @shinichi-says I’ve had a good hunt for the constructions photos but these were the only two I could still find (I made the coat nearly three years ago now, wah time goes so quickly)!
Sorry I don’t have more, but hopefully these will be useful! So I drew the back design across the pattern pieces of the cloak to the best of my ability. I then broke it down into sections and traced the pattern onto heat and bond! I ironed down the traced pieces onto the blue silk and spent a few days painstakingly cutting them all out :D  Once they were all cut, I laid them back out onto the white cloak base and ironed them all down (see picture 1).  This process was repeated for the arm patterns and the hood.

This cloak was for a competition, so I tried to go above and beyond in my detailing, so in conjunction to this base pattern I also hand cut about 60 snowflakes in three different designs which I also ironed down randomly all over the cloak (picture 2). Then I got a tiny dark blue soutache braid and went around the outside of all the blue swirling pattern and top stitched it down to further emphasize it.

Once the lining and fur was added I also added a white lace and light blue braid to the join between the fur and fabric, and a swarovski snowflake crystal to the peak of the hood!

I hope that’s somewhat useful for you guys! I’m sorry I couldn’t find any more!