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Shingeki no Children - Part 1.

Who do you think wants to kill people? What kind of person do this for fun? Who would want to do this? With what we did, of course you despise us… But please, someone, someone… Find us…

 -Bertolt Hoover

Victims of war they did not started… No matter which side they are.

Thanks @sookashira for inspiration!





Jade’s manga was published in typical western format and IT WAS A FREAKING SHOUGO MANGA. 

I don’t know how this continues to keep getting better but it does. 

I’m surprised that Outo had a version of this at all. Like. How did that even happen. Is it also published in Edonis? Do they just include the digital version of it as an in-game object that you can buy and read so that you can keep up with your favourite manga WHILE playing the Outo game? 


Do people in Yama have bookcases full of scroll versions of manga collections? Is that how this is going to work? 

This is simultaneously the most amazing and the most baffling thing CLAMP has ever done. 



CLAMP don’t even care. Oh, the manga was published concurrently on the same world in the exact same order 1000 years apart? SURE. SEEMS LEGIT. 


Day 16: Canon Disability

The beginning of a fic I’ll likely never finish.

The travelers landed roughly, as they often did. Mokona’s magic dissipated around them, and the air of the new world filled their lungs for the first time. It was chilly, but not cold, with the tang of a civilization before toilets floating on the air.

Syaoran had thumped to the ground on his stomach, grinding stoney dirt into his clothes, and scraping his palms a little, but he didn’t mind. He pushed himself to his hands and knees, and flipped his traveling cloak back from where it had fluttered over his head, sending a crackle of static electricity through his hair. He absently flattened it as he stood and looked around.

They had landed on a hilltop, it seemed, giving him a view of the entire area. The sun was bright in an almost purple sky, and the forest was full of plants that were vaguely recognizable, but different enough from anything he’d seen before. Down below there was a sprawling town, with old buildings in the center, spreading out to newer structures. The architecture was amazing, and Syaoran could tell that this place would be the hub of history, given the statues visible from here, and the ornate buildings too big to live in. Perhaps in a library or museum, there would be information about how to get the clones back? Maybe he’d find some kind of lead?

Behind him, he heard the others moving. Fai whistled appreciatively at the view.

“Hyuu! The city looks so pretty, don’t you think, Kuro-tan? Kuro-tan!”

His voice abruptly jumped in alarm, and Syaoran turned away from the sight to see Kurogane -face a pasty chalk color- sinking to the ground, gripping his left shoulder like he was afraid it would fall off. Fai had landed a ways away from him, turning like Syaoran had done to see the view, and so had to leap to catch the other man before he fell completely.

“Kurogane!” Mokona, who’d been on the other side of Fai, yelled out in panic as Fai caught him.

“What happened?” Syaoran said, running over. Mokona was bouncing on the ground near Kurogane’s feet, anxiety on her face, and as Syaoran ran closer, she leaped to hug his ankle.

Fai supported Kurogane, who was half bent over with Fai’s arm across his chest, with his face screwed up in obvious agony. Fai’s face was worried, as he answered Syaoran’s question.

“The landing was too much for his arm, I think.”

Kurogane had landed as roughly as the rest of them, but ever since the fight in Clow Country a few weeks ago, Kurogane had been in increasing amounts of pain from the artificial limb he’d gotten to replace his real one. He’d been hiding it, because he was Kurogane, but Syaoran knew that Fai was watching him, and they’d all noticed that the normally taciturn ninja would go completely silent, face tense, and he never moved the arm if he could help it.

Nowhere in the past few weeks that they’d landed had had the technology needed to do anything or even advanced pain medication, and it looked like this place would be no different.

Mokona wailed, hugging his leg tighter.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt Kurogane!”

Fai gave Mokona a small smile.

“Oh, little one. It’s not your fault.”

Syaoran scooped up the little thing, and cradled her to his chest. Kurogane hadn’t spoken or moved, panting and trying to get a hold of himself. Fai kept his arms around him, keeping him upright, but it was clear he was as distressed about this as Mokona. He clenched his jaw, and spoke, eyes glinting.

“Enough is enough. We can’t just keep hoping we’ll land in Piffle. You need that fixed, Kuro-stubborn.”

Kurogane gulped a breath, and unclasped his right hand from his shoulder, to grab Fai’s forearm across his chest. He turned to meet Fai’s eyes, but he still couldn’t manage more than a weak glare. Fai got the message though.

“When I said it would take it out of me, I didn’t mean I couldn’t do it in an emergency! I’ll manage, and Mokona will help. You’ve been in so much pain. We are getting you to Piffle, Kuro-pi, there’s no arguing!” Fai was snapping, ponytail flying with emphasis and Kurogane relented, even a small quirk coming onto his lips.

“Fine…” He whispered, and Fai sighed in relief.

Syaoran clutched Mokona, resisting the urge to glance back to the city and show the emotions that were tightening his chest. They hadn’t even seen this world, but they were leaving for another? Who could guess if they ever came back here again? What if this place had the answers? Time could be running out. Sick anxiety pushed him to move, to learn and search, and this was a step backward. Nothing on Piffle would help him.

But he was being selfish. Piffle would help, would save Kurogane. And though, he mostly knew the man through the eyes of his clone…he cared. He wouldn’t argue, not when Fai was tense with worry, Kurogane was still breathing hard with pain, and Mokona shivered in his arms. He pushed down the thoughts, and let Mokona go.

“I’ll help Fai,” Mokona said, hopping out of his arms, and standing on the ground in the middle of them. She put a little paw softly on Kurogane’s boot. “I hope you get better, Kurogane.”

“Thanks, bun.” Kurogane said, short of breath, still leaning on Fai. Fai and Mokona then nodded to each other, and began, Fai with his free hand, fingers raised, and Mokona spread her wings. Syaoran snuck one last glance at the city, and then closed his eyes.

This time the interdimensional travel was worse than usual. Mokona’s swirly magic combined with Fai’s runes, to make a dizzying swirl of colors. The roar filled his ears, and it seemed to take forever: there was a sense of searching, and Syaoran imagined Fai picking through countless worlds to find Piffle.

They landed. Hard. Kurogane choked and it was worse than a scream.

He’d been knocked out of Fai’s grasp at the impact, curled loosely on the ground, gripping his shoulder again, face white, teeth bared, not breathing-

Fai too, face gone pale with the magical effort, fell to the ground. On his knees, he put a hand on Kurogane’s face.

“I’m sorry, sorry… just breathe, Kuro-sama,” He gasped, short of breath himself. He stroked the ninja’s cheek in a way that Syaoran rarely saw in normal circumstances. “Breathe… we made it.”

Syaoran hadn’t fallen, but he still blinked a few times at the change, twice in one day. Fai was correct. Around them were the bulbous buildings and strangely shaped skyscrapers of Piffle world, and above them was the Piffle Princess Company Tower, and alarms were already being called at the appearance of the travelers. They’d made it.

The kind of arrival they’d made was unique, and it was clear that after the initial shock had passed, the people who surrounded them knew who they were, and who they were coming to see. Emergency workers moved in with stretchers for all three of them, though Syaoran was still standing, and gently waved them away from him, and towards the two older men.

Fai at least was doing better, by the time that Tomoyo got there, still white-faced, but sitting upright on the hovering stretcher, and watching worriedly as the workers attempted to make Kurogane more comfortable. They mostly hid the man from view as they worked. Syaoran stood near him, with a shivering Mokona in his arms, while Tomoyo hurried over to Kurogane’s side, her small face pinched in concern and clothes only the barest bit rumpled.

“Tomoyo-chan,” Fai said, in greeting. His voice was breathless, rough with tiredness, but he still tried to smile at her.

Tomoyo did smile back, reaching out a small hand to clasp his. Her smile faded to a pained frown.

“Oh, Fai-san, I’m so sorry! This is our technology that did this to him.”

Fai shook his head, wincing from what was perhaps a headache.

“He didn’t rest properly. It wasn’t your fault, my dear.”

Syaoran bit his lip, and looked back over at Kurogane, as the workers cleared away slightly. He was still a yellow-white, with his face pinched in pain, brows furrowed, but he was unconscious now, breathing more steadily. The arm was stabilized, wrapped in a cushioning splint to prevent any movement from the neck to fingertips.

“This is all we can do on the road,” said one of the emergency workers, and Tomoyo nodded.

“Bring him to my private hospital wing,” she ordered.

The stretcher moved off, and after Fai was persuaded to lie down again, his followed. Syaoran held onto Mokona as the rest of his group vanished from sight, along with most of the crowd of emergency works and attendants of Tomoyo’s. Tomoyo remained, watching them go before turning towards Syaoran, and smiling.

“It’s good to see you Syaoran-kun, Mokona-chan.” she said, looking tired but kind as always.

Syaoran was tired too, and worry and frustration were coiling in his gut. He pushed it all down to smile back at her in greeting.

“You too, Tomoyo-san. Thank you for helping.”

Mokona stirred from her worried ball, and looked at Tomoyo before bouncing into her arms.

“Are Kurogane and Fai going to be alright?” she asked Tomoyo, and Tomoyo petted her head before responding.

“I’m sure of it.”



Friday morning, Ange bounced along at his side. She had a day off of school that she normally wouldn’t due to meetings and happily tagged along with her brother. Perhaps she would see her meta club friends today. Now wouldn’t that be fun? If she thought about it, she’s seen a lot of Xion and Kurogane lately, but not a lot of Fay. Perhaps they could meet up today!

Her wish was granted as she looked over and saw the blonde wandering down the way. “Fay-chan! Fay-chan!” she called, pulling on her brother’s arm and waving. He stopped and turned towards him. He was already up and about? that was fast.

“Hey Fay. You feeling better today?”


〖affectionandfuture’s 500+ Followers Follow Forever〗 

My first ever follow forever done in celebration of this blog reaching 500+ followers! I honestly never thought I would reach this many when I first started RPing last year. Everyone was so supportive, understanding, and welcomed me right into the community even thought I had no prior RPing background. I love you all very much!

So, since this is my first Follow Forever and I only follow 250 blogs, I included everyone I follow- both RP blogs and nonRP blog- and I only have a small inking that I might have missed a few or made a mistake. (I still love you all!) Unfortunately, some people did delete and others are inactive, but I feel they they still deserve the credit because they are all amazing people and are perfect in their own ways. So go and follow them~!

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Big news!!! 💟 💝 💚 💜 💙 💘 💙

Hey everyone!!! I know everything is messed up because of the notes mistake, so I have something to cheer everyone up!

I’m getting tumblr married!!! (Tumblr married is when you make a friend and have a huge tumblr party, signifying you are married!) The lucky groom/bride (I have no clue but honestly don’t care) is supernatural-is-bae47 (love you bae 💗 )

I would love it if the–good–soldier(Michael the archangel) would get us married!!! 💟 🌟 💖 💗
The guest list is (you can bring anyone, it’s a free for all. NO DRUNK UNCLES)
becca-is-not-on-fire, fakeheartlessbitch, onewalkertothenext, questionablymoral, luisa2018156, why-cant-cordy-stay, idril-fay, phangirlpotterhead, debora-chan-love, renegademisha, iamnotawinchester, ask-impala67, super-locked-in-the-tardis, lucifers-ex-wife, phanstarlight, lollipops-and-golden-feathers, raxacoric0fallapatorious, my-harry-potter-generation, mymustachedheart, plaidwearingangel, yapilandirilmamis-uzayli-beyni, bands-laywith-mymind (I hope you will to be my best man/ maid of honor), accio-captain-swan, askbabynatural, ask-adam-milligan .
It will be Tuesday, and we will celebrate by eating ice cream in our houses staring at the screen, cuddled in our blankets.

We would both love it if you’d be there 💝