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“Volevo dirti che sto bene in ogni posto ma non sono al posto giusto se non ci sei tu. Che ti regalerei anche i momenti estremi in cui ho bisogno di scappare dal mondo, quelli che sono aria per me, esigenza. E se ci perderemo, non ti perderò e non mi perderai. Perché alla fine io lo so e tu lo sai. Ci sono tramonti che non tramontano mai.”

-Massimo Bisotti

Save Me (Victor Zsasz x Female Reader)

Requested by @ella-00000: can you write an imagine where someone kidnaps you as a revenge on Victor but Victor save you.

Warnings: Kidnapping, Mention of Violence and Abuse, Murder & Blood.


Time passed slowly. You stayed hidden within the darkness, feeling every beat of your heart pounding on the cold stone you laid upon. The cellar was as quiet as it was dark, with only one sound to be heard; the sound of your own pulse throbbing in your ears. Suddenly, the serenity of silence was disturbed when the door opposite you slowly opened. A narrow stream of light gracefully meandered through the room, and a shadow quickly followed. You sat up and curled up against the hard wall, shielding yourself from the approaching threat.

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MCL/Eldarya reactions at the beach

(Sorry if there are some english mistakes) 

Nathaniel : “Let’s take a walk” / ”Allons marcher”

Castiel“Do you know you’re sexy af ?” / ”Sais-tu que tu es ultra sexy ?”

Lysandre “I want you to have the biggest day of your life” ”Je veux que ce soit la plus belle journée de ta vie !”

Kentin“Get on my back sweetheart !” / ”Montre sur mon dos sweetheart !” 

Armin“Don’t know what we are doing but I’m having fun” / ”Je ne sais pas ce qu’on fait mais je m’amuse bien”

Alexy : “Candy, we’re fabulous !” / ”Sucrette, on est fabuleux !”

Dake : “You make my heart sing, baby” / ”Tu fais vibrer mon coeur, bébé”

Priya “Let’s drink, darling !” / ”Buvons, ma chérie !”

Valkyon“I want freedom !” / ”J’ai envie de liberté !”

Ezarel“What ? You forgot the icecream ?” / ”Quoi ? Tu as oublié les glaces ?”

Nevra : “I can’t wait to eat you !” / “J’ai hâte de te manger !”

Deadly Encounter (Victor Zsasz x Reader)

A/N: Some were asking for more Zsasz stories, so I thought I’d post some of my old imagines I’ve posted on AO3. This imagine is Gender Neutral and have no warnings. It’s just a lot of cute fluff. Set during season 1.

Working as Falcone’s chef may not be the easiest job, there were plenty of mouths to feed, but you enjoyed it nevertheless. Even though Falcone was a criminal, he was a fair and kind boss, always complimenting your cooking, yet you knew it was wise not to cross him.

The only thing scaring you in this big mansion was Falcone’s hitman. Victor Zsasz. The way his dark eyes could stare you down, intimidated you to the core. And yet, there was this heat that emanated between your bodies those times he would come into the kitchen to see what you’ve had cooked or baked. He would get so close, standing right behind you, to look over your shoulder and see what you were doing. And you found yourself unable to breathe at his closeness.

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Review: “Highs and Lows” Ep. 1102

(Cross-posted over on Facebook.)
(Preamble: It would be a crying shame if certain folks in the TV industry didn’t sit up and take notice of this episode when the time comes around for handing out awards… Just sayin’…)

And speaking about crying: we were warned, and we were not lied to! I definitely had a couple tissues to soak up some tears watching Alisha Newton’s beautiful performance. Mark Haroun’s script offered her a great opportunity to showcase a range of emotions, and she delivered!

“Every generation has a story” is the Season 11 theme, and “Highs and Lows” jumped right into the spirit of things. 

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