Before you try and fuck the moon, some things you should know:

Moon dust is extremely abrasive.
Moon dust also smells like burnt gunpowder.
The surface of the moon is 253 Degrees Fahrenheit (123 Degrees Centigrade) during the day. And -387 Degrees Fahrenheit (-233 Degrees Centigrade) at night.
Daylight lasts two weeks on the moon and nighttime lasts two weeks. So if you’re gonna fuck the moon all night, better bring a snack, cuz you’re gonna be there for a while.
International Law prevents any nation from laying claim to the moon or other celestial bodies as extensions of territory. So you can’t exactly call the moon one your “conquests.”
did I mention moon dust is very abrasive and it will chafe like hell?
Because it will.
One day, one rhyme- Day 785

Too hot, forty-two in the shade.
Not Fahrenheit, that’s centigrade.
Mirages spring up on the road,
Sunscreen is liberally bestowed.
You’ll need no stove for pasta snack,
Just pop your saucepan out the back.
Your car becomes a microwave.
If you need warm water to shave,
Turn on the cold tap, my good friend!
Seats by the air-con we defend,
The back lawn becomes no-mans-land.
Third degree burns if you touch sand.
You’ve seen sun dried tomatoes, right?
We may be like them before night.
I think I should probably state
That I’m prone to exaggerate…