fahrenheit & s.h.e

喂, 你要聽什麼? (hey, what do you want to listen to?)

[zombies, run! / sam yao]

01 Lollipop f(x) & Mic / 02 朋友 (Friends) Emil Chau / 03 Once Upon a Time in China theme song Wong Fei Hong / 04 無敵 (Invincible) Deng Chao (The Mermaid OST) / 05 周大俠 (Kung Fu Dunk theme song) Jay Chou / 06 超喜歡你 (I Super Like You) Fahrenheit / 07 Super Star S.H.E. / 08 Super Girl Super Junior M / 09 Eyes On Me Faye Wong (Final Fantasy VIII OST) / 10 Can’t Help Falling In Love (live) F4 / 11 Lovefool Jolin Tsai / 12 燒肉粽  (Rice Dumplings) [Hokkien] Teresa Teng / 13 紅豆 (Red Bean) Khalil Fong / 14 Always Online JJ Lin / 15 童話 (Fairy Tale) Michael Wong / 16 菊花台 (Chrysanthemum Flower Bed) Jay Chou / 17 I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Mandarin) Jackie Chan (Mulan OST) / 18 T.A.O. Z.TAO



This was supposed to be a playlist of songs Sam Yao may have grown up with–Teresa Teng, Jay Chou, movie themes, embarrassing pop music, that one song that every Chinese person you meet seems to know by heart for reasons that are completely mysterious to you. You know, if Sam Yao were me.

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