There are very few reasons to be proud of Albuquerque, but every so often you find great reasons to pay attention to what’s going on down here.  These kids are one of them.  Check out KND: Kids Next Door.  ABQ Hip-Hop at its finest.

Go download their mix tape.  It’s free.

In The Clouds (Prod. Flawless)
KND: Kids Next Door
In The Clouds (Prod. Flawless)

If you’re feeling down take a listen and just kick it with your head up in the clouds. ABQ Hip-Hop.

Nuvo: “Summertime cruisin’, putting all of our tunes in. Been a while since I’ve had a day that I was losing.”

Benz: “You can call Mister Fantastic or Mister Whatever, cause I don’t mind just what you call me just as long as we together.”

Check em’ out.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KNDFP

Twitter - @benzshelton and @nicknuvo

Mixtape Download - http://www.datpiff.com/KND-Kids-Next-Door-Fahrelly-The-Mixtape.330035.html