it’s contagious! third day I sing “I kissed Tony Stark and I liked it!

Losing Neverland- 1 Bs.-Tourniquet (Fahr Sindram)

Losing Neverland-2 Bd- Moloch    (Fahr Sindram)

Losing Neverland - STORYBOOK ( Fahr Sundram)

Eine wichtige Meldung für Losing Neverland-Fans:

Alle Bände sind weiterhin über den Buchhandel ( Thalia, Hugendubel ect.sowie Comicläden) und über Butter & Cream erhältlich. 

Achtung- Das Cover von Losing Neverland 1.Bd wurde geändert!( Neuauflage 2013, siehe oben).

!! Es ist völlig unnötig gebrauchte überteuerte Ausgaben auf     Online-Marktplätzen zu kaufen!“

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ARTE PODIUM about Manga in Germany. With yours truly…



Last week I was invited to represent the shortfilm “BERLIN LOVES TOKYO” in Flensburg at the Shortfilm-Festival. Mrs. Sternberg had to stay in berlin with her little son and so I took over to show up on stage. Many other good movies were shown and my personal fav was “INTERVIEW #3”. Totaly rocked me. 

Inbetween events I had a little snack in the city and looked around and enjoyed the amazing old houses in Flensburg. It really looked just like something from the Harry Potter-Books. Like Digaon Alley or… it was amazing. 

The “Weinstube” was cosy and warm and I loved how old and medival everything looked. Look at the nice pictures and the dark wood. It was soo cool.

It was really cold outside, but my pettis kept me warm. And back inside the Cinema it was too warm. hihi. 

A little Outfit-Rundown:

Dress: Angelic Pretty

Jacket: Angelic Pretty

Wig: Ebay

Bow: Angelic Pretty

Shoes: Secret Shop

Rest: H&M, Chocomint, Drugstore-Hairpins. The butterflys and fireflys are from a toystore in berlin.

I was so happy to finaly get a chance to wear my new dress, I’ve got it months ago from Nancy and never wore it. But with the Milky-Chan Jacket it looks soo good. Better then without it, no?

Back inside the festival endet and all the directors and producers had a drink AND I had the chance to get in touch with some of them. Very openminded, cool people. I really enjoyed it. Big time.

Anyway, I was home way after midnight and I would do it again. It was all so “arty” you know? Like the german Mangascene back in the early 2000.