Happy Holidays everyone! :)
Just finished this painting from observation a few days ago…

I’m calling this “Fish Are Friends.” It is a painting from observation…. I observed the movement of my fish in their tanks and drew what I saw. I later added color using oil paint based on values from the original drawing and reference photos of my fish friends. I have always had a fascination with aquatic life… They are a continuous source of inspiration to me and my work.

3’ x 6’, oil on canvas.

Fahaka Pufferfish (Tetraodon lineatus)

Also known as the Nile Puffer, Lineatus Puffer, or the Globe Fish, the fahaka pufferfish is a species of tropical freshwater pufferfish (Tetraodontidae) which occurs in the Nile River and other river basins in Africa. Like other pufferfish, when disturbed T. lineatus boasts the ability to inflate when threatened and carries the toxin Tetrodoxin. Fahaka pufferfish are primarily molluscivorous and will forage in the benthic zone for freshwater mussels and snails. 


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Tetraodontiformes-Tetraodontidae-Tetraodon-T. lineatus

Image: Earedien

BEST OF INSTAGRAM — James Paxton | April 25, 2016

thisisjamespaxton :Besides this being hilarious, this is actually a Fahaka Pufferfish from the Nile River and it made me think instantly of my best aquatic friend, a Fahaka named Puff whom I had for 8 years growing up. Could never have cats or dogs growing up due to parents’ allergies so I had Puff, and I can tell ya he’s the happiest and most intelligent fish I’ve ever known. Always rockin the inquisitive puppy dog eyes. He was my pup growin up. Miss him. #truestory #puff

tyler.matthew.young: Damn I’m never eating fish again fuck u