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Westerosi Days of the Week

As no names are given for the days of the week in canon, here’s my attempt at a system that works in a fanfic context.

  • Monday: Mainday or Maiden’s Day

 The moon is a pretty universal symbol for feminity or maidenhood.

  • Tuesday: Warday or Warrior’s Day

Tuesday is derived from Tyr, the Norse god of single combat.

  • Wednesday: Faraday or Father’s Day

Wednesday is derived from Wodan aka Odin, the Norse All-father. I shortened it to Faraday (pronounced “Fah-day”) because I wanted that tiny mindfuck of an extra syllable that you don’t pronounce.

  • Thursday: Smithday or Smith’s Day

Derived from Thor aka the dude with the hammer.

  • Friday: Mothday or Mother’s Day

Derived from the Norse goddess Frigg, Odin’s wife, the All-mother.

  • Saturday: Strangerday or Stranger’s Day

This kind of fits as Saturn was the Roman god of time and the cycle of the seasons, but I mostly liked that it’s the only day with three syllables. Oh, and Saturn is the only Roman god here, surrounded by Norse gods. So maybe a stranger in a way?

  • Sunday: Cronday or Crone’s Day

In my mind, it rhymes with Sunday, despite the spelling. Also sun = light = lantern. A bit of a stretch, I admit..

I came up with this for a Modern AU. In canon the order would most likely go something like Father-Smith-Warrior-Maiden-Mother-Crone-Stranger, but I wanted an alignment with our modern system. What do you think, @maroucia @a-muscaria @sketcheraserepeat ?