throwback to me playin some surf map with my buds and some guy got into a really one sided conversation with someone on the server about eminem and kept calling me a fag, and then proceeded to play rap god over his phone speakers

this is probably unneeded, but i just wanted to go on record saying it.

you can like problematic people all you want, think they’re funny, follow them to your hearts content, but don’t emulate them??

i know its #edgy and hilarious to drop the n word and the fag word all the time? i love idubbbz as much as the next guy, but as a gay man with black best friends its just not really that funny lol and if ur not black or gay just stop, let your favs make a fool of themselves and stay out of it

theres plenty of other more original and edgelord memes out there i promise, dont be a lazy asshole

When a fag embraces the truth, accepts his place and worships the power of a Real Man, the fag is liberated from fear…

The fag becomes fearless…

He is what he was born to be…the fag is free.

So here’s a rhetorical question that’s been annoying me for a while: Why do queer people in mainstream media never have queer friends?

Willow goes out of her way to join a Wicca group in college because she wants to explore a new interest with people who have more experience, but for some reason she does not seek out a GSA. Kate Kane has an ex and a fiancee and some hot dates at gay bars and apparently that’s it, she has literally never spoken to a queer woman who she doesn’t want to bang. Steve has an ex (who there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for him not to start dating again, since they both obviously still love each other and the guy is apparently cool with the Warehouse, but whatever), and outside that his entire universe is being the fag to Claudia’s hag. I don’t even remember he and Helena ever even speaking to each other. None of them show any hint of membership in a wider community, or that their sexuality is in any way important to their identity or daily life experience.

Like, even in the most thoughtful and well put-together stories, the token queer folx always seem to exist in this weird sort of magical bubble of isolation, where they encounter a maximum of exactly one other queer person in their lives, and that person is their love interest. They have no political interest in or awareness of LGBT+ issues, which probably don’t even exist in their personal universe outside maybe being insulted once by a straw homophobe, and which certainly don’t inform their choices or opinions in any way. They have no support or guidance from their peers or anyone to talk to when The Hets Are Being Unfortunate Again. They may have a dramatic ~coming out~ experience but it will be entirely encapsulated by their interactions with the single prospective partner who has caused them to self-question and maybe the straight cast member friend they confide in.

And to an extent, sure, most characters in ensemble casts don’t have much in the way of friends or community outside the main cast that we see, but decent shows still, at minimum, imply those connections or the importance of a person’s marginalized identity in other cases. Buffy encounters and combats sexism both subtle and overt, and has multiple relationships of different stripes with different women. Carter has a black ex and son and dates another black man on screen (Cal ;_;), Shaw celebrates Persian New Year and speaks Farsi with a cab driver. Myka and HG both toss out rare, somewhat sanitized feminism. These things are certainly depressingly rare and often implication-only in the case of race, but I have literally never seen them in the case of sexuality.

(And what drives me really nuts is that a lot of us seem to see this as a *good* thing, somehow? Like Root/Shaw fans will wank for hours about how amazing it is that that relationship just ~happened~ and was treated just like any other organic relationship and no one ever made a ~thing~ of Root or Shaw’s sexuality, and like, I realize that it doesn’t make any sense for Shaw to care particularly but am I the only one who noticed that we don’t even actually know that Root is a lesbian? Like fandom has decided that, for some reason, but that word has never been said on the show by anyone at any time, it is not actually canon that Root is not interested in men, we do not see how Root’s sexuality affects her the way we see how her or Harold’s disabilities or Shaw’s neurodivergence impact their lives, why are people celebrating their life experiences not being acknowledged?)