I don’t give a damn if you think calling homphobic bisexual bitches “fake” and “hoe” is problematic. I’m sick of these stupid bitches running here saying “fag” all reckless and then hiding behind their sexuality when they don’t want to get dragged. Especially when some of those bitches be straight, admittedly so, and then get mad when you call them out for it. I know damn well people assume bisexual women are “faking it” but the context I am using “fake” to call out homophobia in bisexual women is not it. I can say that because I’m bisexual myself, and it’s bitches like that who perpetuate biphobia themselves. 


“you can’t shame us for our bodies natural needs”

“we just want to piss and shit in peace like everyone else”

“transgender pride”

“a trans woman sat here and the world did not end; trans rights = human rights”

“trans pride; these fags bash back!!!”

graffiti found in bathrooms in California, USA