Musical Instruments

La Flauta Flute

El Oboe oboe

El Clarinete Clarinet 

EL Saxofón / El Saxofóno Saxophone

El Fagot Bassoon

La Trompeta Trumpet

El Trombón Trombone 

El Euforio / El Euphonium Euphonuim 

El Barítono Baritone

La Tuba Tuba

El Flautín / El Piccolo Piccolo

El Violín Violin 

La Viola Viola 

El Bajo Bass

El Piano Piano

El Arpa Harp

El Xilófono xylophone

La Marimba Marimba

El Tambor Drum

La Trampa Snare

Las Campanas Bells

Los Cimbalos Cymballs

El Violonchelo / Cello Cello

El Cuerno Francés / El Corno Francés French Horn

How do you antis feel about making people feel guilty just because they enjoy something. How do you feel everyday when you insult someone for something that clearly do not harm any body ? How do you feel at night right before you go to sleep about all the cyber bullying you did in the day.

Oh right you do not feel. You guys have no emotion. You are no better than any of the fuckboi I saw in my life. No better than any of the people who call other people with homophobic name such as fagot. You are better than the men who kill women. You are no better than any other evil person on this planet and I just wish for you to go some where far far away from tumblr and any civilization.


I thought I was safe on my blog , I mean I see posts how ddlg haters are aggressive and how they should stop hating on ddlg But fortunately none on mine I thought I was lucky that no one is hating on my blog I thought everyone just didn’t care I thought everyone just minded their own business But BANG! I start getting hate and guys are calling me a ddlg fagot and commanding me to delete my blog … my little space. Just why? Why are you hating? I mean there is nothing wrong with ddlg! Nothing! It’s my lifestyle! Ddlg is a safe haven for me , a place to be myself, to be me , so, I am going to say this once and the last time! GO GET A LIFE AND STOP HATING ON DDLG! Thank you 😊 have a good day!

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