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Save The Last Dance For Me (part 1)

All it takes is one moment of courage.

Mickey had been struggling with the notion of going someplace out in the open with Ian. Someplace where he could be himself without having to hide behind his tatted up knuckles. He’d put it off and put it off, but finally after weeks of having time to stew about it, he finally decided that he’d swallow his fears and just do it. What could it hurt? They were going to go somewhere farther away so that no Southsiders could see Mickey and run and tell his brothers since Terry was in Jail, and wasn’t as much of a concern.

When Mickey told Ian he had made his decision it made the redhead more excited than Mickey had ever seen him. They’d go tonight before Mickey could change his mind. It was all pretty simple, shower, get dressed sort of nice and borrow the car since nobody was using it.

“Alright, let’s do this.” Mickey finally said as he stood in the doorway looking at Ian once he was ready.

“Are you sure about this?” Ian asked looking him over, boy sure cleaned up nice.

“Yeah, now let’s go.” The cleaned-up-dirty-boy replied gruffly rubbing his hand over his face as he headed towards the door. “I’mma go warm up the car.” He called back to Ian heading out to wait for the redhead. Sitting in the car he lit himself a cigarette, mostly just letting it burn as he sat there thinking. It wasn’t until Ian came out that he realized he wasted the cancer stick and threw it out the open window.

“Alright, it’s up about 100 blocks away in Lake Forest.” Ian said handing Mickey a piece of paper with the address on it as he got comfortable in the passenger seat. It was obvious by his demeanor that Ian was excited, he finally got to go out somewhere, public, with the person he cared most about.

“Alright I think I know how to get to that street. You can look out for the address.” Putting the piece of paper somewhere safe so it didn’t get lost. Most of the ride was silent as he drove them to the location, too much talking and Mickey might lose his nerve. It had taken a war in his own mind to even get himself to this point. Parking the car he looked over at Ian and let out a breath. “Ready?” Mickey had to ask, because part of him wasn’t.


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