Late at night

Late at night,
when you can feel the wind in your hair,
imagine me beside you.

The sun sets through the trees
Sinking down behind,
Suffusing through the leaves

and now the sky is watercolour
Purple dashed over blue-
Blue so deep you can feel it in your toes

The leaves are dark green, like old ivy
Vibrant and musky
moss covered paradises call my name
late at night,
when I stand outside

Late at night,
look up at the sky
and see the stars;

That light is four years old
It has travelled millions of millions of miles
to be with us today-

as I stand there
in your mind
beside you.

The moon’s cold light reflecting off your hair,
dancing within your eyes,
washing you clean.

And I smile at you
and the world is peaceful, and so beautiful
just like you.

This moment
right here
this smile
this unbroken silent vow-

would that it would come to be.

Would that you could imagine,
like i do,
late at night.

AAAHHHH. I can’t lie. i can’t tell someone who’s fat and ugly tha they’re “oooooh you’re not fat!”

I think that’s why it’s so difficult for me to befriend people…oh well. :P