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Would you be willing to share your French toast recipe????

I’ve gotten a couple of people asking for this, and I feel a bit silly posting it, because I feel like it will be a Disappointment but, here we go:

Mix these things in a bowl first:
1/8 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp Cinammon
¼ tsp sugar
1/8 tsp Cloves
¼ tsp allspice
A dash of ginger, if that’s yr thing (I waffle abt this)

All of these measurements are inexact, because I change them up, and my allspice only shakes out, so that’s a guess. I debate sometimes using a like… hot spicy or more full bodied spice (pepper, cumin) but at this point I haven’t because I’m just trying to have a good time here.

After those are mixed in, use a shot glass and put in:

2/3rd shot glass of Actual Maple Syrup
½ shot glass Amaretto
½ shot glass Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
Full shot glass coffee
½ tsp vanilla extract

I’m debating using other forms of alcohol here, like maybe a bourbon, or even a spiced rum. Use yr judgment, ya know? But once again, these are v. general and eyeballed measurements.

Mix those until they are like evenly mixed. This is important, because if you put in the eggs before you mix enough, the mixture doesn’t come out even, and is clumpy. Break 3 eggs and whisk them in the mix. You want it to be liquid, not a paste, so basically use whatever coffee you have to thin it until it’s the sort of consistency of milk I guess.

I cut up a loaf of cinnamon bread (I like cinnamon!) that has a spongey kinda feel to it. You can use ‘normal’/sandwhich bread tho; I just have always liked sweet bread french toast (like challah) and other egg breads for this purpose. I cut it into ½ inch to ¾ pieces, and then put it in the mix; I press the bread so that the mixture permeates into the bread a little bit, but like… softly, ya know? Don’t crush yr bread, it’s all a balance.

I then cook it on medium high heat on an oiled pan on the stove. I microwave some of the maple syrup (like 25 seconds here or else it’s a mess) to eat w it, and cook it on each side; enough to be cooked but like not burnt. I lean towards overcooked than undercooked tho, because 1) eggs and II) texture.

Then yr done! Hope that this is helpful for anyone who wants to make french toast w an unreasonable amount of ingredients.

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