I sometimes see folks talk like modern tabletop RP podcasts are making fun of the hobby by giving everyone ridiculous names, and all I can think of is the fact that one of D&D’s earliest published modules - yes, I mean in print - includes the following example PCs:

  • Beek Gwenders of Croodle
  • Cloyer Bulse the Magsman
  • Faffle Dweomercraft
  • Flerd Trantle
  • Fonkin Hoddypeak
  • Frush O'Suggil
  • Gleep Wurp the Eyebiter
  • Redmod Dumple
  • Roaky Swerked

And that’s just from one source. Other early publications include such luminaries as Darg Blonke, Fage the Kexy and Fnast Dringle.

The game has literally always been like this.

How to Cut Words in French

Do you ever have that moment when you’re writing something on a piece of paper and you run out of space on a line before you can fit your whole word in? Well here are the rules to cutting words when writing in French!


- Cut between two syllables

e.g.: briser – bri/ser, souris – sou/ris

- Cut between repeated consonnants

e.g. : chauffage – chauf/fage, nettoyage – net/toyage

- Cut after the second of three consonants

e.g.: sculpteur – sculp/teur, obstacle – obs/tacle

EXCEPTION: Cut after the first of three consonants if the third consonant is “r” or “l”

e.g.: marber – mar/brer, encercler – encer/cler

- After the first hyphen

e.g.: cinquante-trois – cinquante-/trois, donne-le-lui – donne-/le-lui


- Don’t cut between two vowels

e.g.: avion, poésie

EXCEPTION: If a word has a prefix, then it is possible to cut between two vowels as long as the cut is placed after the prefix

e.g.: antiacide – anti/acide, radioactive – radio/actif

- Don’t cut between two consonants that make up a single sound

e.g.: marchand, mignon

- Don’t cut before or after an apostrophe

e.g.: presqu’île, aujourd’hui

- Don’t cut before or after the letters “x” or “y” when these are placed between vowels

e.g.: flexible, joyau

EXCEPTION: If the “x” or “y” represent a single sound, then it is possible to cut before that letter

e.g.: dixième – di/xième, kayak – ka/yak

Other things to avoid

- cutting after a single-letter syllable

- cutting before the last syllable, if that syllable contains a silent “e”

- cutting a small word

- cutting proper names

- cutting the last word of a paragraph


Smoothie of the Day: 1.5 large bananas, 2/3 of a medium pear, 40g of spinach, ½ cup Fage greek yogurt, almond milk, and ice. This was so creamy, refreshing, and hydrating! Also, I’ve decided that drinking smoothies with a straw makes everything so much better…green straw, green smoothie!
Still debating getting a vitamix…hmmm
Also, is that not a perfect banana?? It is literally the perfect ripeness!

Craving apple pie?

Here’s a low-calorie, protein filled, delicious alternative!

  • Greek yogurt
  • Lite syrup (2 tablespoons or more, depending on how sweet you want it to taste)
  • Vanilla extract (1 tablespoon)
  • Small apple chunks
  • Cinnamon

Mix together, then enjoy for an apple pie yogurt, or stick in the freezer for a bit for an apple pie flavored ice cream!


Smoothie of the Day: Bottom layer was made with 50g frozen banana, 115g frozen raspberries, 100g greek yogurt, and almond milk to help it blend. Top layer was made with 200g ataulfo mango (!!!), 50g frozen banana, and water. I thinkI frozen my bananas at just the perfect ripeness…THIS SMOOTHIE IS AMAZING! The ataulfo mango layer is seriously liquid gold. I am forever in love with smoothies :D

There’s so many dramas going on at TSR at the moment. My skins were removed because the #GenSim (?) bases I used as reference points had S-Club textures in them and they never had their permission in the first place. Even though the layers have been removed, they were still rejected. I guess I’ll just post them on here instead? But first…

For : F

Age : Teen +

With custom thumb nails