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Is there anything better then being a fag in high school, working for months with your drama club on an end of year play knowing that every cent of profit will be used for the Football team’s new weight room. Something the school is actually proud of. 

Came out to my mates today. Turns out they’re Trump supporters. Not only am I the school loser fag, but I’ve got to explain to my redneck Principle why I’m not allow to wipe the cum on my face off. Between the 6 months detention where I have to clean the school bathrooms and my new bullies this year is going to be the hardest and best year yet.

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I'm a gay guy and I kinda agree with u about context. I'd also add that you we shouldn't give certain words more power than they deserve. For example ive been called a fag in school a bunch of times, and it stopped having an affect on me after I stopped allowing that word to carry so much weight. I do think this is something that should be talked about more, and not just swept under the rug. Personally I'm open to hearing what other ppl think as long as they arnt being nasty lol

So true I think banning a word from people’s mouths like that gives them the strength to hurt others

i just like to imagine sherlock as an angsty teen, never as “perfect” as the standard set by his older brother who he (would never admit that he) admires. his parents love him to death and shower him in love and worry over him constantly, while Mycroft pushes him to use that giant brain of his for something good. i like to imagine sherlock who, despite being smartest in his year, is failing every class but chemistry bc he doesnt see the point in filling his head with things unless they matter to him. i like to imagine a sherlock that shrugs off his family’s affection and sneaks out or lies about going to study but instead goes to parties where he shoots heroine and smokes far more than he should and sleeps around with all the same boys who threaten the “fags” at school and it’s at one of those very parties where he meets the new boy, john watson, who soon becomes the first person to ever make sherlock want to do better, to get better, to tell his parents he loves them (if only to appease them) and get better grades.

Jake was washing dirty jocks and socks along with two other fags, whose names he hadn’t learnt yet. He’d been a fag owned by the school district for years now, and he knew his place better than most. Most of the fags at the school had been retired from service at the school at the end of last year, and put to work in hard labour around the town, so Jake was one of the most senior fags.

The laundry room was just off the locker room, and he knew the first school day of the year was about to start soon. It was a day he usually dreaded, with an incoming Freshman year, as this was the first time most Freshman Alphas had been up close and personal with fags.


“Sing Into My Mouth,” 2006

Doofy twelve-year-old NJ dykes.

I posted this earlier on twitter for a lark, and then it started going around, so I figured I’d put it up on the blog.

The title, of course, is from the Talking Heads song (art school fag-identified person as I was)

I consider this story somewhat successful, but also square in the “juvenilia” territory; I’m not including it in the book collection of my solo comics (working title Body Talk), but it is deeply special to me.

Zach Mason interviewed me for Comics Workbook Magazine, and he asked 

You just released a 158-page compilation PDF called Collected 2008-2013. Putting that work together - seeing it as a contiguous whole - I’m curious what you saw in your work that you couldn’t have seen as you were writing and drawing each individual piece.

[…] I remembered how I asked female friends, “What kind of things did you like as a pre-teen girl?” to research for a comic. […] I’d pushed down any desire to feel femme or be read as a girl, to the point where I forgot or didn’t fully realize that I’d ever wanted that. These comics became a dream space for me. I got to play out a lot of rage, sadness, and wish fulfillment.

I also thought to post this because I was thinking about desires getting safe space to play in game/art/dreamspace after I read Merritt’s post about her experiences playing on DBZ MUDs.

Lumos~ Chapter Six

((yeah yeah i think you know the summary by now))

a/n: it’s another long chapter bc i made you wait two days (which isn’t even long but since i’ve been uploading everyday so far…yeah ok here you go hope you like) xxxxx

Last Chapter | Chapter One

The courtyard was teeming, people struggling within the crowd. In the centre, Phil realised when he pushed his way to the front, was Dan and the guy he recognised to be Dan’s best friend. They were circling each other, both in blind fury. There were already quite a few marks to Dan’s features, though the other boy was a lot worse- it looked like Phil had missed quite a lot of the fight already.

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some jonnor headcanons/aus

  • jude and connor going to pride parades and jude hanging out with the trans/non binary people while connor parties it up with the gays and lesbians
  • going to any gay events and jude doing the face he does @ the word gay but going bc connor really wants to go
  • jude getting called a fag at school and connor literally beating the living shit out of the fuckboy who said it resulting in detention; lena fighting the school rules and saying that offensive terms should be banned
  • jude insisting that they need to pay more attention to trans rights and getting connor super informed on all the problems having to do with trans violence
  • connor writing out long ass instagram captions for jude’s birthday and jude just liking the picture; jude posting a sneaky pic of connor with a simple ‘happy birthday *heart emoji*’ and connor typing out a long ass response
  • on the instagram note, half of connor’s posts being rainbows and #lovewins and jude having like three posts on his entire page 
  • connor dragging jude to gay clubs where all the gays instantly fall in love with connor and he gets dragged on stage while jude takes videos but then connor pulls him up on stage

Class was never Michael Clifford’s thing. Occasionally he’d go, but usually he ditched just so he could smoke a fag behind the school instead of getting an education. Like he always said, “I’ll just join a band and be set.”

You were the new girl in school who, well…never really dug it either. You went to get away from your overbearing parents and away from the overpowering smell of cigarettes. Smoking was disgusting in your mind, yet everybody around you seemed to enjoy them. Loons they were.

It was only your third day of the new school and you already hated it. Classes sucked and some guy named mike or something of that sort seemed to never show up for your third period. He was probably another pothead or something , you thought.

Fourth hour came around and if for some reason you could never find it. You wondered around for what seemed like decades until you finally came to a stop. In front of you was a boy, But not just any boy.

He was cute, yet sexy. Tall, yet average. Muscular, yet soft. Perfect…yet not.

You hadn’t realized that you were staring until his attention snapped towards you as he pulled out a white and red box from his leather jack. Great, you thought. Another smoker.

The mystery boy continued to stare as he pulled out a box of matches and with a flick of the wrist, made it spark up with flames. He moved it to the end of the cancer stick and took a few puffs before blowing out a cloud smoke. He pulled the fag away from his lips before sinking his teeth into his bottom one and giving you a smirk.

“Want one?” He offered, and you just stood there speechless. You finally shook your head no, causing him to shrug as he put the box away into his pocket. He took another puff and you couldn’t help but scoff. This caught his attention.

“Not a big fan of smokers, I see?” He asked and you gave him a disgusted look with only caused him to laugh. Damn, his laugh was cute, you thought.

“You know, it’s proven that you’re not supposed to light your cigarettes with matches . The chemicals are bad for you.” You mumbled and the boy rose an eyebrow.

“Doesn’t seem to matter if they’re bad when you’re inhaling one of these, doll face.” He challenged as he flicked the ash off the end. You were slightly taken back by what he said before realizing he was right. Fuck.

“How long you’ve been going here? Two, maybe three days?” He asked, and you bit your bottom lip. How could he possibly know that?

“Am I that transparent?”

“No, but you hafta be new to even consider coming back here.” He laughed as he killed the cigarette and stopping it out with his boot.

“Yeah. It’s not exactly a five star is it?” You snap and he just walked toward you slowly. You can hear him as he walks and the stench of cigarettes get Stronger. You were now right in front of him, and could feel his breath on your face.

“It’s just that….” He started as he slowly trailed his soft fingertips up your bare right arm sending shivers down your spine. “Everybody know not to come back here anymore.” He finished , stopping his fingers on your shoulder.

“Anymore?” you ask, and he sighed.

“Let me ask you something.” He started as he removed his touch and taking a few steps back.

“When you walked back here, what ran through your mind?” He asked softly and you just stood there. His eyebrows rose and you shrugged only causing him to chuckle.

“You were probably thinking, great. I’ve come across the high school punk who thinks he can get away with whatever he wants , am I right?” He asked and you bite your lip.

“Something along those lines.” You mumbled, only causing him to laugh while shaking his head.

“You see, that’s my point. Girls like you just assume and assume until you make out people like me to be some kind of awful person. It’s disappointing, really.” He said, overlooking your body. His eyes didn’t make you feel uncomfortable Like usual, but …wanted?

“Disappointing?” You ask and he takes a step closer. He brings his hand up to cup your cheek softly, and leans down to whisper in your ear.

“Somebody as pure, and beautiful as you shouldn’t be so judgmental.” He whispered before softly trailing his nose across your cheek. You could feel his breath on your lips and his eyelashes flutter on your cheeks.

“Because at the end of the day, you’ll realize that somebody like you should be with somebody like me.” He smirks and thrusts his hips into yours causing you to gasp. At this moment you realize he’s only after one thing, sex.

“You reek of cigarettes!” You shout, pushing him away as he laughs.

“And you smell like vanilla but hey, I’m not complaining.” He says as you began to storm off. What a dick , you think.

“If you change your mind, you know where to find me.”