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My parents refuse to fill out my FAFSA form. Does this mean I can't get financial help from it?? I'm freaking out about affording college and I feel like I should just give up on going and just work instead. Is college needed to survive? What jobs can I get without it?? Sorry for so many questions, I just have nobody to ask.

Check out these resources:

Top 10 most common FAFSA mistakes

1. Forgetting to sign the application. 

2. Using incorrect federal taxes. 

3. Listing adjusted gross income as equal to total income earned from work.

4. Failing to use the IRS Data Retrieval tool. 

5. Filing Income Tax Returns incorrectly.

6. Making errors in the household size. 

7. Writing the wrong biographical information.

8. Forgetting to list a college or university.

9. Writing wrong parental information. 

10. Failing to register with the Selective Service. 


The FAFSA can be confusing. We’re here to help!