Dragon Maid Headcanon 2/?

Tohru and Fafnir are best friends, like the relationship Kobayashi and Takiya have.They meet up sometimes when both Takiya and Kobayashi are working and Kanna is at school, to discuss human behaviour and just general small talk.

Tohru likes to give Fafnir relationship advice for him and Takiya, to which he always replies with how he’s not interested in that way. One day Fafnir comes to Kobayshi’s apartment to find Tohru, his face red and general behaviour completely off. Tohru offers him tea and biscuits, which he gladly accepts, before ranting to Tohru about how ‘humans are stupid and I can’t believe he didn’t pick up on my hints and subtle flirting and so I just full on kissed him and then he left oh no I fucked up what do I do’

Meanwhile Tohru sits there sipping her tea with a smug expression.

Dragon Maid Headcanon 1/?

The weather changes when Fafnir’s emotions reach extremes. When he’s angry it’s stormy, and when he’s sad it rains for hours on end. Happiness brings sunshine, jealousy brings snow and hail.

Tohru and the other dragons know about this, but Fafnir doesn’t like discussing it. It shows he can’t control himself.

When Takiya first confesses, the sun doesn’t disappear for months.

When they fight for the first time, the storm becomes so intense, lightning begins to strike the ground.

When Fafnir sees a bunch of young girls flirting with Takiya at Comiket, snow appears without warning, creating layers of sleet outside outside the comic hall.

The day Takiya dies, Fafnir travels back to his cave for the first time in years. It always rains over Takiya’s old apartment from that day forward.