“Drink the Blood of the Dragon / Speak the Language of Birds” depicts Sigurd and Fafnir from the Völsunga Saga. After Sigurd had slain Fafnir with the sword Gram, Odin came to him disguised as an old man and instructed him to bathe in the blood of the dragon, and eat it’s heart to grant him invulnerability and the ability to communicate with birds.

Originally created as a limited edition silk-screened print by Becky Cloonan & Mike Moses



We are now officially more than halfway through the contents of the first two Pandemonium volumes!

  1. Mothman (No. 408): An owl, extraterrestrial, or extraterrestrial owl.
  2. Fortuna (No. 347): Roman goddess of fortune.
  3. Fafnir (No. 339): Dragon slain by Siegfried.
  4. Yamata no Orochi (No. 417): Serpent slain by Susanoo. (DS alt)
  5. Holawaka (No. 377): Bird messenger of Ethiopia.
  6. Doppelganger (No. 267): Double of Kyouji Kuzunoha.
  7. Tuna (No. 262): Polynesian eel god.
  8. Heimdall (No. 362): Watcher of Bifrost.
  9. Yomotsu-Shikome (No. 428): Hags sent by Izanami after Izanagi.
  10. Frost Five (No. 359): Slurpee flavors.

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