bunnyshy  asked:

omg i thought it said one of my kins fafds do pearl! sorry my bad ;;

its ok omg !
fav person ) rose im so predictable
least fav person ) i really only hate dewey
how tall ) 5'6" honestly i wish i was taller
physical traits ) man pearl is pearl i look just like canon
personality traits ) not as much into symmetry as i am into like … specific orders & stuff & being driven nuts by everyones messes & being bad on having my eyes on steven & amethyst at all times
most used phrase ) steven constantly
crush/partner ) OK id like to say rose but i have a huge crush on jasper & bismuth & mystery girl & sometimes garnet but mostly jasper
best friend ) garnet & bismuth
most attractive ) rose & jasper & bismuth 9____9
worst ship ) jaspis & lapispearl
who ive found ) a lot of ppl omg
who i want to find ) kind of my own rose ? oh & bismuth
who i dont want to find ) im ok with everyone !
who i wish died ) this is so harsh but i wish lapis stayed in the mirror
who i wish hadnt died ) its obvious at this point