faery woman


Magnus sighed. “Alexander, I’ve been alive for hundreds of years. I’ve been with men, been with woman- with faeries and warlocks and vampires, and even a djinn or two.”
“How many other people?” Alec asked.

Magnus shook his head. I can’t count, and it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is how I feel about you.”

Alec Lightwood & Magnus Bane, City Of Fallen Angels



“  garden fairies come at dawn,
bless the flowers then they’re gone. “

more creatures / requested by @confusedmixedkid

(please do not claim as your own or remove my caption!)

Moth Fae Sketch

Late last night I was drawing an insectoid fae and realized that I had never made one with the feathered antenna of a moth (and fluff!). For my fairies I typically use a chitinous exoskeleton for the body and limbs and claw-like hands and feet. I am happy with how her ruff and wispy hair turned out, but should definitely look at reference for wing patterns derived from existing moth and butterfly species. Perhaps in the future I will make a series of colorful digital moth/butterfly fae paintings paired with flowers!

I took a picture of my sketchbook under low light and it seemed to fix the issue I was having with my graphite reflecting light off of my sketches. As for my process, I first used pencil on toned gray 5.5x8.5 paper and then added black microns and white gel ink to create my definition and highlights. Can’t wait to fill up my mini sketchbook!