faery wip

wip faery house made from materials i found in the forest around my home

my 6 y/o baby sister has taken to relocating little bugs she finds in danger of being stepped on in walkways to this faery house. there are several huge slugs that hide inside, appearing when the sun sets to leave their slime trails over the moss. we call it the faery house but obviously goblins are welcome. she befriended a little snail today, watching him in rapture as he made his way around the roof

she also leaves little presents for me on the faery house, wildflowers or pretty rocks (especially little rocks with bits of moss on them), she’s my little faery


Can you believe I appropriated a fucking Dr. Seuss poem because I sure can’t.

Ok so I found this absolute gem deep in my drafts. Judging from the arrows and the bridge, this was made when the faery wip was still vaguely medieval-ish? 

I can’t be assed to edit this to make it more relevant to the current version of the story and replace some of the pics, and I think this is kind of a cute glimpse of the past, so here you go, Past!Eff’s creation, have at it!


Trying to work on some concrete mushroom designs, and I think these Fairy Toadstool shrooms are pretty damn cute!!!! The iridescent beads almost look like morning dew!! These little beans just need blusher and then I’ll be putting them up on my etsy!

Check out my Etsy Listing to order these!! The color is listed under “Fairy Pink”!!

insta: @ the.witchs.entwinery

Listen if Sidra and Val had the “mates” mind-reading thought-sending garbage, she would 100% torment him with memes all day every day and he’d be begging to be un-mated because he cannot deal with the constant barrage of absolute buffoonery she’s blasting at his two braincells at Fast/Mph 

The light of the fire danced across his beautiful face but didn’t seem to reflect in his eyes. They were shining much brighter than the flames, piercing blue, like the sky but harsher.

hey it’s me back at it again with a simple little edit of Val from @time-to-write-and-suffer ‘s amazing faery wip ! ft my shitty handwriting. I made it pretty messy so it seemed like Sidra wrote it.

Jackalopes weren’t real, originally. But now, it kind of depended on what your definition of “real” was. They existed, no one could argue with that. They just weren’t intended to. The cute, fluffy little rodent-like creatures they had descended from weren’t intended to turn into aggressive carnivores either, but here they were. Jackalopes didn’t really care much what anyone intended.  

- This is what happens when I set fantasy stories in the US, apparently.