faery wip

Eff’s Plan for (the rest of) 2019

So I’m sort of ready for the faery wip to be finished pretty soon, and to motivate myself I’ve decided to finish the third draft before the end of summer. After it’s done and reasonably edited, I will start looking for betas, and during the beta reading process, I won’t touch the text or even read it. Instead, I’m going to be binge-reading other books, so that I both get a break from the text to see it with new eyes, and absorb other writing to compare and contrast with my own in a hopefully constructive way.

I’ve given myself a lot of time and left space for real life to get in the way (and my own laziness), but hopefully the 500-words-per-day thing combined with the fact that I’m usually more creative during the summer means I’ll be able to reach my goal. 

I’m mostly posting this here to hold myself accountable and make this Real instead of just an idea in my head. So yeah. Wish me luck! 


Can you believe I appropriated a fucking Dr. Seuss poem because I sure can’t.

Ok so I found this absolute gem deep in my drafts. Judging from the arrows and the bridge, this was made when the faery wip was still vaguely medieval-ish? 

I can’t be assed to edit this to make it more relevant to the current version of the story and replace some of the pics, and I think this is kind of a cute glimpse of the past, so here you go, Past!Eff’s creation, have at it!

Listen if Sidra and Val had the “mates” mind-reading thought-sending garbage, she would 100% torment him with memes all day every day and he’d be begging to be un-mated because he cannot deal with the constant barrage of absolute buffoonery she’s blasting at his two braincells at Fast/Mph 

The light of the fire danced across his beautiful face but didn’t seem to reflect in his eyes. They were shining much brighter than the flames, piercing blue, like the sky but harsher.

hey it’s me back at it again with a simple little edit of Val from @time-to-write-and-suffer ‘s amazing faery wip ! ft my shitty handwriting. I made it pretty messy so it seemed like Sidra wrote it.

Finally a good, finished portrait of my sweet freckly veiny daughter Sidra. 

Don’t question the top. I had to pick between putting her in more accurate clothes, or giving the gays everything they want.

You can probably guess what I picked. 

Please click for better quality cuz Tumblr gobbled it all up again.


Autumn Court Fae | Prythian Courts

with September slowly closing in over the last bit of summer, I felt like doing a little something Autumnal. So here is an unnamed High Fae from the Autumn court (sketch and WIP). She’s kinda got a Halloween witchy vibe to her and I’m digging it.

Also, I’m still working on Rhysand and Nesta, their portraits will be coming soon so keep an eye out :)

Jackalopes weren’t real, originally. But now, it kind of depended on what your definition of “real” was. They existed, no one could argue with that. They just weren’t intended to. The cute, fluffy little rodent-like creatures they had descended from weren’t intended to turn into aggressive carnivores either, but here they were. Jackalopes didn’t really care much what anyone intended.  

- This is what happens when I set fantasy stories in the US, apparently.