faery child

I like to imagine the fae being reluctantly impressed with humans because of fire. Humans are made of earth and water, which makes fire their number one weakness, and yet they keep it in their homes. The fair folk are made of air, which is why iron wounds them so, but you don’t see them keeping iron in their homes. When asked why, humans just shrug and reply, “its warm.”

Traits of Incarnated Faery’s (fairy’s) & Nature Spirits

Signs that your soul may be of faery or nature spirit origin…
-You didn’t fit in as a child and felt far different from other kids. You may have been advanced as a child in some way like talking, walking or reading much earlier than your peers.

-You have a strong feeling of wanting to go home, and have a feeling sense of what this “home” is like, even if you can’t put it into words.

-You’ve had strong psychic and paranormal experiences as a child, which continue into the present. Seeing spirits, seeing past the illusion, into the future or beyond the lines of time, and having prophetic dreams.

-You’re highly sensitive

-You have a deep inner wisdom, and you feel timeless… Maybe you’ve even had dreams or memories of off planet past lives and experiences in totally different dimensions and ways of existing.

-You have intense and vivid dreams that often take place in places and times which seem to be in another world. Some of these dreams are so vivid they seem more real than reality.

-You have a deep connection with nature, with plants, animals and the physical elements and you seem to be able to communicate with them on a level.

-You may even feel alienated by your parents and immediate family, like they just don’t get you, and you don’t get them. You may have even wondered at times if you were adopted.

-You’re very aware of energy and how the energy of others can affect you.

-You have natural psychic gifts and channeling, or energy healing abilities.

-A longing to fly, or to do a lot of traveling.

O I forbid you, maidens a’,
That wear gowd on your hair,
To come or gae by Carterhaugh,
For young Tam Lin is there.

There’s nane that gaes by Carterhaugh
But they leave him a wad,
Either their rings, or green mantles,
Or else their maidenhead.

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she’s awa to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can hie.

When she came to Carterhaugh
Tam Lin was at the well,
And there she fand his steed standing,
But away was himsel.

She had na pu’d a double rose,
A rose but only twa,
Till upon then started young Tam Lin,
Says, Lady, thou’s pu nae mae.

Why pu’s thou the rose, Janet,
And why breaks thou the wand?
Or why comes thou to Carterhaugh
Withoutten my command?

“Carterhaugh, it is my own,
My daddy gave it me,
I’ll come and gang by Carterhaugh,
And ask nae leave at thee.”

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she is to her father’s ha,
As fast as she can hie.

Four and twenty ladies fair
Were playing at the ba,
And out then came the fair Janet,
The flower among them a’.

Four and twenty ladies fair
Were playing at the chess,
And out then came the fair Janet,
As green as onie glass.

Out then spake an auld grey knight,
Lay oer the castle wa,
And says, Alas, fair Janet, for thee,
But we’ll be blamed a’.

“Haud your tongue, ye auld fac’d knight,
Some ill death may ye die!
Father my bairn on whom I will,
I’ll father none on thee.”

Out then spak her father dear,
And he spak meek and mild,
“And ever alas, sweet Janet,” he says,
“I think thou gaest wi child.”

“If that I gae wi child, father,
Mysel maun bear the blame,
There’s neer a laird about your ha,
Shall get the bairn’s name.

“If my love were an earthly knight,
As he’s an elfin grey,
I wad na gie my ain true-love
For nae lord that ye hae.

“The steed that my true love rides on
Is lighter than the wind,
Wi siller he is shod before,
Wi burning gowd behind.”

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she’s awa to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can hie.

When she came to Carterhaugh,
Tam Lin was at the well,
And there she fand his steed standing,
But away was himsel.

She had na pu’d a double rose,
A rose but only twa,
Till up then started young Tam Lin,
Says, Lady, thou pu’s nae mae.

“Why pu’s thou the rose, Janet,
Amang the groves sae green,
And a’ to kill the bonny babe
That we gat us between?”

“O tell me, tell me, Tam Lin,” she says,
“For’s sake that died on tree,
If eer ye was in holy chapel,
Or christendom did see?”

“Roxbrugh he was my grandfather,
Took me with him to bide
And ance it fell upon a day
That wae did me betide.

“And ance it fell upon a day
A cauld day and a snell,
When we were frae the hunting come,
That frae my horse I fell,
The Queen o’ Fairies she caught me,
In yon green hill do dwell.

“And pleasant is the fairy land,
But, an eerie tale to tell,
Ay at the end of seven years,
We pay a tiend to hell,
I am sae fair and fu o flesh,
I’m feard it be mysel.

“But the night is Halloween, lady,
The morn is Hallowday,
Then win me, win me, an ye will,
For weel I wat ye may.

“Just at the mirk and midnight hour
The fairy folk will ride,
And they that wad their true-love win,
At Miles Cross they maun bide.”

“But how shall I thee ken, Tam Lin,
Or how my true-love know,
Amang sa mony unco knights,
The like I never saw?”

“O first let pass the black, lady,
And syne let pass the brown,
But quickly run to the milk-white steed,
Pu ye his rider down.

“For I’ll ride on the milk-white steed,
And ay nearest the town,
Because I was an earthly knight
They gie me that renown.

“My right hand will be gloved, lady,
My left hand will be bare,
Cockt up shall my bonnet be,
And kaimed down shall my hair,
And thae’s the takens I gie thee,
Nae doubt I will be there.

“They’ll turn me in your arms, lady,
Into an esk and adder,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I am your bairn’s father.

“They’ll turn me to a bear sae grim,
And then a lion bold,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
And ye shall love your child.

“Again they’ll turn me in your arms
To a red het gand of airn,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I’ll do you nae harm.

“And last they’ll turn me in your arms
Into the burning gleed,
Then throw me into well water,
O throw me in with speed

“And then I’ll be your ain true-love,
I’ll turn a naked knight,
Then cover me wi your green mantle,
And hide me out o sight.”

Gloomy, gloomy was the night,
And eerie was the way,
As fair Jenny in her green mantle
To Miles Cross she did gae.

At the mirk and midnight hour
She heard the bridles sing,
She was as glad at that
As any earthly thing.

First she let the black pass by,
And syne she let the brown,
But quickly she ran to the milk-white steed,
And pu’d the rider down.

Sae weel she minded what he did say,
And young Tam Lin did win,
Syne covered him wi her green mantle,
As blythe’s a bird in spring

Out then spak the Queen o Fairies,
Out of a bush o broom,
“Them that has gotten young Tam Lin
Has gotten a stately-groom.”

Out then spak the Queen o Fairies,
And an angry woman was she,
“Shame betide her ill-far’d face,
And an ill death may she die,
For she’s taen awa the bonniest knight
In a’ my companie.

“But had I kend, Tam Lin,” said she,
“What now this night I see,
I wad hae taen out thy twa grey een,
And put in twa een o tree.”

—  Tam Lin, traditional Ballad as recorded by James Child (1729)

Another drawing of Kieran, this time I finally did it in color! :D

He’s much more beautiful in my imagination. I just don’t have the abilities to actually show it ;__; 

I love him so much it hurts ;__;

Kieran  © @cassandraclare

Art  © MakuTheSpaceArtist

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so there’s a book in the madeline series called “madeline says merci” and I just misread that as “madeline sans merci”

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines
Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines
The smallest one was Madeline.
Full beautiful—a faery’s child,
Her hair was long, her foot was light,
And her eyes were wild.

Lady midnight's characters be like:
  • Julian: I won't chill. I'm fucking teenage daddy of all of my siblings.
  • Tiberius: Just because I'm autistic, doesn't mean you can treat me like a kid.
  • Emma: Omg, my ovaries. Julian is so great asdghjkl...
  • Cristina: I'm like a chamber of secrets.
  • Artur: Andrew?
  • Kieran: I'm so horny, Mark.
  • Mark: I'm a wild faerie child. I don't give a shit about standards, ok?
  • Octavian: What? I'm just a small kid who wants to eat and sleep.
  • Dru: I wanna have a boyfriend!
  • Livia: Stay away from my twin brother or I'll kill you.
  • Malcolm: Hocus pocus.
  • Diana: You're not allowed to do this.
Lullaby to the Changeling Child

The day may come some day, my love
That finds you far from home
Recall your mother’s words, my love
To protect you as you roam

Eat nothing offered you, my love
In lands of summer fair
Though hunger gnaws your bones, my love
Their food will trap you there

Beautiful are they, my love
The fair and fickle folk
Hungry too are they, my love
And would eat you in a gulp

No lies may cross their lips, my love
Though truth is e’er their bane
But trust nothing that they say, my love
Trickery runs in their veins

So where you go, keep safe, my love
For dangers lie ahead
But now, this night, you’re here, my love
Safe in your own little bed

Ragnor Fell

“My parents thought I was a faerie child or something, I think,” Ragnor said. “Because I was the colour of springtime, my mother used to say,” he added, and blushed emerald. “Obviously it all came out as a bit more complicated than that, but by then they’d gotten fond of me. They were always fond of me, even though I was unsettling to have around the place, and Mother told me I was grouchy as a baby. I outgrew that, of course.”

A polite silence followed this statement.

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TDA snippet

Mark stepped out. The elegant lines of the suit seemed to sweep upward, making Mark appear taller, more polished. For the first time since his return every bit of the feral faerie child in him appeared to have been brushed away like cobwebs. He looked human. Like someone who’d always been human.

“Why do you bite your nails?” he said.

Julian, who hadn’t even been conscious that he was gnawing on the side of his thumb — the satisfying pain of skin between his teeth, the metal of the blood in his mouth — dropped his hands into his lap. “Bad habit.”

“People do that when they’re stressed,” said Mark. “Even I know that.” His fingers scrabbled uselessly at his tie. He frowned down at it.

Julian got to his feet and went over to his brother, taking the loops of the tie in his hands. He couldn’t remember who had taught him how to knot a tie. Malcolm, he thought. It had almost certainly been Malcolm.

“But what do you have to be stressed about, little brother?” Mark said. “You weren’t carried away by Sebastian Morgenstern. You’ve spent your life here. Not that the life of a Shadowhunter isn’t stressful, but why are you the one with the bloody hands?”

Julian’s hands faltered for a moment. “You don’t know everything about me, Mark. Just like I’m willing to bet I don’t know everything about you.”

so here’s an idea about a midsummer night’s dream

why not post it on the internet, at this point.

ok SO you know what, there are some fascinating parallels to be drawn if you cast Puck as a child, or at least around the same age as the orphan boy Titania and Oberon fight over.

like i’m sure i’m not the only one who’s thought this, but wouldn’t it be really interesting if once upon a time, Puck was a (very young) faerie-esque child who was also fought over by the fairy rulers and was quickly neglected in favor of other pursuits???? and now he serves Oberon not only to try and mess his plans up but also because he still seeks any form of attention by any means necessary. 

so when Titania abandons the orphan boy in favor of doting over Bottom, it’s like, another cycle is being repeated; the orphan boy ends up in Oberon and Tiania’s shared custody, sure, but i think his fate is ultimately pretty ambiguous. unless you see Puck, who is wild and chaotic and resourceful and tricks people because what else is he going to do, how else is he going to get any form of validation? 

he hates and pities the orphan boy, who is so loved and cherished like an object, like a plaything, and puck knows all too well what will happen to that child. and he laughs at the lovers, these foolish mortals who think love is so easily given and received; they don’t know the dangers that lurk in the forest. love can be taken away as easily as it is transferred. puck imitates their calls and laughs and laughs, but he is jealous of them, because just this once, he wants someone to care for him too. the way a parent is supposed to. 

when he says, “I will lead them up and down/I am feared in field and town/Goblin, lead them up and down,” (3. 2 line 408ish, i’m too lazy to 100% cite this) he is proving to himself that yes, he is terrifying, he is a monster, of course he is feared. that’s why no one can stand him. it’s what he’s good at, he can’t be anything else. he’s tried. nothing works. 

i think the bit of hope that can be gleaned from this interpretation is that in the end, Puck DOES form a connection with the audience. we laugh with him when the lovers fumble about in the woods, we are fascinated by his trickster antics and when he speaks, we listen. after all, he drives the plot. he makes everything happen, really: it wouldn’t be Midsummer without Puck. when he delivers his final epilogue, it should be a moment of happiness, of childlike joy and desperate relief, because finally, he is alone and all eyes are on him, everyone is listening to him, everyone sees him. for a brief, eternal moment, the relationship he forges with the audience is genuine and true and for once, he is loved. it may be his fantasy, his own dream, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. 

Fae and other magic users


“You look funny” Aithne said with a cheeky smile looking at the Easter Guardian, she’d found her way into the Warren purely by accident and had flown up and out of reach by the large egg senries around the place and she was now standing on a rock