today I read this german short story by karl heinrich ulrichs (basically the first guy to talk about gayness as a valid, cohesive and positive identity in Europe, tho he called it “uranian love” - he also coined terms for lesbian and bisexual ppl) that is about these two gay fishermen from the faeroe islands, and one of them dies in a shipwreck

but then he keeps leaving his grave, swimming to the other’s island, and 1) getting it on with his alive boyfriend but then 2) drinking blood from his lovers chest above the heart (ulrichs repeatedly calls it ‘the soft mound above his heart’ which is a bit disturbing), and this blood drinking weakens the other guy but he’s into it bc he loves his zombie vampire bf

I feel like I should mention none of the villagers really care about the gay, just the blood drinking bc that’s not really sporting

anyway then his mum over his protests goes to the vamp’s island to make the zombie bloody well stay in its grave, which involves stakes, but that just means that when he shows up at night he’s not only soaking wet from swimming between the islands but bleeding everywhere and even more hungry for blood, but they still get it on bc uranian love persists even after death

anyway so then non zombie mum tries again by driving a massive iron stake through the gay zombies body and leaving it there, which works and he doesn’t show up to fuck and drink his bf’s blood again

but then the alive one is like “but mum I love him” so he asks her to murder him over his vampire bf’s grave so they can be together forever, which she does

1) eat your heart out anne rice but 2) modern fanfic is weak shit

Dominant Religions in Europe

This map shows the dominant religion in each subdivision of each Western European country. Some things to note! the term ‘Western Europe’ is rather ambiguous so this is my definition of it which includes the following countries; Iceland, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Andorra and Portugal. The following entities are also included separately; the Isle of Man (Crown dependency of the UK), Jersey and Guernsey (Crown dependencies of the UK), the Faeroes (autonomous constitute country of the Danish Realm). Monaco doesn’t show up on the map and so I have included its statistics within the France Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

Cristiano’s post match interview (07.10.16)

How was this match for you?
Well, it was a game where we knew the first goal would be very important because it’s a team that plays with 11 players behind the ball line but things went well, we started well and were able to score two goals in 5 minutes, if I’m not mistaken. And then the game got easier. Obviously what we wanted was to go back to the wins. We know, at this point, that Switzerland won and so did the Faeroe Islands and we have to fight hard because we know this qualifying stage will be rather complicated. But we wanted to go back to the wins and congrats to the team who played really well today.

We were curious, while we were commenting the game because we saw you trace back a lot, almost playing as Defensive Midfielder, in the last 20 minutes, after your 4th goal. Why?
Because I felt a little knock. The back of my leg was hurting a little and I didn’t want to force it. I feel okay. They were playing with 9 too. I played a little behind but that didn’t make them score goals so it was good.

What happened now after your return compared to what happened in Switzerland, does it prove your importance in the team?
Yes, like what mister said - and I want to thank him for those words - I know I’m an important player, just like all the others are. I try to always do my best ever since I started to play, ever since my first games with the National Team. As a player, I feel useful and happy to play for the National Team. I scored 4 goals today. Obviously I’m very happy to come back after the serious injury I got in the Euro final. But the whole team is to be congratulated. Now we need to stay on track. There are 8 games left and we want to win them all so we can go to the World Cup.

[Portuguese transcript under the cut for those interested!]

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