The Skelton and The Mermaid

“That dress shows off all the right curves.” (At 4'6" with black skin, magenta eyes, white hair, and pointed ears, even wearing a mask the speaker is instantly identifiable) (@littlelostpriestess)

Rose was wearing a green clingy dress as she was dressed up as a mermaid. Her peacock feather and a few pieces of hair were hanging over her shoulder while the rest was curled. She giggles, “Thank you. You look very nice as well.” @littlelostpriestess


The kiss was perfect. Soft and sweet. When the finally broke Rose smiled seeing Faern'ya so happy. Panic starts to Rose hearing Faern'ya’s words. “Um. Darling. I only just met you tonight. Please don’t go saying the L word. She unwrappes herself from Faern'ya’s hold. Sitting back she takes her blonde hair out of the bun to let it dry. “Ok. Ground rules. One. We don’t say the L word for a very long time! Two. I do have my camp schedule and I can’t just drop it. Three. I want you to please get into camp life. It’s fun!” She looks at the smaller girl, “What weapon do you use?” She felt bad for being a bit harsh but the L word made her think of how her dad said what he did was out of love. She feels her eyes starting to go purple and takes a few deep breaths trying to calm down.


Faern'ya gave Rose a confused look. "L word? Did I say something wrong?” She tried to remember what she could have said to get a response like that, and her voice became small as she withdrew some. “Oh. So, surface girls don’t.”

She listened and said softly, “I do…do have a camp schedule. It’s….it’s why I know how much they hate me. Tonight, tonight was the first time they ever, ever tried to attack me, though. Usually …” She held out her hands and said, “Confn ekess ve” and a pair of pistol-sized crossbows appeared in her hands. “… these, and my magic, keep them from doing much more than saying nasty things behind my back.”

She looked up at Rose and said softly, “I’m happy that camp life makes you happy. SOMEONE should be happy. Chiron made sure I was registered for everything he could register me for… and it just means more chances for people to be mean, like they were tonight. Just… without actual physical contact, except when they think they can get away without being seen when they ruining my aim, or trip me in the arena or make me lose my goggles and get blinded by sunlight… Vith! My goggles! I have to go back to Hades Cabin to get them.”


Rose looks at Faern’ya. “No no sweetie.” She takes Fae’s hand. “Surface girls do that! I-I just don’t like saying love.” She smiles hearing that the smaller girl has a camp schedule. “Ok. That’s going to change. Tomorrow we will sit down and figure what you want to continue doing and what you want to drop.” She blushes and looks down, “I’ve been lucky. I seem to fit right in here.” Seeing the crossbows Rose’s eyes nearly pop out of her head. “Oh Fae. They’re gorgeous.” She reaches up into her hair and unclips the peacock feather. It turns into her short sword made of Cestile bronze. She smiles, “I’ve got magic as well.” She tilts her head hearing about goggles, ‘It’s alright sweetie. We can grab the goggles tomorrow.”


Baldur’s Gate- Faern

Meet my second Bhaalspawn!  This is the first design of him that I doodled while I was at school.  I’ll give you a little info on him here.

Faern E’Gorion is a chaotic neutral half-elven bard.  He is not the typical idea of chaotic neutral, however.  He’s charming and well-spoken, taking life however it comes, and though he usually puts the pursuit of knowledge and the preservation of his own hide above all else, he does have moral principles and genuinely cares about his friends.  He’s even very open minded and likes surrounding himself with people of wildly different backgrounds (the best example of this is his interest in both Viconia and Rasaad).  He has no compunction about killing, but he only does it if provoked.  Physical conflict is something he tries to avoid as much as possible, partly because he likes to prove his own cleverness in evading it, partly because he doesn’t want to get blood on his silk tunics, and partly because he doesn’t want a sword to go straight through his unarmoured, scrawny chest.

shaydh  asked:

May I ask for Faern, for 1, 3, 25, and 42?

1. What’s their full name? Why was it chosen? Does it mean anything?

His full name is Faern E'Gorion. It’s Elvish, in honour of his elvish heritage. Faern means “one who practices art” and E'Gorion is the surname he chose which means “son of Gorion”.

3. Did they have a good childhood? What are some fond memories they have?

Faern’s childhood was very happy. Some of his favourite childhood memories are of him running around Candlekeep with Imoen, reenacting stories they’d read in books or been told by Gorion.

25. What do they find funny? Do they have a good sense of humour? Are they funny themselves?

Faern is one sassy asshole and he likes few things better than a good joke. His sense of humour is very versatile and there aren’t too many things that he won’t joke about, although he doesn’t find cruelty funny or anything that disparages a person’s identity or things they can’t help. He’s not THAT kind of asshole.

42. What are their goals? What would they sacrifice for anything? What is their secret ambition?

Faern just wants to be free to live his life as he pleases, by whatever whim seizes the moment. He doesn’t care about being a god. He’s only interested in hearing and telling stories and enjoying the company of friends.

He would give his life for his friends, especially Imoen, whom he loves dearly and has always been protective of.

His secret ambition is to become a successful bard whose voice inspires swooning.

Baldur’s Gate- Faern (Portrait)

Say hello to Faern’s initial Shadows of Amn design.  His outfit has gotten a bit more complex and his hair has been cropped much shorter (the latter has a little story to it as well).  The warmer weather of Amn has given my scrawny bard a chance to brazenly display his unimpressive cleavage.  I decided to belay facial hair and visible scars for Throne of Bhaal, although he does have some interesting lightning shaped scars on his back from Irenicus’ torture that are concealed by his tunic.

I did this for Syrin, so I thought it’d be fun to go back and do one for my other Bhaalspawn as well.

Faern E’Gorion, male CN half-elf bard

Attacking: For glory and a good yarn!
Scared: This isn’t what I signed up for!
Wounded: My viscera aren’t where they should be!  Help!
Dying: *weakly* Make my death sound epic when you recount it, okay?
Critical hit: History will remember this glorious moment!
Critical fail: You didn’t see that!
Trap spotted: Watch your step, unless you want to be remembered as the fool who didn’t.
Successful stealth: *hums secret agent tune*
Encumbered: Polymorphing me into a mule would be more effective.  I can’t carry as much as you’d like.
Bored: No one wants to hear about how the hero awkwardly stood about, doing nothing.
Unhappy with the Party’s deeds: This is unbecoming of us.
Happy with the Party’s deeds: Ah, this is why I like you!

Spell interrupted: Some people just don’t appreciate a good performance!


Want to hear a story?

My flute is ready.

That armour?  With those boots?

Singing your praises already.
I’ll dance to that tune.
Prepare to be amazed.
Party leader: I’m to be leader?  A wise choice.  I exude in copious amounts all the wit and charm one needs for such a position.
Tired: I grow torpid.  We’ll need to rest if I’m to remain dashingly handsome and clever.
Overclicked: I wouldn’t touch me if I were you.  You don’t know where I’ve been.

True Parentage - A Faern Blurb

Faern knew when he retrieved Gorion’s letter from the chest that there was likely to be something in it that would be troubling.  People left their darkest secrets for “if you’re reading this, I’m dead” messages, probably because they wouldn’t have to face anyone who learned said secrets.  That was just the way of it.  The young bard hadn’t expected this, however.

His true father was the Lord of Murder. 

He felt dirty.  This couldn’t be happening.  It was just too messed up.

“What does it say?” Imoen inquired. No doubt she felt she had the right to know, given that Gorion had been her father too, but Faern couldn’t bear the thought of her knowing what he was, or anyone for that matter.   When he didn’t answer her and only continued to stare at the parchment, she made a grab for it. “Hey!” she protested when he pulled it out of her reach.

“Don’t be such a child,” Viconia snapped at the girl. “The letter was addressed to him alone and he is under no obligation to share anything with you.”


"Let’s go. We have business to attend to,” Faern interrupted in an uncharacteristically terse manner as he stowed the letter away. He was being torn up inside like grain in a mill, but he’d be damned if he’d let the others see.

"Faern, my friend-” Rasaad began sympathetically, placing his hand on Faern’s shoulder, but the bard cut him off.

“I said let’s go.” With this, he stalked out of the room, doing his best to ignore the concerned looks of his friends.

“Something bothersome indeed must be going on for our prolific poet to be in such poor humour,” Baeloth commented in a slightly less blithe tone than was his custom.

“Silence, male,” Viconia ordered before following after Faern, seeming rather troubled herself.