Baldur’s Gate- Faern

Meet my second Bhaalspawn!  This is the first design of him that I doodled while I was at school.  I’ll give you a little info on him here.

Faern E’Gorion is a chaotic neutral half-elven bard.  He is not the typical idea of chaotic neutral, however.  He’s charming and well-spoken, taking life however it comes, and though he usually puts the pursuit of knowledge and the preservation of his own hide above all else, he does have moral principles and genuinely cares about his friends.  He’s even very open minded and likes surrounding himself with people of wildly different backgrounds (the best example of this is his interest in both Viconia and Rasaad).  He has no compunction about killing, but he only does it if provoked.  Physical conflict is something he tries to avoid as much as possible, partly because he likes to prove his own cleverness in evading it, partly because he doesn’t want to get blood on his silk tunics, and partly because he doesn’t want a sword to go straight through his unarmoured, scrawny chest.

shaydh  asked:

May I ask for Faern, for 1, 3, 25, and 42?

1. What’s their full name? Why was it chosen? Does it mean anything?

His full name is Faern E'Gorion. It’s Elvish, in honour of his elvish heritage. Faern means “one who practices art” and E'Gorion is the surname he chose which means “son of Gorion”.

3. Did they have a good childhood? What are some fond memories they have?

Faern’s childhood was very happy. Some of his favourite childhood memories are of him running around Candlekeep with Imoen, reenacting stories they’d read in books or been told by Gorion.

25. What do they find funny? Do they have a good sense of humour? Are they funny themselves?

Faern is one sassy asshole and he likes few things better than a good joke. His sense of humour is very versatile and there aren’t too many things that he won’t joke about, although he doesn’t find cruelty funny or anything that disparages a person’s identity or things they can’t help. He’s not THAT kind of asshole.

42. What are their goals? What would they sacrifice for anything? What is their secret ambition?

Faern just wants to be free to live his life as he pleases, by whatever whim seizes the moment. He doesn’t care about being a god. He’s only interested in hearing and telling stories and enjoying the company of friends.

He would give his life for his friends, especially Imoen, whom he loves dearly and has always been protective of.

His secret ambition is to become a successful bard whose voice inspires swooning.

Baldur’s Gate- Faern (Portrait)

Say hello to Faern’s initial Shadows of Amn design.  His outfit has gotten a bit more complex and his hair has been cropped much shorter (the latter has a little story to it as well).  The warmer weather of Amn has given my scrawny bard a chance to brazenly display his unimpressive cleavage.  I decided to belay facial hair and visible scars for Throne of Bhaal, although he does have some interesting lightning shaped scars on his back from Irenicus’ torture that are concealed by his tunic.