faerieworlds countdown



This is not a Faerieworlds costume post even though there isn’t really that much time left, but check out this cool telescoping box I found at World Market (bane of my wallet…). It’s got my odds and ends in it so that the inside of my altar isn’t cluttered!

The cross fox mask and tail you can see a little in the first photo, resting on my altarcloth, are from TheGreenWolf.


57 Days Until Faerieworlds and a Preview of the Deer Prince

I feel like I oughta tag that second picture with the #hawkeyeinitiative but oh well. The Deer Prince/Deer Faun pants are finally done!! I have a foolish little tail but you know what I am at peace with it. The bandage binder might vanish in favor of something not so finicky (it tries to fall off all the time), but it’s a backup plan. Balancing is also not impossible, which is always a plus.

I would like to take a moment to thank princerits for being really freaking inspiring, because their deer prince cosplay/gifset is definitely what sparked this idea. If you haven’t seen their work, get going!


85 Days Until Faerieworlds/Beltane!

So I know the time-honored tradition of eat it don’t tweet it, however.

It’s Beltane! And my lovely girlfriend had the ambition to find us recipes for our very own feast. Pasta primavera, cheddar and chives biscuits, and honey almond cake. These recipes are all available here. (The meal was delightful but my favorite photo is definitely of that sprig of Basil, it makes me think of the golden ratio.)

Happy Beltane, and, if you celebrate it or not, I hope you had a marvelous day.