Faeries in Films

Fairytale: A True Story (1997)

Set in Yorkshire, Fairytale retells the story of the famous Cottingly Fairies, and of the two cousins who discovered them. Elsie and Frances were a big deal back in 1920: their photographs of fairies sparked the interest of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who had them published in The Strand Magazine, making them kinda famous. A very heartfelt and magical movie. Chance of seeing real fairies 10/10.

Strange Magic (2015)

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Love sword-fighting fairy princesses? Look no further because Marianne’s your girl. Seriously, the coolest character I know. Anyway, she’s a badass who fights the Goblin King (see above, his name’s Bog) to save her sister Dawn, and there’s a lot of singing and love potions and beating up douchebags and just generally Marianne having to deal with all the shit that goes down in her kingdom…. It’s so awesome. Based off Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Magical Legend of The Leprechauns (1999)

It’s a Romeo-and-Juliet inspired film between a fairy princess and a leprechaun. If you can excuse the poor quality and the weird side-plot about their human neighbours, you’ll find that Mickey’s gang is hilarious, the love story kind of cute, and the soundtrack very faerie-esque. There’s one scene where they just make a bunch of Irish dancers and just… dance? And the Leprechaun boys go to the fairy ball disguised as Leprechauns? This fucking film, man.

Peter Pan (2003)

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This boy is so fae it’s unreal. As well as having a beautiful scene in which Peter and Wendy watch the Faerie Prince and Princess dance, it’s also one of my favourite Peter Pan adaptations. Amazing visuals, soundtrack, cast, and its Tinkerbell is hilariously wonderful.

Part 2 (x)

Lullaby to the Changeling Child

The day may come some day, my love
That finds you far from home
Recall your mother’s words, my love
To protect you as you roam

Eat nothing offered you, my love
In lands of summer fair
Though hunger gnaws your bones, my love
Their food will trap you there

Beautiful are they, my love
The fair and fickle folk
Hungry too are they, my love
And would eat you in a gulp

No lies may cross their lips, my love
Though truth is e’er their bane
But trust nothing that they say, my love
Trickery runs in their veins

So where you go, keep safe, my love
For dangers lie ahead
But now, this night, you’re here, my love
Safe in your own little bed

Be the Hero you Needed

When I was little, my art teacher told me I wasn’t good at art.

When I drew what I wanted, my classmates snickered at me.

When I was in middle school, my art teacher told me I wasn’t good enough for art talent.

When I drew a story about faeries, two girls told me I was wasting my time with dumb stories.

When I was in high school, I wanted so desperately to be good enough at art, I copied off poses and traced over art. I had such a low self esteem about my art, it wasn’t even funny.

Today, I’m followed by over 1,000 people, have a successful small YouTube channel, draw with more confidence than I ever had, and found a small community that I love more than they love me.

All because someone reached out and said they liked my art and shared it with the world.

Something I always encourage my students to do is to encourage and inspire others. I was entertaining a little boy who didn’t want to sleep at nap time this afternoon. And the whole time, he watched me and patted my back, telling me “I was really good at this game” even though it was kicking my butt, and telling me to keep going.

And it made me think of something: what if we all just told a random stranger to keep going? What if we told someone their hair was pretty today, or you liked the small thing they were doing? 

Think of a time when you really needed to hear the words

   “You’re important.”
   “You matter.”
   “Keep going, because your life is worth living.”

And yeah, you’re going to have those who scoff and call you a pansy. They’ve been told they’re worthless and don’t matter so much, they burnt the positivity out of their body. Be nice anyway. Yeah, it might not be reciprocated, but you’ve done a good thing, and that makes you a good person.

Be that person that you look up to. Be that person that someone thinks “Yeah, I remember them. They helped me.” 

It’s great to feel important, but it’s more important to make others feel great. :)


It’s the 9th century during the golden age of the vikings, Magna, a young goat girl lives alone with her father on their farm. They’re lifestyle is considered a bit odd, as her father goes out of his way to train her in the art of swordsmanship and sailing, as well she takes on the majority of chores that comes with owning  goat farm.  Her father Bjorn has a secret he decides to share with her on the anniversary of her birth, but before he can reveal their origins, hes snatched away by the vengeful Faerie Queen, on the insolence of theft. Magna then must set out to rescue her father, and break the curse on the viking settlement done by the malicious Faerie Queen. With the aid of Rook, victim of the curse, a talking crow that will aid her on their journey. 

I once had a best friend who believed in fairies.
‘It’s faerie,’ she corrected me as we wandered through the forest at dusk. 'They’re watching us.’ When my fingers brushed the rough skin of the trees, I felt something powerful, running through the veins of every branch.
'Aren’t you a little old to believe in faeries?’ I asked, because we were sophomores and no one believed in that kind of stuff anymore. Mom took me to Church, but I was sure we were too old to believe in God too.
 'I’ll never be too old to believe in magic.' 
She sounded so convinced, I moved my hand away from the beating heart of the wary tree, it was just my imagination anyway.
I once had a best friend who believed in killing herself.
'There’s nothing else to it,’ she shrugged. We were lying on the couch on a Friday afternoon, it was too hot to go outside. 'It’ll fix everything.’ We were juniors now, and she had gotten too old to believe in faeries.
'I have somewhere to take you,’ I whispered to her, offering her my hand. Her blue eyes sparkled gold and she intertwined her fingers with my own.
I took her to that forest, the one where I had mocked her, where I told her that faeries didn’t exist, not anymore. I had told her that maybe they used to exist, but we had killed them all. That’s what we do. We kill things.
But she couldn’t kill herself. I saw it now.
'Put your hand on the tree,’ I told her, watching her every move. With her frail arm, she moved towards the wary branches.
She became one with nature, with the faeries. With a single touch, I could see her wings, her crown, her true form.
'What about the faeries? What about the magic?’
—  You are never too old for fairy tales

These sketches went a long with that big comic idea I had that I ended up scrapping. I decided I might as well show you guys for you own enjoyment. Maybe I’ll sketch a few more of the ideas i had.

Basically it went that Bog was summoned to the Boggart court, held once a year during all hallows eve when the veil is lifted. Every “Bog King” must attend. However, our Bog has refused to go for years because of some bad blood with the Cheif Goblin, Owd Hob. AKA Bog’s father. Marianne wants to meet him but Owd Hob hates fairies. So she must go in secret as Bog’s fake Goblin fiance. Shenanigans ensue. 


Creatures of European myth and folklore, “fairy” (known as faerie, fair folk, etc.) was originally applied to a variety of beings including goblins, sprites, brownies, nymphs,pixies, and eventually, elves. 

Most faerie stories are warnings against interacting with them or tales of their mischievousness and trickery; faeries are known to steal human children and replace them with their own sickly infants, steal livestock, tangle the hair of unsuspecting sleepers, and lure individuals into the time-warped fairy realms. As they are seen as a nuisance, there exist many solutions for being rid of fairies or keeping them at bay: offerings of cream, butter, or bread will make a fairy more friendly to an individual, wearing clothes inside out will confuse them (and thus, preventing them from confusing the wearer), and holy water or cold iron will repel them. 

Faeries in Magic are most often depicted as sprites or pixies and their penchant for trickery as a device for their own amusement lends to the interpretation of faeries as blue/black. However, the popular perception of faeries as small woodland creatures gives weight to the argument that faeries should still be in green. 

little nerdfighter story!

so i think i may have introduced an older woman to nerdfighteria the other day at work 

so for those of you that dont know, i work at barnes and noble. when i was working this day, we were particularly busy so i had to help out at the cash registers. anyways this one woman came up to my cash register. i was being my usual polite worker self and answered a few questions she had for me. 

this day i happened to wear my DFTBA necklace, and the woman was buying just an infinite / “okay? okay” bookmark. she asked what my necklace said and so i replied “it says DFTBA, which is an acronym for ‘dont forget to be awesome’!” and she thought that was really interesting so i mentioned “oh the author of the book the fault in our stars? he has a youtube channel with his brother and DFTBA is a phrase they say a lot.”

then she said again that she loved that phrase, and continued to be awesome herself by telling me i am a good representative of the company and that she hopes im getting paid what i deserve. it made my day really.

but fast forward about 20 minutes later, im ringing up a couple at the register when i hear the phone next to me say out loud “julia on line 2”. and i was really confused like ?? why would i specifically be needed on the phone? so when i was finished checking out the couple’s items i picked up on the phone. and sure enough it was the woman from earlier (my name is printed on the receipt so that’s how she knew to ask for me specifically).

she asked me again who the author of the book was and i told her it was john green and then she asked about the phrase again so i repeated it for her. she said she wanted to look more into it when she got home and then she said “and thank you for being so awesome!”

this honestly has been the highlight of me working there, and this all happened because i randomly felt like wearing my DFTBA necklace!

Faerie Food

Stories speak of faerie food and delights that are undeniably delectable, but bring strong consequences to humans. Faerie food is said to taste like Wheaten-bread, mixed with wine and honey.

Some (supposed) examples of faerie food include:

  • Flower petals.
  • Dogwood fruit.
  • (Fae) cheese.
  • Small cakes and other pastries. 

If one is in the realm of the faeries and is offered food and drink - it would be wise to kindly decline. Tales tell of numerous outcomes that can occur: 

  • Trapped - The person who eats or drinks something will be either trapped in the faerie world forever, or temporarily. If one is trapped temporarily, when they come back to the human world, time may have fast forwarded quickly (it could be a few hours, days, or centuries).
  • Appetite corruption - Faerie food is more appealing than human food, and thus whenever the person tries human food again, it will taste like dust or otherwise unsavoury. It is also said that the human will be forever hungry and never satisfied after meals.
  • Control - Eating the food could allow an entity (reputed to be a ruler of some sort), to take control of the human. This could be dangerous if the entity is tyrannical or malevolent. 
  • Shapeshifting - Eating the food could result in a permanent change of form (animals, humanoids, etc) or an uncontrollable state of continuous shapeshifting over time.

When faeries eat their food, they do not do so physically. Rather, they consume the toradh (spiritual essence of the food). However, it is said that when they eat physical food, it may include:

  • Barley meal.
  • Poisonous mushrooms.
  • Goat milk.
  • Silver weed roots.
  • Heather stalks.
  • Toadstools.