“You don’t have to do this, you know.”

“  Lord and ladies  who walk UNSEEN,
lord  and   ladies  all  in  green…  ”  He
pauses, eyes flickering open. “ …three
times I stamp upon the earth; let me in
for the sake of mirth. ”


Fairytails is almost complete!

Everything is larger than life on this small map, making your character appear teeny tiny! This map is what I like to call a “territory map”– It’s a small map with one theme. You can hangout or roleplay to your hearts’ content!

There are many large plants, fairy homes, three “puddles”, and enormous trees! This map has great screenshot opportunities.

This map will be public! However, you CANNOT claim it! It’s for everyone!

The lil’ fairy cat’s name is Iona, and she smells like raspberries.

Singing to the wind

“Let me riddle you a diddy it’s an itty bitty little thing on my mind~ ‘bout a boy and a girl trying to take on the world one kiss at a time~” She sang to herself, thinking she was alone. She was in the park, but she hadn’t seen anyone about so, she was singing and dancing a bit before she spotted someone else and, couldn’t help but blush and end up laughing at herself for it.