The Gentle Folk [bios]

The Autumn Court

Rosaline: the siren blooded fae who grew up a pirate, helped end a civil war, and now is Queen over a healing court as she struggles to solidify peace. Lover of gambling and hard drink. With a siren’s song and love of dancing. Mother and grandmother.

Gaspara: latinx satyr and an utter theater and drama nerd. Family is beyond important to her. Rosaline’s heir, she’s been by the Queen’s side through the war. When she’s not acting as ambassador between courts, ushering in peace and unity, she’s out enjoying the wants and freedoms of youth.

The Winter Court

Raphael: the created being, he was the result of a failed attempt at resurrection. Not having purpose, he found it through fanatical devotion to his Queen. His mind broken and twisted by the old Queen, he committed atrocities in during the war. Even now, healing under the care of his beloved Xiu, he often doesn’t know what’s real as his memories shatter and bend. He is the Knight and plays the roles of assassin and peacekeeper. 


Cathan: raised in the deep woods by a Moon Goddess the Great Owl, he learned how to shift into the forms of the creatures of the forest. Living a sheltered life away from society until he was nearly an adult, he was spared the horror of war only to now struggle to find his place in a world he doesn’t understand. While he figures that out he works as a mechanic with his own garage while still preferring to take many long trips back to the woods that will always feel like home.

The Lost Mortal

(what are you doing with all these faeries Robin?)

Robin: running from their old life, they left everything behind. Name, family, history… all abandoned and hidden in exchange for freedom. Never staying in one place for long, they live through the con. Stealing and tricking to get by. A dangerous game of high risk and high reward, Robin has no other plan than to just keep running. Forever. 

Hello, members and applicants!  First off, we are proud to announce we’ve reached 45+ characters!  However, we seem to have an imbalance as far as species are concerned.  For that reason, we’ll be momentarily holding off on accepting any new applications for vampires (wanted connections excluded) until we get a little more variety.  In case we receive new applications for vampires, they’ll be added to a waiting list.  We are in need of more merfolk and humans specially, but any species other than vampires will do.  We will let you know when this temporary ban is over and we thank you for your patience.  

out. do you like sassy, antagonistic monarchs with bad tempers? do you like stories of the original, alien-moraled, iron-fearing faeries of old european myth?

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   ’ We must not look at goblin men,
                        we must not buy their fruits … ’

Ailene => Take shelter.

> Erm…well…to the best of your ability. You’re down one leg and one hand, leading a delicious meat trail for the beast with your blood. You’d been foolish to gamble such a prize, to hunt such a creature. Your entire mission lay on the verge of being dashed against the rocks- oh, and your life too, but this paled in comparison..

> You huddle up in a hollowed tree, scarcely visible to the eye but a blatant eyesore to the nose. You have your rifle. You’ll go down fighting if you must.


Back to the past

Graffias had been having a hard time reconciling himself with Finn’s ex and his fate. How scum that disgusting and heartless got off with merely being banished was beyond him, but his instinct for judgement-induced torture wouldn’t let the soft punishment slide that easily.

He slid a book out from the shelf, the high one in his room where he kept all his dangerous magical texts. Safe from Jacob or the small demons staying with them, but oh so tempting in times like this.

The plan was to simply go back to when Finn met Marcius, he decided, and kill the vampire while he knew his location and before he almost killed the fae prince. The spell was tricky, as most time spells were, but he was confident in his ability to cast it.

He made sure he had everything set up correctly, the admittedly vague image of a younger Finn questioningly in his mind, and cast the spell.

There are spells where you know immediately if you messed everything up. This was decisively not one of them. Graffias found himself in direct line of sight of a familiar fae with his signiture long, blonde locks spilling effortlessly around him in a way only Finn could even hope to achieve.

There was a distinct lack of an asshole boyfriend, however. This fact was compounded by the fact that Finn was obviously looking around what may have been a bar for anything that might be datable… Or at least fuckable. The disinterested expression suggested that his search wasn’t going too well.

He… May have overshot things a bit.


I was listening to fleetwood mac and I remembered that noxernia and I had come up with a faery themed Kingdom Hearts RP where Zexion was a high sidhe member of the winter court….

so i drew a pointy faerie baby. (I changed his features a good bit from how I usually draw him mostly because… in my head, the higher ranking fae all look pointy and winter fae look especially glass-like. So sharp edges and all that.)