Faerie/Fair Folk Starters
  • "They say strange things gather at the crossroads."
  • "Whatever you do, keep your head down and don't look anyone in the eyes."
  • "Entering a faerie circle is an easy way to get killed."
  • "Won't you come dance with us?"
  • "You're a foolish creature...but, a beautiful one. I think I'll keep you for awhile."
  • "Never insult the fair folk. Talk about them with respect, unless you're just dying to be cursed."
  • "Come away, oh human child."
  • "They can be kept at bay with iron, a salt circle, or certain herbs. But you still have to be careful!"
  • "I've taken you as my bride/groom. You should be happy!"
  • "Please, tell me you didn't eat anything they gave you!"
  • "When I was little, one of my friends disappeared after walking into a faerie circle. I never saw them again."
  • "Have you ever heard of something called "The Wild Hunt?"
  • "If you manage to impress them, you might be granted a favor."
  • "I fulfilled my promise; I gave you exactly what you asked for!"
  • "You were the one who was willing to gamble what you couldn't afford to lose."
  • "Real faeries aren't anything like Tinkerbell. Real faeries are fucking terrifying."
  • "It's said that they steal teeth from children."
  • "I hate to break it to you, but that baby's not yours, or for that matter, human."
  • "They'll put a glamour on you. You won't be able to speak, or fight back."
  • "Time passes differently in their world than it does in ours."
  • "They can't cross running water."
  • "I told you never to ask them for a favor!"
  • "You helped me. And now I will help you."
  • "Once it has you in its thrall, it won't ever let you go."
  • "What a good mortal. I'm glad I decided to keep you."
Singing to the wind

“Let me riddle you a diddy it’s an itty bitty little thing on my mind~ ‘bout a boy and a girl trying to take on the world one kiss at a time~” She sang to herself, thinking she was alone. She was in the park, but she hadn’t seen anyone about so, she was singing and dancing a bit before she spotted someone else and, couldn’t help but blush and end up laughing at herself for it.

Oberon trailed cautiously through the forests of Hollow Earth, doing everything he could to make sure he wasn’t being followed. The gates that led to the Upper Realm had been sealed for quite some time…but on occasion the king felt an urge he couldn’t fight - the need to be there, despite the danger it now held for his kind. He’d established a single gateway - secret and hidden - one he only opened briefly to step through and then immediately closed again. It led him to the basement of a small cabin - a structure he’d built entirely from fae magic…not that anyone could tell.

Today, the king was simply looking for a getaway - somewhere that no one would have any chance of finding him. And the cabin was the only place he could think of, so with more than a bit of eagerness, he unsealed the portal, quickly stepped through, and then sealed it back. The first thing Oberon noticed was the odd presence of an unusual magic signature…right before he realized it was coming from within his cabin. Immediately tensing, the Fae reached out to tentatively prod at the unknown magic, but all he could sense was that it was not likely to be a danger to him. So, with a mixture of curiosity and annoyance he climbed the stairs, opened the basement door…and was met with a rather unexpected site.


Eve awoke at the sound of someone— or something— moving downstairs. She stared at her alarm clock: Three O'clock in the morning. Everyone else in the house was asleep.

“Who could that be?” she muttered to herself, sitting up and sliding out of bed. She reached for her dagger, before proceeding to make her way downstairs.

Faerie RP: Part 1

She glanced at her bandages, tightly wound around her left arm and right leg, not a sliver of skin showing from underneath them. She sighed in relief and took to the air, her wings so speedily fluttering, no movement could be seen.

Myrissa arrived just as the warning bell rang, signalling all the faerie to get to class. Her eyes widened at the huge structure, old as time itself and she lowered herself to the ground.

“Guess this is where I’ve been shipped off to.” She grinned in good humor and made her way inside the doors.

The paper clutched tightly in her hand read that her first class was the history of magic. She took two right turn and a left before coming up to a wall. Hung upon the wall was a sign, ‘The History of Magic’

She quirked her eyebrow and looked at the wall once more. Obviously she had to use her magic to get in.

She raised her left palm and clutched at the air like a door knob and concentrated on the wall. She turned her hand as if opening a door and there it was, a door on the wall, shimmering and glowing.

She opened the door and found a seat near the middle, avoiding eye contact with the other faerie.

        The pair are painfully beautiful. Golden hair, sapphire eyes, tall, long, thin, and horribly perfect. The woman’s heels put her almost at height with the man, her short, fitted dress the exact shade of blue as his waistcoat. His pristine white shirtsleeves are rolled to his elbows, hands tucked lazily into the pockets of dizzyingly black trousers. Her lips are red, eyes rimmed in black, and her expression is one of haughty disdain. His is one of casual boredom – not quite enough to drive him to find distractions, but enough to give him an air of restlessness. Her wrist is resting lazily in the crook of his elbow, and they walk in unpracticed sync, identical eyes skidding carelessly over the masses.

      —–Until they finally fixate, terrifyingly precise, on their prey. Mirror smirks grace their lips, and both slowly, luxuriously lick their lips. Let the games begin.