Halloween things for the signs

Aries: fangs, misty graveyards, spooky stories, music boxes, demons, sweets.

Taurus: orange, hot chocolate with marshmallows, black cats, crypts, midnight.

Gemini: skull heads, haunted houses, ghouls, huge scarves, moon light, potions.

Cancer: cinnamon donuts, pretty leaves, oversized sweaters, crows, shadows.

Leo: carving jack-o’-lanterns, magic spells, full moons, pumpkin spice latte, bats.

Virgo: creepy headstones, broomsticks, spider webs, m&m, werewolves, masks.

Libra: tiny pumpkins, mummies, brownies, candelabras, skeletons, leaf rubbings.

Scorpio: candy apples, abandoned asylums, black lipstick, witches, candy corns.

Sagittarius: scary movies, scented candles, RIP tombstones, trick or treat, owls.

Capricorn: cauldrons, nightmares, witches brew, ghost cupcakes, vampires, boo!

Aquarius: death scythes, cloaks, knee socks, pumpkin picking, costume parties.

Pisces: apple cider, smell of dead leaves, witch’s hat, faeries, corn mazes, mist.


Self care for Faerie (halffaeriehalfhuman)

Pillow Mist: $13.98 It’s lavender vanilla! That sounds lovely. 

Floral Tangle: $8.99 + $5.95 shipping. Oh, it reminds me of my nana and grandpa’s house! 

Cupcake Squishy: $3.99 Squish, squish! 

Floral Fidget Cube: $8.59 I love these colors, it reminds me of my hippie phase! 

Journal: $17.31 Journaling is wonderful self care! 

Lavender Candles: $7.50 There are so many other types of wonderful floral candles out there! I love tealight candles because you get to light more candles for cheaper. With less burn time, of course. 

Flower Chew Necklace: $11.99 I saw a girl wearing a chew necklace the other day and it just worked so well with her outfit. 

Butterfly Flower Lotion: $10.66 It’s a beautiful blend of different floral scents! 

Flower Spinner: $7.99 I love fidget spinners way too much honestly. I only have one but I want more!