The Signs as Summertime Aesthetics
  • Aries:staying all day at the water park and getting to ride all the good rides a whole bunch of times
  • Taurus:being outside in the oppressive heat and then the instant relief of an air conditioned house
  • Gemini:going for a car ride at night with all the windows down and the only breeze is you moving against the still air
  • Cancer:falling asleep to the sound of cicadas and the drone of a running fan
  • Leo:going outside in the tall grass to catch lightening bugs and watch fireworks
  • Virgo:waking up a lot earlier than you usually do, well rested, with enough time to get a cup of tea/coffee and be at peace with your mind while you watch the sun rise
  • Libra:getting ice cream with your friends at a summer festival and getting to finish the day with a free concert illuminated by lighter flames and faerie lights
  • Scorpio:going adventuring on a whim and not caring about getting all scraped and muddy because you found the coolest spot to build a fort in the woods
  • Sagittarius:rolling out a sleeping mat in the back yard to watch the stars because the sky is so clear you can see distant galaxies
  • Capricorn:getting to wear lightweight flowery sundresses with freshly shaved legs that swish past each other like satin
  • Aquarius:hitting the pillow after a whole day of swimming with no sunscreen, feeling that slight burn whenever you move but being too tired and happy to care
  • Pisces:walking with your best friend down a street illuminated only by street lamps and feeling absolutely safe and content