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A Collection of Witch Tips Masterpost

Note: These are a collection of tips found in various places on the internet. While some of these are my own, they do not all belong to me.

•Mix together Salt and Pepper and sprinkle to prevent trespassing
•Add coffee to a bath to break a curse
•Place sachets of dried rosemary around the home for protection
•Sprinkle around garlic powder to keep evil at bay
•Add lime to your water for protection
•Carry a clove with you for courage
•Mint attracts business - try hanging a sprig above the door to your private workspace
•Place a sprig of thyme under your pillow to bring about prophetic dreams
•Hang a braid of garlic in a sickroom to trap the negative energies
•Put a vial of rosemary water in a sickroom to promote healing
•Stash an onion beneath a sickbed to soak up wandering negative and harmful energies
•Seaweed can be used to ward off evil spirits
•Scatter dried or fresh chilli peppers to break a curse
•Throwing rice into the air promotes rain
•Lilacs rid unwanted spirits
•Black Obsidian is great for scrying
•Stitch sigils into clothes, blankets, etc
•Too Cold outside to storm call? Storm calling / weather magick will work just fine when facing your window and looking out
•When showering, imagine all the impurities and negativity being washed off you by the water, and down into the drain
•The Fae enjoy sweets as offerings the most
•Wear your pendulum as a necklace when on the go
•Use amethyst crystals to recharge your energies. Left Hand - Out with the old. Right hand - In with the New.
•Soups and stews not only are great for healing the body, but they have many magickal properties too!
•Himalayan pink salt can get seriously expensive. Unless you plan on eating it, buy Himalayan Pink Bath Salts. They’re so much cheaper and you can buy them in even larger bags.
•Use coffee filters and elastic bands to make the perfect bath bags
•Use sea salt when sweeping the floor to soak up the negative energies and cleanse your home
•Store your Black Salt in a dark glass jar, away from sunlight.

Feel free to add all you like to this list and share it. Once again, I do not own every piece of information within this post. It is a collection of knowledge found from multiple sources. Blessed Be Dearies!

🌻 fae offerings for beltane 🌻

if you’re like me and completely forget about beltane the day before and need to do something easy, fae offerings are a good option!

time: best performed at beltane, but you can leave a fae offering anytime!

gather: milk, honey, dried lavender, thyme, daisies, other flower heads of your choice

🌿  find a shallow bowl / dish and fill it with milk

🌿  stir in some honey

🌿  add dried lavender, thyme and any other herbs you like

🌿  make a daisy chain long enough to surround your offering (this will also protect the offering from evil spirits and pesky cats)

🌿  add some flower heads that are seasonal to beltane. i used dandelions and violets!

🌿  if you like, you could add some coins or other shiny objects that attract the fae

note: as i was setting this offering up, i heard the gentle tinkling of a wind chime. this usually is a sign of nearby fae, so i took this as a good omen! if you experience this as well lmk 🌙

Top Ten Magical Herbs

1. Rosemary: 

  • Anti-depressive
  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Exorcism
  • Magic Defense
  • Banishing

2. Sage:

  • Aphrodisiac
  • Protection
  • Divination
  • Longevity
  • Clairvoyance
  • Prosperity
  • Passion

3. Basil

  • House protection
  • Purification
  • Prosperity
  • Spell breaker
  • Strenght and Courage
  • Harmony and peace
  • Psychic Development
  • Exorcism
  • Against evil eye
  • Business Blessings

4. Bay leaf

  • Consecration
  • Divination
  • Dreams
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Wisdom
  • Wishes
  • Love

5. Cinnamon

  • Protection
  • Money
  • Business
  • Success
  • Promotion
  • Against Disagreement

6. Lavander

  • Clairvoyance
  • Cleansing
  • Consecration
  • Hapiness
  • Healing
  • Love
  • Headache
  • Anti- Stress
  • Anti- Anxiety
  • Relaxing
  • Anti-Depressive

7. Lemon Balm

  • Interaction
  • Fellowship
  • Family
  • Relaxing
  • Calming
  • Sleep
  • Sedative
  • Love
  • Bath
  • Anti- Stress

8. Thyme

  • Healing
  • Love
  • Purification
  • Psychic Powers
  • Sleep
  • Courage
  • Attract Fairies

9. Mint

  • Money
  • Prosperity
  • Travel (protection)
  • Exorcism
  • Calming
  • Justice
  • Protection

10. Mugwort

  • Sedative
  • Lucid Dreams
  • Keep away bad spirits
  • Protection
  • Astral Projection
  • Divination
  • Prophetic Dreams
Casting Glamours

What is a glamour?

Stemming from the old Scots word, a “glamour” (always spelt with the British “ou”, as we are referring to the spell not the trait) is a kind of magickal spell or enchantment that a person casts upon an object, a person, or themselves to confuse, bewitch or obscure the senses of other observers. For instance, a pickpocket may use glamours as a means of assisting in the avoidance of detection, and a secret Witch may use a glamour to hide their spell supplies. Glamours are also one of the primary spells that the Fae Folk use to hide their presence, and also to make mischief and cause harm to intrusive or blundering humans who offend them. 

Why have I never heard of this before?!

Probably because it’s not very flashy and, by its very nature, it’s centred around concealment. Glamours are very powerful, very useful spells, but they don’t involve love or money or luck or happiness and so they tend to be overlooked by most novice or self-taught Witches. They’re also quite hard to perfect, and so many more experienced Witches give up before they have mastered them.

They are simultaneously very simple spells to perform, but very difficult to perfect, as they require significant effort of Will and a lot of practice but if you achieve a true glamour it can be one of the most powerful spells in any Witch’s arsenal. It’s also worth noting, however, that glamours do not conceal things from machines. Machines like metal detectors, security cameras and proximity detectors don’t have minds, and as such they cannot be fooled by magick that affects the mind and how the brain perceives senses. They also work poorly on animals, especially cats. Do not try to fool a cat with a glamour. Dogs are often confused by glamours, but generally see through them with time, and snakes and lizards are completely immune as far as I can tell (since their minds are not concerned with things that glamours affect).

OK, but how do I cast a glamour?

The first step is, as with all spells, to decide to do it. Decide “I am going to cast a glamour”. Know it in your soul, know that what you will do is magick, it is a glamour, and that it’s purpose is to hide yourself. Glamours on yourself are generally the easiest to start with, because they are the easiest kind with which to tell when something needs improving. 

Secondly, you must visualise strongly - and I mean REALLY strongly, let it consume your being - the purpose of the glamour. Fill yourself with the knowledge how how it will work, what it will do, how it will work. If you are looking for a glamour of imperception, whereby you attempt to make yourself hard to see by convincing the minds of people around you that you are utterly uninteresting and forgettable, fill yourself with that. Let to complete and utter truth of that ring through your head; 

“I am forgettable, I’m not even here. You don’t remember me, I’m utterly boring, I’m just another part of the background. Everything about me is empty and dull. There is nothing here”

And similar such truths. Let your Willpower make them true, let their truth fill the world around you through the strength of your visualisation.

Thirdly, sustain it. This is the hardest step, but a glamour will only last for as long as it is sustained and remembered. If you are visualising a glamour on something that moves or changes (such as yourself) this can involve literally constant reinforcement - never ever stop thinking those reinforcing statements and pouring all your Willpower into them. For objects that are more static, for instance a chest containing spell supplies, this can simply involve a period of refreshment every evening whereby you place your hands upon it and refresh the enchantment you’ve placed upon the chest, reminding it of how completely ignorable and boring it is, reminding it that nobody will open it because nobody will care enough to try, that nobody will notice it because it’s so dull it’s not even there. 

That seems REALLY hard, is there a simpler way?

The short answer is, no. This is why glamours are often quite unpopular - despite their obvious power and usefulness, the sheer effort of Will that goes into the construction of a glamour, and the amount of practice you need to get really good, can scare off a lot of Witches from truly persisting. Those who need glamours are often the only ones who are really any good at them - the best glamour-caster I have ever known developed her skill during her life as a pickpocket, when she used glamours to avoid getting caught. The simple fact that she has no criminal record attests to their efficacy! But, it took her a very long time to get that good, and most Witches simply don’t care enough to try.

However, I urge you to do so! It’s such a rewarding skill, even if only so that you can be the undisputed champion of paintball and laser tag in your friend group because nobody ever sees you in the shadows. 

So there you are! The ancient, powerful, and mostly-overlooked art of glamours! I hope this helped all you lovely Witches!

– Juniper Wildwalk


- Faery Communication Charm Bag -

  • White, for positive communication with faeries: Zinnia - rose - anise - chamomile - ginger
  • Yellow, for faery magic communication and understanding: Daisy - yarrow - snapdragon - marigold - wood sorrel
  • Purple for faery magic communication and second sight: Lavender - chives - lilac - pansy
  • Salt - small white sachet - purple dye - rain water - faery offering such as candy, a bundle of faery herbs, shells, crystals, etc

Mix drops of purple dye into a handful of sea salt, add oils if using any (recommended lavender, lilac and ginger), and pour into white sachet with your fresh or dried flowers. With each flower, focus on the intent of the colour.
Set your offering outside in a garden or under a tree, and holding your charm bag, say or think three times:

“May I hear you crystal clear
May I feel that you are near
May your blessing on me be
And in return, these gifts I leave”

Sprinkle the rain water over the charm bag and hang it in your room.

•ºProtection & Comfort Bottleº•

Made by Alex-@ohnoregrettio/@spell-bound-life (same person two accounts :3)


§White Candle, sage, incense-optional
∞Spell Bottle (I got mine from hobby lobby and made it into a necklace, but you can use whatever size/shape/etc thing you want)
∞Salt and Salt Water 
§Dried Ginger
§Hemlock (DO NOT DAMGE THESE TREES. These Trees are going extinct. I live in the mountains and found mine on the ground and collected a ton of needles.)(also its poisonous so dont eat it buT DONT HURT THE TREES)
§Dried Rose Petal(s)
§Something that brings you happiness (mine were blue beads from a bracelet my aunt gave me that broke but I kept them anyways dont tell my mother)
§Dandelion Puff(s)

How To

∞If you choose to use the White Candle, sage, or/all incense, light it now
∞Lay your ingredients out and put your hands over it, focus your energy and good intent on these items and say (in Latin or English, whatever you are comfortable this):
                      “Decedatis phantasmis malis hic locus”
Pronunciation: “Deh-s-ay-dah-tees faunt-aus-m-es mah-lees hic low-coos”

              (translates literally to “Leave spirits evil this place” 
            The english translation is “Evil spirits leave this place”

∞Ask your God/god/goddess/fae/elf/deity/whatever I forgot (if I missed something let me know so I can include it next time!) for protection and comfort 
∞Crush and mix dried ginger/rose petals however you want (I used my fingers over a plate) 
∞Put all ingredients in a bottle of choice and thank whatever you believe in 

I gotta leave and im rushing to get this done (::

Witchy Meanings:

Love - protection - good luck - helps relation ships - freedom - chastity - purification - increases energy - speeds up things - aids in curing sickness - happiness - calming - good vibes

Witches Who Would Dig This:

All - Green - forest - earth - weather - kitchen - spirit - dark - fae - elf - ahhh i gtg ill update this later 

anonymous asked:

do you have something like a list of the books/resources to learn about all the witchcraft's traditions, symbols and connotations?

General Witchcraft Masterpost

Here are some resources of my own that you may wish to explore:

Working with elements and circle casting

Spells and other magick:



Here are some general history and witchcraft books I recommend:


I need blogs to follow involving witchcraft because my need for knowlege isnt satisfied by searching the internet for 3 hours
I may follow if you have posts involving these:
-plants. literally any plants
-fae! I wanna learn more about them!
-spell jars of any kind
-stones and crystals
-things for green witches in general

I will especially follow you if you are lgbtq+ friendly!


Attraction Spell for the Signs

This is my very first original spell. As a key to avoid confusion, I’m basing this spell off the information from my spellbook.(see last post)

This is an attraction spell. Be it for someone’s attention, someone’s love, or love for yourself.

Each sign has a corresponding color candle. This is called an astral candle.

Aries: March 21–April 19 //WHITE CANDLE

Taurus: April 21–May 20 //RED CANDLE

Gemini: May 21–June 21 //RED CANDLE

Cancer: June 22–July 21 //GREEN CANDLE

Leo: July 22–August 22 //RED CANDLE

Virgo: August 23–September 22 //BLACK CANDLE

Libra: September 23–October 22 //BLACK CANDLE

Scorpio: October 23–November 22 //BROWN CANDLE

Sagittarius: November 22–December 21 //GOLD CANDLE

Capricorn: December 22–January 19 //RED CANDLE

Aquarius: January 20–February 18 //BLUE CANDLE

Pisces: February 19–March 20 //WHITE CANDLE

Use your astral candle or the one of the person you’re trying to connect with. Light this candle and place it on your altar. Do not light any other color candle, but multiple of the same color would give better results.

The crystals you’ll use will depend on your purpose for this spell.

Self Love: Rose Quartz, Quartz, Your Birthstone, Turritella Agate, and something important to you.(an heirloom etc.)

Someone Else’s Love: Rose Quartz, Moon Stone, Their Birthstone/ Something of theirs

Someone’s Attention/ Friendship: Quartz, Jade, Ametrine, something corresponding to the person.

Place the gems around your candle on your altar. Order doesn’t matter. Once you’ve set up your altar, sit in front of it and visualize your results exactly as you want them. Don’t let doubt interfere with your focus.

For self love, visualize yourself at your happiest. Picture yourself completely happy in the perfect body you have today. Smile as you think of your reflection and becoming aware of your own interesting quirks. Think about yourself confidently walking down the sidewalk, fearlessly waving to people as you pass by.

For someone else’s love, picture yourself with that person. The wonderful things you’d bring into each other’s lives. Think about how compatible you are and if this person would be good for you. If you don’t feel positive energy during this, it probably means that person is a no go.

For someone’s attention/ friendship, picture yourself getting to know them. Think of all you have in common and as you send that energy out into the universe, don’t forget to think up a few good opening lines because let’s me honest, as helpful as the energy of universe can be, it doesn’t do everything for us.

Do this for as long as you desire and as often as you want. Although love spells tend to do better on Wednesdays or Fridays, preferably under a full moon.


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Get Shit Done Bottle

Protection | Test Help | Calming | Love | Depression | Healing

Made by Alex @ohnoregrettio/@spell-bound-life


  • For Christians-1 black(God), purple(Son), and white(Holy Spirit) candle 
    For others (sorry I’m grouping everyone together)- 1 black or brown(for your main god) and white candle(For your main goddess)
    For those who only have one color candle- that color bc its intent over tools
    For those who can’t light a candle-
     Find a gif or app that is a candle burning, it counts. Intent over tools
  • Lemon (I used a dried lemon peel that I kept for some reason but now I’m glad I did)-purifying, cleansing, love, loving intent, turn away harmful spells or the evil eye.
  • Salt-Protection
  • Moon or river water (or any water bc intent over tools)-
  • Rosemary-Happiness, Love, Long Life
  • Cloves-For Healing
  • Lavender (flowers or oil, I used oil)- For calm, love, and knowledge 
  • A container of any size, it’s up to you (I used a syrup bottle from Cracker Barrel)
    If you don’t have a container (or you just prefer to) you can burn this

How To

§Light Candles and set in front of where you are doing your spell work
§Get in a calm state of mind, drink tea light incense etc
§Put all ingredients in your container or start to burn this

Let this bottle strengthen my might
Let this bottle broaden my sight
Tomorrow I face tribulation and stress
With the (skies)heavens and (spirits)angles help may I do my best
Let this bottle put my mind and fears to rest
With the power and help of *God/god/goddess/deity/elf/faery/spirit/familiar/etc*,
So mote it be!”

§Thank your God/god/goddess/deity/elf/faery/spirit/familiar/etc and blow out/turn off the candle(s)

Faerie guidance oil

My room-mate and I made this oil to help her contact her faerie guides. It is to be used by dabbing a little on the third eye. It will increase your ability to sense the faeries and hear their guidance. You may even see faeries in your minds eye. Good to use before tarot or other divination techniques or before sleep to induce dreams of the faery realms.

Rose petals
for attracting faeries and their loving guidance
Dandelion fluff for increased psychic ability
Elderflower to produce dreams of the faerie realms
Lavender to attract faeries
Daisy petals to create psychic awareness of nature spirits
Chamomile for attracting wealth- essentially the spiritual essence of “shiny things” that are known to attract faeries
Wormwood to induce visions and calling up spirits (Please add a very tiny pinch only of this, it is toxic in large amounts)
Rose essential oil for psychic visions
Olive oil carrier
miniature jar or bowl

In your jar or bowl mix your olive oil and rose essential oil. No need to go overboard with the rose oil, just add a few drops until it becomes fragrant. Mix your herbs into the oils and seal your jar. It will be fine to use straight away but it will become stronger over time. Leave out in the moonlight on the next full moon for added strength.  Dab on the third eye when you wish to communicate with the faeries during tarot readings, divination, and meditation.