faerie quest meme


Welp I’m down to my last few Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies and this was an idea I’ve had for a while - drawing the faeries with the items they request!

Anyways, I’ve always assumed Air Faeries are really dense. I mean really why do you want me to go get you a comb when I know you’re just going to get the ribbons in your hair tangled in it. Seriously. 

(Though technically I abandoned this quest so she doesn’t even have a comb haha sucks to be you.)


Almost miss this quest because I was out all day today!

Anyways, I was really puzzled by this. First off, why another Air Faerie quest? Secondly, why does a faerie need a key chain? Do faeries have keys? Like don’t they have magic to lock their doors or something. 

Anyways, I noticed it’s a PERFUME keychain and I can imagine that hanging out at the Faerie Quest plaza all day can get you some bad B.O.! 

Too bad I abandoned this quest again, you stinky Air Faerie!