faerie nest

Adventure into the unknown

|closed RP with @honey-and-tonics|

The day had started off as it usually did, Ian waking up in his new apartment sore as hell and grumpy. It didn’t get any better as his mentor Titus burst through his front door before he had even had a sip of his morning tea. 

“Ian! Boy do I have a mission for you!” Titus was out of uniform meaning he was only in his boxers, which was a sight Ian was growing used to by the day. However, the moment his mentor put their butt on his counter was the moment he just about lost it. 

“I’ll hear you out,” The boy grumbled into his cup. “ as soon as you get your tush off of my counter top.” This only elicited a hearty laugh from the elder man. though he did as he was asked and took a seat on one of the near by stools. 

“Good news is, you’re going to Spain.” Titus began with a smug grin. “Bad news is there’s a nest of Faerie you’ll be taking out as your first solo mission.”  At the time Ian only sighed and dragged his feet on the way back to his bedroom to get dressed. 

Now, almost eight hours later the boy was being dropped off in a small clearing by another Hero from Altone. Titus, of course; couldn’t be bothered to put on pants for this occasion so The Emerald Assassin with the ability to fly offered to make the almost 8 hour flight with Ian in tow. This left the hero in training with nothing more than a small bag of clothes and some vague directions. He hadn’t the vaguest idea how he was meant to take out more than one ‘monster’ class enemy on his own and without a weapon, but he supposed he wasn’t going home until he did. Titus wouldn’t allow it. 

Stumbling onward Ian made it about halfway to his coordinates when he had to stop, he was out of breath from the lush wood terrain and his binder being just a touch too tight. He must have been in a bit too big of a hurry this morning to notice. Regardless he leaned hard against a nearby tree, breathing as deeply as he could without hurting himself. He thought he heard something move and for a moment he thought to dismiss it as a squirrel or a chipmunk. As soon as his training caught up with him however, he took up a fighting stance and still panting called out a shaky “Wh-Who’s there…?”  

“I shouldn’t have stayed out so late…” Seraph chastised themself, picking up speed. They had stayed down at the faeries nest far longer than planned to help clear out some broken branches and tend to the garden.

The gem harvest was earlier that day, and it was the least they could do to help out in return for a few crystals.

But the overstayed welcome had its downfalls- or downpours, for the matter, and the clouds were gathering something terrible. Wind was picking up and the rain threatened to break any second.

“Damn faeries, always picking the worst weather to-”

A strong gust of wind blew in the angels face, sending their wings in different directions and blowing them far off course; Tumbling wildly, fast, and downward, right into a dimly lit area. They braced for impact just as they crashed into an open window.